I'Ll cover off the specs in my unit there's, an Intel i7 8750 H, CPU, Nvidia, 1060 graphics and 16 gig of memory running at ddr4 2666 in dual channel it's, also available with the 144 Hertz 1080p screen. And although my model actually has a 60 Hertz screen, it'll be interesting to see how many games can actually take advantage if the higher panel other than that, I was running Windows 10 with the latest Nvidia drivers, so let's see how well it runs. Fortnight was running nicely at all setting levels, even at Ultra. The one percent lows are above 60 fps, so the dips and performance weren't too bad despite being maxed out, and we could improve the average framerate significantly by dropping the settings down before which was tested playing with the bots and even better results here. Even while maxed out had played extremely smooth, it seems to be a well optimised game and we're averaging above 100 FPS at epic settings. Pub G was tested using the replay feature, and the average frame rates at Ultra were acceptable in this test, but I'd probably be looking at playing at around medium settings for a better experience, as shown by the differences in 1 lows, csgo was tested using the Aletta Chol benchmark and even maxed out we're, seeing above 200 frames per second on average Rainbow six siege was tested with the built in benchmark indefinite ultra settings. The one percent lows are still above 100 with averages that are quite high, so it should play quite nicely regardless of setting level far cry.

5 was also tested. With the built in benchmark and with ultra settings. It was still possible to average above 60 FPS here with 1 lows that weren't too far below the averages indicating that there are few dips in performance, Assassin's Creed origins was another that was tested with the built in benchmark and yet again pretty good frame rates. For this test, although I don't personally think that you need a high frame rate to play this one dota 2 was 10 and using a fairly intensive replay. So this should be a worst case scenario. These results are not the same as playing the actual game. The benchmark is far more intensive than typical gameplay, and despite this, the frame rates here are quite good for this benchmark. Testing battlefield 1 in the first campaign mission ran well at all setting levels with the 1 lows at Ultra still above 60, so even the dips and performance weren't too bad here. I thought it played pretty well rise of the Tomb Raider was tested with the built in benchmark and a max settings were able to average above 60 FPS, while the lower levels get us closer to the 144 Hertz refresh rate option. Ghost Recon was also tested with the built in benchmark and is a more demanding game, so not great results at Ultra settings but should be playable at other setting levels. Watchdogs 2 was also somewhat demanding, and I found it to play well at very high settings or lower, as I don't think it really needs a high frame rate to play.

The Witcher 3 was averaging above 60 fps, even with ultra settings, although that's with hair works. Disabled and we can basically double this average at low settings. Du was tested using Vulcan and regardless of setting level used, the results were quite nice at Ultra settings that played smoothly. For me with no problems, shadow of wall was tested with the built in benchmark. Not quite averaging 60 FPS here at max settings, but the frame rate increases quite a bit at the lower levels. I'Ve said it before the Nvidia: 1060 graphics is a great sweet spot for 1080p 60fps gaming with good settings and as we've seen in these gaming benchmarks, it's doing a really nice job. Some games, like csgo and overwatch, for instance, are able to achieve high frame rates and make use of the 144 Hertz screen option, but it really depends on the settings and specific game I haven't yet tested under vaulting or overclocking, as this will vary between laptops based On the hardware, but I'll cover those in future videos, along with detailed temperature testing. This is just how the laptop performs out of the box and a number of different games, as this is likely how most people will probably end up using it. Don'T worry, though, I'll definitely cover the more advanced stuff too. Sir. How do you guys think the ASA Helios 300 gaming laptop did in these games as we've seen it's going really well. All of these aimes are running great with good settings.

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