I saw this when i was looking for something else, and it intrigued me because it was kind of low budget. You know but it’s also low profile i’m, always interested in low profile things. So you see like a greeting some inspirational quote from the founder of the company that’s, making this device and a card in a bunch of different language. We got here. We got you know i’m, not an expert in languages, and that looks like um arabic. This looks like korean or chinese. Well, i don’t know that’s german that’s spanish, a bunch of oh there’s, russian, russian and lithuanian, something like that. So anyway, i’m gon na zoom it out how about that hi guys kim here, papa’s fixit job. So, as i said, i was looking for something i found this there’s a power supply and an hdmi cable and a little let’s unwrap this guy wow that pretty much might be a piece of wood i’m telling you hold on. So what you’re seeing right here? That’S the power button: these are two usb ports, there’s some kind of indicator light and on the back kind of hard to see on the back there’s a headphone jack ethernet plug an hdmi plug one usb and a power plug. This guy is designed to sit in a corner so to take up less space somewhere sit in a corner. You know that’s funny that it’s not quite 45 degrees, but what is it anyway see if i’m figured out it’s kind of hard it’s got a round? Was that 60 58 58 59 degrees yeah same one as that one wow it’s perfect trying an equilateral triangle: huh equilateral triangle cool, so that is a miniature computer right there, a cute angle, pc next i’m gon na see if it works so here’s.

This thing running now as an old monitor i had – and i actually had this keyboard for another micro computer. There is the actual windows 10 64 bit computer well let’s, see oh yeah number two pencil give you some idea of scale of that computer and it works pretty great. I mean it’s not really fast, but out here i don’t have really fast internet, so it’s, just as good as my bio laptop right now, if i put a hard drive on it, like an external, i think it’ll be great cool about 150 bucks. So this little computer it’s works great to be honest, it’s never going to be a gaming computer and it’s never going to be a you know, edit movies and stuff in even videos. I haven’t even thought about trying to do any of that, for the simple reason that it’s purposed and its intent was to take up a really small amount of space on a shelf in my shop, and it does it it does it fine i’ve got a set Of speakers hooked to it now and a little hard drive and it works great. You know you can watch videos, you can watch youtube videos, you can do check your email, go on amazon or research, stuff um. You know, look up parts it’s, a really nice little web surfing computer. That would work anywhere even like at a hotel. You can plug it into a tv because it it’s wi fi and a hard wire, so it’s kind of a nice little guy it’s.