It has a few competitors, so this is the Acer Swift, 3 OLED. So you know theres a lot of Acer, Swift, 3 models out there with ryzen processors with ultra bug processors. This one is different. Besides, obviously, in the name, we have an OLED display on board. We have Intel 12th generation h, series processors, the 45 Watts that you usually see in a gaming laptop or a mobile workstation, so for something thats 14 inches and is 17.9 millimeters, thick or thin, depending on how you look at it, thats pretty unusual for those who Need more computational horsepower and the display is an OLED with the 16 by 10 aspect ratio, so thats kind of nice at a price range from nine to twelve hundred dollars, and there are a few competitors as the HP Pavilion plus 14 inch and the Asus VivoBook. F14X models, too, that are doing the same thing as this, which is something you never thought anybody would have done, but were going to look at it now. So what you get for the price is pretty nice that all lid display is nice to look at again. Inky, blacks, vibrant colors, P3 color gamut and HDR 500 rating on it, which for OLED is okay, not bad, you know its not touch screen, it is glossy glare is not too bad, though, on this, so we have an aluminum chassis and build. Quality is pretty good on this. It doesnt feel creaky squishy the things you might worry about when the price point is this low and you get some quality components inside the design.

Is the kind of you know tapered wedge thing that weve seen for the last 10 to 15 years in sort of Premium Ultrabook design, so its okay weighs three pounds which is around 1.4 Kilograms, so its not too heavy to carry either so where the competitors havent Done as well as Acer is with actually putting the processor to good use. So if you get the 900 model, you get a Core i5 12 500 H and if you get the i7, which is what we have you get the 12 700 H processor that 45 watt processor requires some cooling. So when you put it into the body, what looks like a 14 inch Ultrabook, you dont necessarily expect good performance here and Acer gets the most performance on the laptop on its competitors. So in part, because the the cooling system isnt that huge and well take a look at the internals on this, its obviously very effective two heat pipes, a fairly large interestingly designed fan and youve, got some extra exhaust ports at the upper behind the keyboard area towards The rear there and a lot of ventilation on the bottom, so whether you have this in the default balance or performance mode, youre going to see the best among its competitors that I mentioned in terms of performance. The only thing thats a little weird here and you sort of Wonder other than for future proofing, which is great for them having this much process or performances who needs that much process or performance without graphics performance.

We have Intel Iris, XE, graphics, on board no dedicated graphics, which does help it to not melt and burn itself with that much heat inside the chassis right, but typically when you want more horsepowers because youre doing video, editing or blender rendering or playing games and stuff. So thats not what this is for with integrated graphics on board, but if youre number crunching in Excel, I guess and doing other computational heavy things math stuff like that, you know, then it makes sense and again because its future proof it will not seem slow in Terms of process of speed four years down the road, probably because its still going to be more powerful than most Ultrabooks on the market. If you get the low end model, you get eight gigs of low power and ddr5 RAM. If you get the higher end core i7 model, then youre going to get 16 gigs and thats soldered on board dual Channel Ram. It has a pcie 4S necessity, either 5 12 gigabyte or one terabyte, depending on which tier of modeling, youre, picking and theres a second m.2 slot for storage expansion was nice. We also have Intel killer, Wi, Fi 6E on board, so theyre not slouching. On the other stuff, so much thats kind of nice for the price again the keyboard on this now some reviewers have liked the keyboard. I find it a little lacking on the tactile feel I would like a little more travel and feel on this, but its a bit subjective there.

Now. I think everybodys going to agree on the fact that when you have a light silver keyboard Deck with light silver keys and white backlighting, you can imagine what happens there when the back lighting comes on it, middling lighting, anything that isnt really dark its going to make The key masking actually harder to see not the first company thats ever made this mistake and it probably wont be the last apparently trackpad is made from recycled ocean Glass and its Microsoft position is just fine and pleasant to use. Despite the process of performance in here, heat and noise are pretty well controlled again, the cooling system is pretty good and not as much throttling as we would have expected to see so thats good, and certainly, if youre, using this for productivity work and streaming. Video and all that sort of thing yeah its gon na be fine, but the other star of the show here is that OLED 16 by 10 aspect ratio 14 inch display. It is nice. Looking, I think, for consumption of any kind of media youre going to love it, and you know if youre, using it to edit photos and Photoshop and stuff be mindful of the Vivid colors and calibration is decent on it. You can calibrate yourself if youre professional working on these things, but mostly the 2.8k display in terms of resolution, is there to really knock your socks off when youre consuming content is good at that the speakers on it are okay, companion, the companion wise.

You know theyre up to the level of an OLED display, but in this price range in this size, thank goodness for a headphone jack yeah. The 1080p webcam is a little better than average and you have two mics on board as well. Since these days, Zoom calls are just not going away. Ports on board are pretty good too two Thunderbolt four ports with USBC configuration one that will be used for the 100 watt charger, two USB As and HDMI 2.1 Jack on board as well. So thats not bad, as you might be wondering about battery life, given the more powerful processor in a fairly high resolution, OLED display yeah its not great. It has a 57 watt hour battery. I mean a Dell XPS 13 plus 13.3 inch tiny little ultravio has that same battery and a much less demanding processor on board some I, with the brightness set to 200 nits on the display and doing productivity working average everyday thing streaming, video all that sort of Thing its good for about six hours, or so, if youre pushing it harder, which you might be prone to doing, given that you bought it because it had a more powerful processor in part, expect less so yeah Energizer, Bunny level thing. This is not. This is not actually an Ultrabook with a used series CPU either we do have a fingerprint scanner in the power button, which is a perfectly great place to be putting the thing now.

One thing I will note: nowadays you just dont, see that much bloatware anymore on laptops and boy. Does this have blown you got, you got a Dropbox promo youve got Norton pre installed its too much blow. To be honest, so I spent a lot of time. Uninstalling a lot of this stuff before running my benchmarks, and I dont like seeing that I know it helps lower the price of the product, but too much of it all right to get inside youre going to unscrew Torx T5 screws theyre all around the edges and One in the center theyre all the same size you dont, have to worry about keeping track of them and the clips are pretty tight. But if you just stick a guitar pick in under the hinge area and pop and pop, then itll come right off. So aluminum casing aluminum cover underside of aluminum cover, obviously more ventilation than you might normally see, because we have the more powerful processor. So here we have a fairly large fan with the stereo blades, something or other whatever Acer calls. It thats actually quite effective and two heat pipes here and then we have, of course, the exhaust ventilation over here. So weve got a heatsink thats, not too big, but it does the job and just to trigger you OCD folks. Here we have the Wi Fi card smack in the middle. At an angle, you know you dont see the Wi Fi card in the middle, but I guess well why not? The m.

2 boot pcie 4 SSD is right here with some heat tape on top of it and theres a second slot thats pcie gen 3. So if you want to add a second drive, you could do that Ram is soldered on board. You can get with 8 or 16 gigs like I said, so that is what it is: dual Channel: ddr5 low power ddr5 in fact, and stereo speakers flanking here, theyre. Okay, nothing to write home about theyre, decent enough and then the 57 watt hour battery. Is there so thats the Acer, Swift, 3 OLED a very unusual product with just a few competitors like I said, but it gets the most performance going. The OLED display on this is very nice. The processor certainly gives you future proofing. Build quality on this is pretty good out of the keyboard. Masking is going to derange you a little bit youll just turn off the back Lighting on the keys, unless you truly are in a dark place other than that its actually really quite nice for the price. Im Lisa from mobile tech review be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel for more cool Tech videos and thumbs up.