This is the i’ve got it in silver, very stoked. For this, and in true unboxing form, i have um well, maybe not too much i’ve already taken off the outer packaging, which i’m sure is against many many unboxing rules, but i figured as i’m getting some some new tech here. I thought i’d uh share it with you, so you can kind of see it from the uh, the unboxing point of view, and i have definitely not opened this box yet so why don’t we try and do this with um with the one hand, i’m, probably just Gon na have to pause it and do it piecemeal, okay found the uh found the opening here. Let me just give my scissors so, as you can see here, it’s not uh, not yet open. I’Ve got the world’s most terrible scissors. Oh wow, okay looks like we’re in business now, so let’s get into it, it’s, looking pretty cool nice instructions which i’m pretty sure i’m not going to read until i get stuck because uh that’s that’s how we do so there we go. This is the swift free, and this is the sf three one. Three one, four five seven slash five seven g. The setup guide probably be used for i always like the little sleeves and things that they put these in. But let me get this open. It’S actually really light yeah, all right, cool wow, the right way, pretty cool, so let’s get it open, it’s very easy, open one handedly, obviously i’m, not going to like rip it open, so all right cool.

So what i’m going to do is is plug this in and then boot this up, all right. There we go and the by the way the charger is quite light as well, which is which is good. So i bought this for business, so i will intend to travel with it and the port is on the left side, but it’s um. Let me find you another one of my old charges just for some comparison, so this is the old charge. As you can see, this is my old acer. As you can see, i’ve had an electric d bit because it it was fraying um, not terrible, but it’s it’s. Definitely bulkier it’s, like literally double the size of the old charger, so that’s really cool. I mean it’s got, i think, nine hours battery life, and so you know you shouldn’t really need a charger much, but if you’re away for the weekend, it’s good to know it’s not much to pack and in terms of the weight it is super lightweight, i don’t Know if i’ve already mentioned that, but it is like very easy to pick up, which is um really good. If you’re, if you’re a traveler but we’re, going to put it to the test in a minute and see see how quick it is, which i’m hoping as it’s as it’s new anyway, it should be pretty fast, so let’s let’s boot it on. I love it. Even the uh, the starting up doesn’t, make much noise it’s very, very quiet, in fact, it’s completely silent, whereas my old laptop, you would hear and you’d actually hear it working, whereas with this um it’s, looking really good, it’s, also really thin round uh.

Let me show you here like the side, the laptop as well is super thin or the keyboard along the way, and if you’d like me to stay quiet, just select the little microphone icon towards the bottom of your screen, it’s the bottom. If you need an assist, oh that one, i couldn’t see that cool all right, well, let’s whiz through the setup and then show you the uh, the inside of it also while i’m doing the setup that i’d mention uh. Do you see here the backlit keyboard, which is cool and it’s very easy to maneuver? Everything like the touchscreen is very responsive, that’s, very easy to type as well. So we’ve got like these softer key uh softer key tabs here as well. So absolutely loving the the keyboard layout as well, it’s really really comfortable. This is always a screen. I love to see all right, good news gravy. We are now here so let’s go ahead and get started and i don’t know i never actually use edge. So i’m gon na have to just use it to it’s super fast, though um it’s, literally half a half double the speed of my old laptop um, absolutely insane so overall, first verdict is um. Yeah really really blown away. Haven’T obviously used it extensively, but let’s try and try and get youtube open or something try and just play something see if you can see uh get rid of that uh. All this amazing stuff uh.

Why don’t we play a bit of footage, oops, try and just play something super high quality play this like see. How are we creating one of the future? Most mass produced ships of the us it’s pretty good to small sports me, ships as well as yachts and various transport vehicles. Okay, looks uh, looks good, no uh, no complaints, really i’m i’m, just gon na start start using anything. But if you’re looking to the the the ace of swift three, i highly recommend this. The the cost for this in the uk was uh 799 it’s a 799. For this i could have paid a bit less and gone for one with a uh, less powerful processor or less recent processor, but i wanted to pay i figure if i’m gon na pay all this money, i’m gon na pay a little bit more to get the The better processor and really go for gold and uh, like i said, it’s for business, so it’s it’s a tax deduction and uh. My hope is that it will uh make me a lot more money by being faster than my um, my old pc, my old acer. So that’s pretty much it if you guys got any questions about the uh, the ace of swift um. Let me know in the comments, if you, if you’re looking for the acer swift if you’re looking into buying it, let me know what you’re looking for, if you have any questions, i’d, be happy to answer them as i go so feel more than free.

To ask me and uh yeah thanks for watching the unboxing video. Let me know in the comments you have questions or anything you want to know about. The acer, swift, but i’m gon na go have some fun with this uh looking forward to using this, and thanks for tuning in appreciate it.