The name says it all travelmate its light, its compact yet powerful and portable enough to use on the go. The unit we have is powered by the 12th generation Intel. I7 1255u chipset comes with Intel, Iris, XC, graphic card 16, GB Ram 512 GB SSD and its running Windows, 11 professional, yes, its a customized variant of the travelmate P2 and its priced around 99 000.. Also, the price might vary depending on the specs you choose. Let me take you through a quick unboxing, followed by full review, so you can decide if you should buy this laptop or not. This is your friend. Texting lets get started Music, so here is the retail packaging Acer branding right on the front. The model number with some key specifications and Manufacturing details are mentioned on the side. The packaging is made from completely recycled material, which is nice good. To see that Acer is pushing wherever possible to do their bit for the environment inside we have the laptop itself a quick start guide with the user manual and finally, a proprietary charging Brit foreign lets have a closer look at it. The build is MIL standard. Abs plastic but looks and feels really sturdy. The top has a line like texture with Acer branding on the top right on the back are the vents for better air ventilation to prevent the laptop from overheating? Well, its not exactly slim, but definitely very Compact and weighs under 1.5 kilograms, so you can carry it anywhere, making it super portable talking about the ports, starting from the left.

You have the power input, Port ethernet, HDMI, 2.0 USBC Thunderbolt and a single USB 3.2 type. A on the right is a 3.5 headphone jack two USB 3.2 type, A Portage one port supports power of charging, which basically is in case you want to plug in your smartphone to charge, while the laptop is closed and placed in the bag. Isnt, that cool on the front is a Micro SD card slot, which is really handy to transfer data to the laptop quickly, also worth mentioning. The USBC Port can be used to charge your laptop just in case. The proprietary charger is not accessible. Imagine youre traveling and you want to quickly get some juice use any USBC cable to charge this laptop. Its really handy. The lid can be opened just with one hand, no need to hold it from the bottom, its also really steady D and doesnt Wobble. The other good thing is that the lid goes all the way back to 180 degrees, absolutely flat. The unit we got has a 14 inch IPS LCD display with a full HD 1920 by 1080 pixel resolution. By the way, this travelmate P2 is also available in 15.6 inch screen varying, so you can decide accordingly. The color reproduction is quite nice. It also gets bright enough to be used Outdoors like at a cafe or if your workstation is next to a bright window, also anti glare coating, which helps reduce glare and strain on your eyes.

So everything is crystal clear. The blue light Shield Tech can be enabled to reduce the harmful Blu rays as well. The bezels on the sides are quite slim. The bottom chain, however, is noticeably thick with the Acer branding in the center. The Palm rest area 2 comes with a textured finish, which looks really nice best part doesnt attract any fingerprint or smudges. The keyboard is backlit, which makes it easy to type even in dark, lit or low light scenarios. By the way you can change the brightness of the backlight too, depending on your preference. The keys have Excel travel 1.5 mm, which provides a very satisfying typing experience, well, spaced out Keys as well, which is really good. Also, the keyboard has two interesting features which you might miss out one. It comes with a caps lock indicator, which we dont see in many laptops nowadays, and second, a physical mic mute button here with an indicator which can be helpful during online meetings, especially if you are a presenter right above here is the speaker Grille that houses the Stereo speakers the Ocean touch trackpad below which is made from upcycled Ocean bound plastic. Its simply amazing, smooth to touch and very responsive supports all kinds of gestures which makes it a breeze to use. Also, I really like the idea of a fingerprint scanner being embedded on the trackpad itself. Placement 2 is idle on the top left and works like a charm, you can set up multiple fingerprints if you want to the top bezel houses, a webcam along with dual microphones that are going to assist you with video calls the mic support AI powered noise reduction, Which minimizes the Ambient sound like the keyboard clicks and others during calls its really really helpful? Also theres a camera shutter for those concerned about privacy, always handy the camera, comes with temporal noise reduction Tech and makes the video quality also pretty good.

Even in low lighting situations, then we also use the laptop to watch movies and videos, excellent viewing angles and truly impressive device for Content consumption. The speakers too get loud enough, which is really important, because not every time youre gon na use headphones lets talk about the hardware, so its powered by the 12th generation Intel i7 1255u chipset, along with the Intel Iris XC graphic card 16GB lpddr4 Ram 512 GB pcie Gen 4.0 SSD the ram can further be expanded to 32 GB and the storage can be expanded up to 1tb, SSD and 1tb hard disk drive. It runs Windows, 11, professional and handles all day to day tasks like a breeze. We run some benchmarks, starting with geekbench 6 single core 2121 and multicore 7890 cinebench R23, where the multi core score of 7308 and PC Mark 10 with 4577.. The performance of the travelmate P2 is solid. Opening closing apps are fast. Launching huge files are also really quick. We also installed Microsoft Office and it worked really well used it for two hours straight and it didnt seem to throttle at all. We also use Photoshop to edit some pictures and it handled everything quite well. Then. We also briefly tested Premiere Pro, and here too we were able to edit videos now keep in mind that the iris XC graphic card is pretty capable to do some basic video and photo editing. But if youre looking for a professional editing laptop, then my advice is look for something with a dedicated graphic card.

We did play some games like asphalt, Knight and it played flawlessly. There were no lag and no drop frames at all. In fact, even a game like valorent, worked so well check that out lets talk about the battery, so the travelmate P2 comes with a 50 watt hour battery that should typically last you seven to eight hours. So if you are at college or traveling with it, it should easily. Last you a full day. It comes with a 45 watt proprietary charger that takes about two to three hours, to fully charge all right. My final thoughts, the Acer travelmate P2, is an ideal companion for your work and Casual use. The performance is good. The display is clear and bright. The battery will easily last you a full day. Its got excellent connectivity, its secure its durable. It takes all the boxes. The variant with Intel, i7 16GB Ram 512gb SSD is priced at 99, 000. Ill share. The link below in the description reflect or buy one. You should definitely check it out, so I hope this video was helpful.