Finally, cracked high end laptop design. Ask the average person about the themes of 2016 and youll, hear about celebrity deaths and far right politics spreading across the western world quicker than a cute puppy. Video tech trends were thankfully less depressing. We saw a lot of super super thin laptops arrive to see in 2017.. The acer swift 7 is not just one of the thinnest, its also one of the more affordable at 950 pounds 1000. Depending on how hard you shop its not exactly cheap but is 100 pounds less than the dell x 13 and is knocking on apples, design door too, the acer swift 7 is one of the thinnest laptops in the world and it costs a bit less than some. In this class, add a good trackpad, a decent screen and a solid if shallow keyboard – and you have a great ultra portable machine for work and the sorts of time wasting. Most of us do on our laptops. Look a bit closer and you realize acer. Super slim claims are a bit well thinner than they initially seem. The swift 7 has a less powerful processor than most of its rivals, as well as a larger footprint, so, while very slim, its not necessarily more portable than the rest theres no keyboard backlight either. This shouldnt necessarily put you off, but its worth looking a bit deeper. If youve been lured in by the 10 millimeters thick design for most, the big question is whether the restrictive connections will get on your nerves, despite it rapidly becoming the norm for high end laptops.

Otherwise, acer has made a generally decent macbook competitor, its pricier, its just as bling, but its also more powerful than acers, offering, even if its, not quite as slim, with its quirky edge to edge display and more power to boot. The dell x might not look as bling, but its more of a workhorse for not much more cash plus it has full size, usb ports, okay, so theres no windows to be seen here and apple has the same limitation with connectivity as the acer as small portable Laptops go, however, its a hard one to beat, especially if you like, rose gold laptops like the acer, swift, 7 and hp spectre are a real mix of old and new. They set new standards for super skinniness and lightweight, but are also pure laptops. That means no touchscreen, no hybrid design and no microsoft, surface alike. Stylus features. Super powered portability is the main draw. Well that and a fancy look. The acer swift 7 is all aluminum and has a two tone design. It is gold on the inside and black on. The outside and youd better like that, look because there are no silvery safety net options on offer. The swift sevens gold is also a little bolder than the more champagne shades. We tend to see on phones and laptops, embrace the bling or get out of here. What sells the swift 7, though, is its slender dimensions, its just 10 millimeters thick, which is even thinner than the hp spectre.

Having used most of these new ultra skinny elite laptops, the acer swift, 7 batters you over the head with its slim nest, less than most its footprint is still as large as an old style, 13 inch, macbook pro and at 1.16 kilogram. Its not so light that you wonder whether they forgot to put the battery in the asus zenbik3 is 200 grams, lighter, for example, the acer swift 7 also lacks the final magic design touch. That makes a laptop feel like its designers were trying to make a museum piece. You cant lift the lid without the keyboard bass, part lifting off the table, its one of those little show off bits. Only mcbooks and a few windows laptops have more important, though acer does seem to have nailed the build quality basics despite being dead, then the keyboard doesnt flex, even if you press down on it pretty hard – and you can also tilt the screen back more than on The hp spectre, the main questionable part of this new wave of slim laptop design, is the kind of connectivity you get well more. The lack of it. The swift 7 has two usb type: 100 ports and a headphone jack and thats it. One of those c ports is taken up by the power lead when its plugged. In too we bet virtually everything you own, that youd want to plug into the swift. 7 still uses full fat. Usb and youll also need to get hold of an adapter to use an sd card, its one of those macbook esque issues.

The positive side of usb c is that these ports can juggle loads of data. This means you can attach a bunch of things to the one port as long as you have the right, adapter anyway and theyre not included in the box. One other eyebrow razor of these new laptops is that many, including the swift 7, have ultra shallow keyboards. Its a classic macbook appealing move but acer slim keyboards, are better than some itll take some getting used to. If you currently have a chunky laptop but acers engineers have managed to inject some satisfying resistance into these keys, even though they only depress a little. It has a meteor feel than a 12 macbook. The keyboard is also extremely quiet, making our everyday old style macbook pro sound like a noisy, clacker theres, a major emission here, though, despite costing almost 1 000 pounds, the acer swift 7 does not have a keyboard. Backlight. Almost every laptop, this pricey has one and a backlight comes in handy. If you need to work in a dim or dark room on occasion, leaving it out. Doesnt make a lot of sense, even if it was necessary to get to 9.98 millimeters thin in a lot of areas its easy to label this as acers attempts to copy apple. But the swift 7s track pad is much more like one of hps and the pads its very, very white, giving you loads of space to flick around its great in use too, with a super smooth, textured, glass top and an easy, but well defined clicker.

We saw none of the weird behavior. You sometimes see in windows, 10 device track pads either. If youll appreciate the extra swiping area its hard to beat the acer swift 7 display is a little more ordinary, but still good enough to justify the price its not as good as that of the new 13 inch macbook. But a lot better than the dated display of the macbook air. Similarly, the color is good, but not quite as punchy as the new macbook pros tones or those of something like the super saturated razer blade. Stealth, however, contrast is strong and max. Brightness gives you the option to work outdoors on a sunny ish day, even though the acer swift, 7 has a glossy screen, its topped with gorilla glass, 5 2. So shouldnt be too easy to scratch, even if you treat it like dirt, if youre a real screen perfectionist, you might be left wishing for a few more pixels 1080p across a 13.3 inch screen lets you see slight pixelation with small fonts looking less than totally smooth. It all depends on how much youve already been spoiled by super high density, laptops tablets and phones, theres, also a little semi hidden sacrifice. Acer has used to get the swift 7 thinner than the competition look at its spec list and youll see it has a core i5 cpu, however, its less powerful than the processors of most alternatives, because its the new gen equivalent of one of intels fanless core and Cpus intel just changed how theyre named sneaky its an intel.

I5 7y54. The latest generation cabbie lake processor, where the core i5 6200u used in many l trap. Portables has a clock speed of 2.3 gigahertz. The i5 7y 54 is clocked at 1.2. Gigahertz, its less powerful uses a lot less battery and is so efficient. It doesnt need a fan, however, with most light laptop tasks like browsing, microsoft, office work and light photo editing. You wont notice much difference its much better than an intel atom laptop miles better. We wouldnt have noticed the shortfall if we hadnt also tried some games on the swift 7.. A proper intel core laptop is no gaming powerhouse, but you can play some older console style. Titles, if you turn down the visuals a bit, the i5 7y54s intel hd 615 gpu only has about 70 of the power of the last gen core i5s hd, 520 graphics, chipset further limiting the kind of games you can play without them. Turning into a slideshow, this sort of sacrifice is, at the moment, still necessary to get the swift, 7 cpu down to the level where it only creates a third of the heat of a normal core, i5 laptop. Even though it doesnt have a fan, it stays cool. Most of the time, although, if you do play games for a while, youll feel the part above the keyboard getting hot, this is where the main heatsinks live. The low demand cpu also helps keep battery life pretty decent, if not radically better than some alternatives.

When youre doing something simple like watching a video or doing some browsing at 40 brightness, the swift 7 lasts for eight and a half hours when playing a movie on loop. We saw similar all day results when using this laptop as our everyday work laptop thats better than the hp spectre, but the dell x13 lasts even longer. Thanks to a combo of clever power management and a much bigger battery, laptop batteries are normally described as having so many watt hours wh, but acer uses the much more phone like milliampere hours in its spec sheet, and the swift 7 has 2 70 milliampere hours, which Is pretty low for a high end laptop? The dell x 13s works out at well over 6 000 milliampere hours, but thats, partly because the dell operates at a higher voltage. The swift, 7s i5 7y 54 needs less juice. It makes us wonder how long the swift 7 might last if it was 2 millimeters thicker and the extra space was packed with lithium ion goodness. But then the laptop wouldnt have the all important 9.98 millimeters thickness to brag about still real world battery life is very good. If you keep your activities light. The acer swift, 7 also has fairly good speakers for a very slim laptop. Although last year saw the bar for audio and pricey models rise substantially, two drivers sit on the underside firing outwards to make the sound wider than the laptop itself as theyre, so close to.

Whatever table the laptops sit on, the sound varies a lot depending on whether its on your knees or a surface, but there is an extra ounce or two of bulk to the sound and decent top volume, its enough to make watching a film on the swift 7. While on holiday enjoyable, rather than a complete compromise, a macbook gets you better bass and less brittle sounding treble, though the acer swift 7 is one of the thinnest laptops in the world, and it costs a bit less than some in this class add a good track Pad a decent screen and a solid if shallow keyboard and you have a great ultra portable machine for work and the sorts of time wasting.