All right guys were here to look at this chromebook and its uh its the new 2021 version. They have made some pretty good improvements over this version over the last version. This versions built quality, is much better. It has a aluminum, lid and aluminum bottom. When you hold it, it feels pretty rigid. It feels pretty good its a definitely a much improved, build quality. This is also a military spec. 810G. What does that mean? Well, it means its been tested really good. Its shock resistant theyve dropped it a total of, i think its 26 times has to be dropped in different ways to make sure that it it meets some standards. So you can be assured that this is one tough book. It really is on top of that, its really really fits really well, i really enjoy the size of it, its nice and square its easy to travel, with fits on your lap nicely its really good overall im going to try not to geek out on on all The stats, but the display on this is beautiful. This does have the intel i5 processor theres a lot to say, but the the main thing i want to say about this processor. It supports that thunderbird 4, and this laptop has that capability. Thunderbolt 4 is very important. Has some super high speed as far as minimum and maximum gigabits it actually uses? It has the same speed as thunderbolt 3, but now you can run two separate 4k displays at 60 hertz.

You can transfer huge video files, you can do all kinds of editing and work with this and youll have all the advantages that of that really fast speed. This is comparable. Like the usb4, you know its a its a really good good thing to have on the newer devices. This comes with two usbc, a usb, a headphone jack, a slot full size, hdmi port, which is really nice. You could plug this in with just a regular hdmi. Cable no adapters, the screen brightness, is pretty important. Also it has about a 400 nit screen on the other chromebooks ive had in reviewed ive noticed theyre at the low end about 160 175. The average seems to be about 260 to about 3 10. So this having 400, really pushes out a good good amount of brightness. This is a super sharp resolution screen. It is beautiful. It is really something you can talk about. You know when you look at it. You know every time that you are getting the best screen that you can get in a chromebook good feature. Is the display size its a three by two now when youre, looking at uh laptops and chromebooks? One of the advantages i really find is that this display is much taller. You can really get a lot more page work done if youre typing, if youre doing spreadsheets, if youre doing emails, you get to see the whole email you dont have to try to scroll up and down to try to try to add graphics or youre trying to Insert different things or youre trying to read multiple emails at one time.

This is the ticket guys. You can see much more screen. You know, i know the everyones into the to the wide screen and it is very nice. Wide screens are great, but if you really want to get work done for students, if youre in school, if you just really need to just sit down and get the work done, this is the ticket here guys. This is great battery the battery life on this is rated at about 10 hours, thats what they say, but you know when i tested it im getting about eight, almost nine hours, depending on what youre doing, if you want to just leave it running the screen up. You know you might be able to get 10 im, not really sure. I think its kind of important. You know just know that youre not going to get exactly 10 hours. So one of the bad things about the particular unit is its got bad speakers theres. Very little mid very little bass. You know it is what it is. I did a little audio test. You know granted. It sounds really loud but its on my desk. The speakers are on the front of it and theyre on the bottom. So it tends. If you have it on your lap, it gets muffled really easily, so i kind of find that as a negative, if there are any negatives, its going to be the definitely the speakers, you know they thats, probably where they save their money.

You can get this chromebook. Probably on sale for id say maybe right around 600, and that is a really really good price to have so much uh features and stats and probably the best screen that you can get in a chromebook. You know the uh reasons you should get. This is its very fast, no matter what you do from now in the foreseeable future. This thing can definitely handle it. It has a lot of ports. You know all the different uh ways you can plug things into its very important. Also, it has the hdmi output and the screen is just simply the best that you can get well thats. My review of the acer spin chromebook 713, please like and subscribe.