So Ive finally had a chance to get a first look at that, as well as the edition of 300Hz panels and the new ConceptD 7 Ezel Pro, which features a much better designed hinge mechanism compared to the older model, lets take a closer look. Acers Predator Triton, 300 gaming laptop was actually announced in September 2019. At IFA. I havent been able to get my hands on one to review yet so this was my first time seeing it and given so many of you have wanted to see it on the channel. I thought this was a good opportunity.. The Triton 300 is available with 9th gen Intel, i5 or i7 processor and Nvidia GTX 1650 graphics.. Interestingly, its got a 15.6 1080p 144Hz screen, so with 1650 graphics, youll only take full advantage of that in either esports titles or more demanding games with lower settings. Hopefully I get the chance to benchmark it some day In terms of design. It seems to share a number of design aspects with the more powerful Triton 500., Its all black metal, with various blue accenting, all over. On the left, theres, a Kensington, lock, gigabit ethernet, mini DisplayPort and HDMI outputs, USB 3.1 Gen1 Type C port, no Thunderbolt and two Usb 3.1 Gen1 Type, A ports. On the right theres, a 3.5mm, audio, combo jack, USB 2.0 Type, A port status, LEDs, the power input and air exhaust vent.. The back is just air exhaust, however, its coloured blue to match the rest of the machine.

. The lid is all clean, matte black with the blue predator logo in the center and underneath was fairly clean too, with air intake vents towards the back and speakers down the front left and right. Sides. Inside the keyboard looks similar to the Helios 300 or Triton 500. The touchpad looks the same: too. Theres, also a turbo button up the back for quickly boosting performance, too., The weight and dimensions listed on Acers website put it very close to the Helios 300 and given that is available with much more powerful graphics. It probably makes more sense for most people, of course, depending on price, but in many cases the 1660 Ti is worth paying a bit more for.. Unfortunately, I was told that the Triton 300 wont be sold in the US. So if youve been waiting for it, you might need to look at a different model. Instead., Im also not sure what this means in terms of getting a review unit, it will likely depend if its sold in my country. Acer announced at CES that the Triton 500 has been updated to now include a 1080p 300Hz option. Given this is still laptop hardware To have a chance of hitting 300 FPS youre really going to need to be playing esports titles at minimum settings. So most people will probably be fine with a lower refresh rate, especially if 300Hz comes with an associated price premium.. Unfortunately, Acer werent refreshing any of their existing AMD based laptops like the Nitro 5 at this time, with the new Ryzen 4000 series CPUs, so there wasnt a whole else for me to cover on the gaming side of things.

Outside of gaming, though Acer had the new Conceptd 7 Ezel pro laptop for creators. Theres, a huge improvement to the hinge with this version over the older one.. If you saw my Triton 900 videos, youll recall the hinges: sticking out the sides, along with the thick bezels, required to provide structural integrity. With the new model that design is no longer required.. Basically, you still get the same range of motion, but rather than having arms on the sides, theres a metal hinge running along the whole panel.. Otherwise, this new version of the ConceptD7 has some nice extra improvements. For me, it was the addition of an SD card slot on the front, and I was told this would be coming to other ConceptD laptops in future, which makes sense, given many creators rely on this. Theres. Also, a pen built into the bottom section of the hinge which can be used for drawing on the 4K touchscreen on the older model. This was held to the top of the screen with magnets, so this seems like a good design, change. Its a Wacom EMR pen. So doesnt have a battery to charge.. The screen has a 400 nit brightness 100 AdobeRGB colour gamut and a Delta E lt2. The particular model I was filming is the pro model, meaning its got: Nvidia Quadro graphics rather than GeForce, and also has the option of Intel Xeon CPU, with ECC memory. On the left, theres a full size, DisplayPort 1.

4 and HDMI 2.0 output, USB Type, A port ethernet And power input. On the right, theres, a Kensington, lock, second, USB Type, A port, two Type C: Thunderbolt: 3 ports, 3.5mm audio combo jack and the power button, which also has a fingerprint scanner.. The interior is pretty standard and there appears to be some air ventilation. Above the keyboard., The bottom is basically just air intake towards the back and speakers near the front left and right sides.. The top looks a little weird due to the custom hinge, which runs along the entire width, but I much prefer this over the old design, which took up far more space. In the US. The Ezel Pro will start at 3100 USD while the non pro so without Quadro graphics starts at 2700 USD., Given its available with Intel 10th gen CPUs. We probably wont see it for a little while longer..