Ive, benchmarked 20 different games at all setting levels to show you how well it runs and compared it against Some other gaming laptops to see how it stacks up. Just quickly before we jump into the benchmark results Ill cover off the specs in my unit.. My model has the Intel i7 9750H CPU, 80 watt, Nvidia GTX 1660 Ti graphics and 16gb of memory running in dual channel.. The Helios 300 is available with different specs, though you can find examples as well as updated prices linked in the description.. I was running. Windows 10 with the latest Nvidia drivers available with turbo mode, enabled., Turbo mode boosts, fan, speed and actually overclocks the graphics and memory by this much on top of that, the Helios 300 comes with the CPU undervolted by 0.125v out of the box. So we should be seeing some very nice performance. Here. Well only be covering gaming performance here. So if youre new you'll want to get subscribed for the thermal testing and full review., Alright lets start out by going through all 20 games at all setting levels then afterwards. Well see how the Helios 300 compares with some other gaming laptops to see how it stacks up. Battlefield, 5, was tested in campaign mode and not in multiplayer mode as its easier to consistently reproduce. The test. Run. Maxed out at ultra settings still got us 80. Fps averages and was easily playable no problem but well see later how these results.

Compare to other laptops. Battlefield 1 was also tested in campaign mode and, like always its running well and performing a bit better than the newer Battlefield 5 just shown with over 100 FPS averages achievable at ultra settings and again running very smoothly. Apex Legends was tested with Either all settings at maximum or all settings on the lowest possible values as it doesnt have predefined setting presets.. It still played well at ultra settings. However, we could boost average FPS by a massive 61 with minimum settings. Shadow of the Tomb Raider was tested with the built in benchmark. The results from this test were looking good at higher settings, but at lower settings. These are some of the highest numbers. Ive ever seen from this test. Just like Apex and most upcoming games were getting excellent performance at low settings due to the stock CPU undervolt., Far Cry New Dawn was tested with the built in benchmark.. This game seems to be fairly CPU heavy. So its no surprise that were getting excellent results from this test again due to that stock, CPU undervolt, allowing for above average levels of performance., Far Cry 5 was also tested with the built in benchmark and the results were ahead of the newer, Far Cry New Dawn. Just covered and well see how this one compares to some other laptops. Later, the results are kind of crazy. You wont want to miss. Them. Fortnite was tested with the replay feature and while I have to regularly refresh the replay due to updates I test in the same area, so results should be somewhat comparable to my past tests.

Again at lower settings. The average FPS is super high. Thanks to that improved CPU performance and even at epic settings above 100 FPS was still possible. No problem. Overwatch is another well optimized game and was tested in the practice range as other players, bots and even different maps in actual gameplay affect the frame rate, and this allows for consistent, testing. Again super high frame rates at lower settings too bad. We dont have a 240Hz screen here, as even high settings is hitting that threshold. Metro Exodus was tested using the built in benchmark. Most parts of the game perform a fair bit better than this, so dont take these results as a good indication of what to expect. Throughout the entire game, its more of a worst case, but does let you perform the same test to compare against. The RTX results up top are usually ahead of extreme when I test with RTX graphics were seeing lower numbers here, as this is a GTX based machine. Csgo was tested using the Ulletical FPS benchmark and as a game that is pretty CPU bound. The average FPS results here are some of the best Ive seen in awhile, with over 300 FPS averages possible at minimum settings and still above 240 at maximum again wheres. That 240Hz screen at Rainbow Six Siege was tested with the built in benchmark and is a game Ive found to benefit from Nvidias new turing architecture., Even with maximum ultra settings were getting 100 for the 1 low so still perfectly smooth in this test.

With up to 200 FPS averages possible at low settings., PUBG was tested using the replay feature and at higher settings the average FPS is a little lower than many other more powerful laptops with higher tier graphics as expected, but at very low settings. The frame rate is very good again due to that boosted, CPU, performance. Assassins Creed Odyssey was tested with the built in benchmark and, from my experience, seems to be a fairly CPU heavy game, so its lucky that were getting great CPU performance here.. This is impressive. The ASUS Scar III, with RTX 2070 that costs over 1000 USD more, is actually behind in this test at every setting level, except for ultra, where the 2070 is able to save it by 3 FPS Dota 2 was tested playing in the middle lane with an average Amount of action going on and is yet another game that Ive found to prefer higher CPU power, so the results are once more, very impressive for this game.. I feel like Im repeating myself but Watch. Dogs 2 is another game that works well with higher CPU power. 90 FPS at lower settings is a very good result in this game from a laptop and while the frame rate at ultra is lower, as we start getting more GPU bound. In my opinion, this one runs fine at 30 FPS, so still no problems at all. There. Ghost Recon is another resource intensive game and was tested using the built in benchmark.

Just below 50 FPS at ultra is a pretty decent result from this test. In my experience, you need a thick top end machine to get 60 FPS at ultra, but still much higher was possible at lower settings.. The Witcher 3 was playing great with hairworks disabled Ive found this to be somewhat more GPU demanding at higher settings. So no insanely high frame rates at ultra, but still performing very well without any issues with much higher possible at lower settings. Should you need it. DOOM was tested using Vulkan and is a game that almost always gets really high frame rates. Even with ultra settings above 140, FPS averages were being hit so plenty for the 144Hz screen, while still looking great and playing smoothly with the 1 low. Above 100., Strange Brigade was another game that was tested with Vulkan, and this one was also running well with the built in benchmark., Still above 100 FPS at ultra settings and just able to hit 200 at low settings. Shadow of War was also tested with the built. In benchmark and is another game that Ive found to benefit from Nvidias new Turing architecture., Decent results were still had at maximum settings, but nothing too amazing, at least compared to the lower results which yet again are very high. Thanks to our CPU performance. Lets also take a look at how this config of the new Acer Helios 300 compares with other laptops to see how it stacks up use these results as a rough guide only as they were tested at different times with different drivers.

In Battlefield 5 Ive got the Helios 300 towards the bottom in red, with another 1660 Ti laptop. I recently tested, though this one is giving us much better performance due to the i7 CPU.. Not only that, but these out of the box results are giving the best 1 low out of all of these machines, even smashing the 2080 Max Q machines due to the default CPU undervolt.. Even the average frame rates are a fair bit ahead of the 2060s and closer to the 2070 max Q. Results. Here are the results from Far Cry 5 with ultra settings in the built in benchmark.. Ive found this to be a pretty CPU heavy test, so were seeing crazy results. Here.. The Helios 300 is just 1 to 2 FPS behind the 2070 machines and the 2080 Max Q in the GS75, and actually beating the Razer Blade with 2080 Max Q.. As for 1 low, the Helios 300 is again ahead of every other machine on this graph. Thanks to that stock, CPU undervolt seriously impressive stuff.. These are the results from Shadow of the Tomb raider with the built in benchmark at highest settings.. This test tends to be more GPU heavy, so the results are toned down a bit compared to the last game.. That said, were still just ahead of the 2060 machines, though not quite at the 2070 Max Q level. This time, still, though, a nice result, considering this is maximum settings that GPU overclock is likely helping out here.

. The Helios 300 is providing extremely impressives result, considering the specs and is punching well above its weight.. It is worth remembering that turbo mode is overclocking. The GPU and the CPU is undervolted out of the box, which is why were seeing such high levels of performance when it comes to lower settings and 1 low results.? Is this unfair? I dont think so I do my game testing with all of these laptops in the best available mode. They ship with Acer are just the only ones undervolting out of the box and applying overclocks this high.. Considering that I had no stability issues, I think this is awesome to see, and I hope we see more companies doing this in the future.. It is worth remembering that we can, of course, overclock and undervolt the other machines too, but I still think having this as a default is great to see, especially for those that would never have otherwise even attempted these methods to boost performance. In many esports titles at Lower settings, I was actually seeing the Helios 300 outperform the much more expensive, ASUS Scar, III.. The reason for this is the excellent CPU performance I was seeing here, while the Scar III saw lower CPU performance than expected, so lower setting levels where were more CPU bound see a good boost to performance.. I dont think the Helios 300 is available with a 240Hz screen, but that actually wouldnt have been too bad, considering the performance at lower settings when you compare it with the Scar III that does have 240Hz but gets beaten by the Helios.

At higher settings. The 1660 Ti was still capable of providing good frame rates in the games tested. It, of course, varies by game, but there were no problems here at all everything played well.. Let me know what you guys thought about the performance from this machine down in the comments and do you think companies should pre undervolt more often As for thermals? Well, Ive still got to test that so keep an eye out for my detailed thermal testing video, which will be coming very soon.