So what is this? It is a thin and light 15.6 inch. Gaming laptop, you know, like the msi stealth, the razer blade 15. Even the alienware m15 r3 has gotten pretty darn skinny, so acer, stick and they’re pretty good at this is bringing you a quality product with the specs to match the more expensive big boys for less money. They are doing that again here, but can i play cyberpunk 2077? If anything actually can we can look at it now, so the laptop is available with intel core i7 cpus intel 10th generation and the six core is the most commonly available. But we do have the eight core i7, which is kind of a sweet upgrade in terms of performance there, if you can find it nvidia, rtx, 2060. 2070 super max q and 2080 max q. Gpus are your options. Now these days, it’s been on the market. A couple of months, the price is really nice. If you go with the six core i7 and that 2070 super max q edition that’s priced around 16.99 on amazon that’s a lot of power, especially considering the fact that you get a 300 hertz full hd ips display that has pretty decent color gamut too. So that’s definitely a high end, spec sharp enough not just for gaming, but for reading and all that sort of thing and speaking of reading it’s. The holidays, which might just mean that you actually have the time to sit down, take a break from work and read or listen to a book thanks to our sponsor for this video blinkist, they take the best non fiction books for more than 27 categories and distill Them down into 15 minute bite sized reads so, besides the fact it’s, obviously very educational, it’s, also relaxing and with 20 20, just ending, my god don’t.

We all need a little relaxation, while we’re reading or we’re listening, audible style or listening to the shoutcast style. Podcast kind of content as well, so i sat down to read one of raymond kurzweil’s books: how to create a mind so he’s a top thinker when it comes to a i and how the mind works. But there are other categories too, whether it’s, finance or self help, or some skill that you want to develop. It’S all there be sure to visit the link in the description. The first 100 people to visit that link will get a weak trial for free and 25 off. If you decide to become a member, and now back to our video, the rest of the specs on the laptop are what you would expect. We have two ram slots, yay that so you can get it with either 16 or 32 gigs of ddr4 ram. It has an m.2 nvme ssd slot, typically between 5 12 gig. All the way up to, i think, 2 terabytes are available, but you can upgrade that yourself afterwards, the battery isn’t bad, either 84 watt hour, which is competitive, certainly for a gaming laptop in the size. A couple of things that i like about this are the fact that acer’s predator sense, which is basically their control panel software for all the gaming features. It has a switch, so you can switch between d gpu, dedicated gpu only or switchable nvidia, optimus, graphics, so that’s.

There to get a couple more frames out of games. Typically, if you put it on dedicated only mode when you’ve got it plugged in in your gaming and also so it can support nvidia g sync, if that floats your boat in terms of build quality, this is matte black aluminum, the casing. Yes, it does show fingerprints as do most matte black gaming laptops. I it’s not too boy racer looking it does have the predator logo in a kind of pretty blue actually and a little accent lines and all that sort of thing they got rid of the predator word below the logo, and i think that that’s a good touch, Though the overall chassis is nice and rigid one place where the cost savings is pretty obvious, is the plasticky bezel around the display and the amount of flex there? I mean the panel even moves, as you can see here so yeah there’s, one ding on the build quality style, wise it’s, going to be hard for anything to touch the razer blade 15 to be honest, but as they go, i would say that the msi stealth Is pretty classy looking these days, it’s a subjective thing, you make your own decision on how you think it looks it’s, not bad let’s put it that way and it’s certainly less out there looking than the alienware m15 and also, typically speaking, much more affordable as well. It does have a perky, rgb, programmable, backlit keyboard and again you use the predator sense software to control the illumination on this.

You can have all sorts of sparkly scintillating color effects, a single, solid color, even set it to white. If you want, when you take it to the office, if and when you get to go to the office again, that is so. It looks less gamery right in terms of performance. It performs exactly as you would expect. This is a pretty high inspect laptop. We can. We have the eight core, i7 cpu and the rtx 2080 super max q, onboard 32 gigs of ram and a fast ssd, so it’s going to perform up there until the rtx 3000 series cards come out, probably within a month or so. But most of what i’m saying is still going to apply to this you’ll just get a faster gpu when that happens for more money, no doubt also, but performance numbers on this are good, usually the biggest issue that you see with a thin and like gaming laptop Is the thermals and perhaps the fan noise? This has three fans inside one for the cpu two for the gpu and it uses acer’s 3d aeroblade metal fan also and they’re really well tuned in terms of noise. It’S, a gaming laptop you’re going to hear it you’re going to hear it coming on, even when you’re doing productivity work, if it’s plugged into power typically because it’s going to run at higher performance modes, then, but the cooling itself is pretty good. Given the performance level. In here and how thin it is, and given today’s technology with intel, cpus being toasty things and all that sort of thing, yes, you will see some thermal throttling if you’re pushing it with a high end game like cyberpunk 2077, which it can handle.

You can see the footage for yourself um, but yes, there will be some thermal throttling now, typically, when you’re playing a game, you know it might reach thermal max there, but that’s not happening all the time. With this, the the the average temperature is actually significantly lower than the 100 degrees centigrade max headroom that you have on this cpu. The keyboard on this is unchanged from the last generation. I like it pretty well. In general, i, like gaming, laptop keyboards. You know back in the days when keyboards actually had key travel and stuff like that. Well, you get that here and some people might want it to be a little firmer. I don’t feel that it’s mushy, but it’s a little on the soft side. Microsoft, precision trackpad works, fine, we have killer wi fi 6 on board, which is a card actually made by intel, so that works great. With bluetooth 5., we have dts x, ultra audio software on board and stereo speakers and given the size of the laptop they’re, not bad, i mean you’re not going to have thunderous bass well duh, but you do have 3.5 millimeter headphone and microphone jacks on board. If you want to go for something even more impressive with the audio ports on this are also pretty good. We have a thunderbolt, 3 port. We have three usb a ports, we have gigabit ethernet, also killer, and then there is hdmi 2.0 and display port 1.

4. So you’re not going to be hurting. The only thing you don’t get is an sd card slot on this which content creators might like speaking of content, creators who care about the quality of display in terms of color accuracy and color gamut it’s. Not that when you look at it, it doesn’t scream vibrancy at you, but then again, it’s a pretty well calibrated panel from the factory too, so the colors aren’t, overly vivid because they’ve been amped up either the gamut’s a little bit above average for a gaming laptop. I like to see that so good you can see the specs on screen for yourself. Contrast is pretty decent on this, as well, so overall it’s a good panel and again it’s 300 hertz. So, if you’re playing some of the games, where that really might matter like apex legends or what have you, you can certainly push high frame rates at full hd resolution, which is what we have here, not going to be a problem for an rtx 2080 super max Q, graphics card honestly for those kinds of competitive, high frame frame rate games when playing far cry 5, which is a demanding game it holds up just fine again performance is where we would expect it to be in terms of the heat, as you touch it sure. The bottom is going to get toasty if you’re playing games, there’s no gaming laptop out there, where that isn’t, true keyboard area gets a bit warm but not hot.

It is winter time. So actually warm feels nice. Maybe in the summer it might feel a little sweaty pause, but nothing too bad in terms of battery life. Well, it actually matters matters when you’re talking about a thin and light 15 inch, gaming laptop because you’re probably buying that, because you do want to be able to take it places. Happily, it does have an 84 watt hour battery, which is competitive with, say the razer blade 15 and some other laptops granted. There are a few that push it even higher, but if make sure using the predator sense software that you set it in switchable, graphics mode. So you’re not running on dedicated graphics, all the time to make sure that your battery life is good there, and i found that you could get about five hours to if you’re really pushed at six. If you put the brightness on the display way down, we test it at 150 nits and in our test we use productivity software like microsoft, office and zoom. Video calls a little streaming, video a little bit of photoshop. So typically, i would say about five hours is what you’re going to get with this? It has a 230 watt power. Brick i’ve been on the compact side, because it is the max q edition of the graphics card, so it doesn’t need one of the super honking. Three pounders, which is a good thing, did i mention it shows fingerprints. You can see that here there are torx t6 screws that hold the bottom on it’s, pretty easy, really just unscrew the screws and lift it off, and it wraps around the back a bit behind the really pretty blue heat sinks.

Here and here are internals, which is a big disappointment for upgrade ability here now, we’ve seen inverted motherboards before msi has done that with the stealth series and years gone by. But you got the battery here, here’s your wi fi card, and if you want to repaste your heat sinks, you’re going to have to take out the motherboard, if you want to access the ram slots you’re going to take out the motherboard, even the m.2 ssd is Not visible from the top here we’ve got some heat tape by the way here to try to isolate you from the back side of the cpu and gpu heatsink area, which are a little bit hot, and the fact that the heatsink is facing upward explains why the Keyboard gets a bit warm, so there’s that and the stereo drivers are surrounding the battery, which is not unusual. Now to take this motherboard out it’s, not the end of the whirl there’s about four little phillips head screws. You have to take out the wi fi card. Uns remove these connectors here. These are delicate little ribbon cables but they’re, the kind where you just flip up the little retainer and then pull them out. It’S, it’s i’ve, seen worse, but so it’s some work so that’s. The 2020 edition of the acer, predator triton, 500 and again it’s a lot of laptop for your money in terms of the specs here and the performance, but not in terms of the weight and the thickness so that’s a pretty good sell for me.

If you’re, looking for as much performance as you can get not a heavy carry and not spending more than two thousand dollars on a laptop i’m lisa from mobile tech review be sure to subscribe to our youtube channel for more cool tech, videos and thumbs up.