An Intel i7 7700 HQ CPU, nvidia 1080 max q, graphics and 32 gig of memory running at ddr4, 2400 and dual channel it's also got a 120 Hertz 1080p screen with g sync. Although all testing was done with chasing disabled it'll be interesting to see if we can get high enough frame rates to take advantage of the 120 Hertz screen other than that, I was running Windows 10 with these Nvidia drivers slowly outdated. Now, as the newer RT X, 400 drivers came out a couple of days after my testing, but I doubt that would change. Anything fortnight was tested using the replay feature and it was performing very well even with max settings over 100 FPS on the averages and then 1 lows aren't, that terrible while at lower settings, the 1 lows are around the refresh rate of the 120 Hertz panel, so Played very smoothly over which was tested playing in the training area and again, very good frame rates at all setting levels, the game caps at 300 fps, and we were able to reach this at low and medium settings. While ultra settings still resulted in 1 lows. Above the refresh rate of the panel, so very smooth, gameplay shadow of the Tomb Raider was tested with the built in benchmark. I firmly just recently added this game to my testing so I'm, not too sure how well it compares to other SPECT laptops, but the frame rates. Look pretty good. Pub G was tested using the replay feature and, despite this being a none optimized and poorly performing game, we're still able to average above 100 frames per second at Ultra settings, pretty good results and still above 60 FPS for the whomps entler csgo was tested using the Elliptical benchmark and the results are pretty basin in this test.

Well, above 200, FPS, even with all settings maxed out at 1080p, rainbow 6 siege was tested with the built in benchmark and even with ultra settings. What percent Lowe's are above the 120 Hertz refresh rate of the display, so we've been maxed out it's running very well perfectly smooth with no issues. Far cry 5 was also tested with the built in benchmark, and the results are fairly good for this specific test averaging above 60fps in terms of 1 lows at Ultra, which aren't too far behind the average frame rates. So the dips in performance, aren't, too low assassin's creed origins, was another game that was tested with the built in benchmark and once more, the frame rates in this benchmark are pretty good for comparison. Not all true. The averages are about 35 percent better than the Helios 300 that I recently tested 32, on the other hand, was actually performing worse than Helios 300, which I suspect is because it has a faster, 8th, gen CPU. In any case, these are the results with the tratan 700 people a and does not represent real world gameplay. This is a worst case scenario test very straight gun was tested with the built in benchmark and is another resource demanding game still playable at Ultra settings, but it was noticeably better at just about any of the level. Watchdogs. 2 was also a pretty resource demanding game, but it was running well, even with ultra settings averaging above 60fps.

Although there wasn't much practical difference between ultra and high settings, the witcher 3 was averaging around 100 FPS at Ultra settings. It was running quite well, although the 1 low result was quite a bit lower, although this could be improved quite a bit by lowering the settings, shadow of wall was tested with the built in benchmark and even in max settings. The average frame rates are pretty decent for this game. Ashes of the singularity was also tested with the built in benchmark, and the results were fairly good for this test. Thanks to the max Q, 1080 graphics, despite the Triton 700 featuring the slightly older Intel 7700 HQ, which isn't even as good as the 8th gen AI 5 CPU, the results in all games tested is still very good, most likely owing to the 1080 max Q graphics. The CPU is still pretty good for gaming in any case, but in most games the graphics usually make a larger difference to performance, especially at highest settings or higher resolutions. Many games were able to get fairly high frame rates. A great combination for the 120 Hertz Jason display, which could actually be utilized well, I haven't yet tested under bolting more overclocking, as this will vary between laptops based on the hardware, but I'll cover those in future videos, along with detailed temperature testing. This is just how the laptop performs out of the box and a number of different games, as this is likely how most people will probably end up using it.

Don'T worry, though, we'll definitely cover the more advanced stuff too. So how do you guys think the ASA Triton 700 gaming laptop did in these games as we've seen it's running quite well in all games tested here due to the max Q, 1080, graphics, even with good settings? Let me know what you guys thought down in the comments and don't forget to subscribe for the full review of the Acer Triton 700 gaming laptop as well as future tech.