This is akshay, and today we have with us the adam elements: casa hub a01. Now this is a usbc uh hub, which includes hdmi ports, uh, which can output up to 4k. It has 60 watt power, delivery, port and two usb 3.1 ports, and it says you will get attached to it: that’s true, a hashtag longer life. Now the price holder here is 5695 and it is imported from china, and i got this around 5000 from the maple store and i included this in my my book cost, because this thing is necessary and it is pricey. So let’s unbox this with a black small scissor let’s cut the seal off now maple guy said to me this is apple certified but i’m unable to find any certification report on on the box. Uh, so let’s see how it performs uh, so packaging is decent. I would say it’s nice packaging, and this is, i think, an illustration of what ports is uh. So let’s take the item dongle out of the box and first impression it’s all metal uh. The wire card is very good uh, but it feels a little bit rough to my liking. Uh. Now, as you can see, it has one hdmi port here it has the usb c 3.1 port. I have the hdmi uh, which can output up to 4k, and you have usb 3.1 uh, so let’s see how does this thing performs? I’M a little worried, because this is from the unknown brand.

Actually, to be honest, uh the y hardy is really really good, guys very good, like multi grade wire uh, but the i don’t know it’s, not soft. It feels a little bit rough uh, so, like let’s, find out in the review let’s test it shall we so guys i’m, using this uh casa, usb hub usb c hub for more than two weeks now, and i would say, i’m like satisfied with it, like i Won’T say it’s good or best, but i would just say i’m satisfied with it uh the first thing that i noticed it turns warm. So as soon as you start within, i think less than a minute. It turns warm either you’re connected to the power or maybe you’re not connected to the power. It gets warm, but i think it has heat sink, which is because it turns warm and the temperature is stable, like it doesn’t turn too hot or like it’s, too cold or so it’s just stable. It turns warm that’s it now talking about the performance. First i’ll talk about the performance because uh this has like 4k output. Now i don’t have a 4k monitor to test, but this is the 1080p and 60fps uh. Let me show you let’s, go to the about this mac and the about smart let’s go to displays and, as you can see, it’s the lg uh ips flash display. So it detects it very well as well as if you go in display preferences, you can see it’s outputting at 60 hertz uh, which is really good.

I would say so in terms of output, it’s good, and i think it can easily sustain our 4k. This is the apple m1 chip macbook air, the entry level model uh. This is the usbc, and now i tried in both boards. It just works: fine, okay, about usb ports uh. This is the 3.1 port. Now i have a hard disk with usb 3.1 as well as pen drive, i tried transferring the files and the output was around 150 mbps, which is what the device supports. So in terms of output, i think it has very good output uh and if you have fast devices, probably the usbc uh, you can easily go up to 300 to 500. Mpps depends on your drive now i don’t test it because i have the max speed of 150 mpps usb 3.1 gen devices, so it just works flawlessly are talking about power delivery. This is the 60 watt a usbc. So right now i see it’s charging my mac uh. So, as you can see, let’s go to this battery level indicator and it’s charging is very well so three hours 14 minutes until fully charged. So this is not a slow charging guys. This is charging as good as the real adapter world, so i didn’t find much of a difference like okay, a little faster if you directly connect it uh, but i never connect it directly because it’s amazing to just plug in one wire we’re, not only outputting, it We’Re charging it as well as the two ports are connected uh to this wireless mice, as well as uh, my rgb keyboard, which also works very fine.

One thing i forgot to mention is that you know uh. The metal finish, as we said in unboxing, is not smooth like it’s kind of rough uh now for reference uh. This is the me power bank, which is pretty old, as you can see, it’s a little bit dusty, but the metal here is super smooth. This costs, one tenth of that thing and xiaomi has put in this nice soft metal finish to it like it’s an extra work, but just makes the experience so good, and this thing costs 5, 000 rupees and super rough super rough don’t get me wrong. The build quality is insane. This wire is nice, uh military grade wire, it’s, very strong, it’s, very durable it won’t get wear out, and even this is all metal. Unibody it’s very built that bits bit like a tank but finish: why did they skip unfinished yeah they’re, charging 5 000 rupees for those guys i don’t know i like first first week i was not able to type this this thing, but overall it works. Fine so uh, i would say, like the us reports, are very good uh now why i say that i’m satisfied with this like i’m – not happy with this, because this thing is overpriced. Trust me guys. The mrp here is five, six nine five and i got it from mapper store for around 5000 rupees. This is this overkill price. No donald should exceed 2000 rupees mark, i would say it’s just that that apple donald’s got 6400 rupees.

They are upping the mark. All the manufacturers are trying to get the higher variant. If you search amazon or flipkart, you will get around donald starting from 3000 rupees to even 8 000 rupees, so there’s an another model of this adam usb hub. The adam elements uh, which has the sd card reader as well as more one usb board and cost eight thousand five hundred rupees trust me it’s not worth the money, but if you need it, you have to buy it just because you buy the macbook air. I just said apple didn’t included these ports, so you were spending it. So i would say when you buy a macbook put this, this dongle cost inside your overall manual cost. This is what i did. I got this both for 87k, so i included the dongle cost. Uh and the reason i choose this over the apple original uh. First of all, the pricing about like 1500 cheaper and the apple dongle has only one hdmi port uh, one usb port and one usbc. Here i got two usb ports: uh and uh, like it’s, more ports right it’s super useful to connect my keyboard and mouse. Now i even have one port left so i’m planning to buy an external hard disk uh, because if you see my mac is like already full. If you go to about this mac – and if i go here, storage as you can see, it’s full, like it’s, really full like there’s no space left.

So i think i need to buy an external hard drive, or maybe a usbc pen drive a little more storage to move the files and stuff. So overall, the performance is really good. Let us try uh playing some games, because that will let you know how the performance is: let’s go to account uh steam. Where is library guys view? Okay, one game is downloading, let’s, see if it’s, downloaded and and it’s the discrete error, because the disk is full anyways. Let us try playing some game which is uh dirt valley, uh, let’s let’s play rise of the tomb raider it just works flawlessly. I would say uh so overall, a good dongle just overpriced, i would say if this thing cost like three thousand rupees or two thousand five hundred rupees justified see if you can get an offer and i’m. I really. I have no options out there. Uh because, like they weren’t one, which was eight thousand five rupees and then the apple one cost at six thousand five hundred rupees uh and then the uh there was an apple single one like just one hdmi port. It cost two thousand piece it doesn’t make doesn’t make sense. So i said this is good. If you want to buy, i will try to link the amazon links in the description or try to find the one which is cheaper. So, as you can see, it’s outputting very well – and this is the rise of the tomb raider playing from the macbook air and it plays around in 30 fps right now, 60 fps, because the game hasn’t started uh, but it plays around 30 mbps.

And this thing doesn’t turns hard, so, as you can see so let’s bring our rgb keyboard here and it just works. Falsely guys, as you can see now, i can’t play with one hand so i’m probably exiting this uh, but you get the the idea. The macbook air it’s, just amazing, as you can see, this thing is just awesome, so super smooth and like there’s, really no no issues out there so or are recommended, but i would say: try to look for cheaper options or even get the 8500 rupees one. If you can get it because it has the sd card reader, it has more usb ports uh as well as i think it has one more usb c port, which is also helpful uh.