13. 2019. The hp spectre, x360 13, offers two in one functionality, with a few nice additions and a surprisingly powerful set of components which are aimed towards those who want a portable device that isn’t too large. This two in one features a 13.3 inch fhd ips touchscreen panel made of corning gorilla glass that runs out of 1920×1080 resolution, it’s a very bright display with nice, viewing angles which is advantageous for business meetings. If privacy is more your thing, the x360 allows you to limit those viewing angles with sure view technology so it’s much harder to see unless you’re sitting in front of the device. The spectre x360 runs on a quad core intel i7 cpu with 16 gigabytes of ram and includes a generous 512 gigabyte ssd, making it a powerful laptop for multitasking movie watching or even some light gaming. It supplements this hardware set with a pair of bang and olufsen speakers, fingerprint sensor and a fantastic feeling keyboard for typists and writers. Connectivity options include two usbc thunderbolt 3 ports for heavy data transfers, a usb 3.1 port headphone microphone, combo jack and a truevision fhd ir camera. Its modest size is made even better, with a weight of less than three pounds, making the spectre x, 360 very portable. It also comes with an included hp, active pen stylus, which feels fantastic when it comes to taking notes, doodling or highlighting as for battery life. The spectre x360 can run lots of intermediate tasks all day long and still get around 12 hours of battery life, which makes it a reliable day long performer that you won’t need to constantly keep recharging.

The hp spectre x360 is a tantalizingly powerful two in one device, with one of the fastest processors on our list. Great build quality with attractive aesthetics and lightweight it’s, also, a traditional non detachable laptop design well rounded and powerful all for under one thousand. One hundred and fifty dollars next on our list is the lenovo flex. 14. Two in one laptop, our pick for an affordable two in one option: the lenovo flex 14 is an alternative option for those who want a more affordable two in one, without sacrificing much in terms of power and features it’s also, an amd ryzen based device which packs A great amount of power in its cpu 12 gigabytes of ram is more than enough to handle everyday multitasking and a 256 gigabyte ssd offers good storage capacity for your files and programs. The flex features a full hd touch screen display that comes packaged with a black pen, stylus that mimics the sleek exterior of the flex itself and works smoothly and seamlessly with the display. It offers a nice array of inputs, including hdmi and usbc ports, two usb 3.1 ports, a card reader and audio jack to cover any input requirements. Graphics, processing is handled by an amd radeon vega, 8 gpu for some extra visual processing power that offsets cpu loads, which even makes it suitable for some mid range gaming at 14, inches it’s, bigger than the hp spectre x360, and weighs a little more as well.

But it’s still a very portable device for those who want a bigger display battery life isn’t quite as strong as the x360 either, but it does last around 8 hours with intermediate use, which is still quite good for a 2 in 1. At this price point it can also be recharged extremely fast, taking the battery to 80 in just one hour via rapid charge. Technology security is a priority with the flex 14, as evidenced by its privacy block shutter. That automatically closes the included webcam physically, when not in use. This means you’re kept safe in an era of webcam malware priced under 550 dollars. The lenovo flex 14 is a very affordable two in one that packs a lot of power for everyday tasks. It’S best suited for someone who wants an affordable two in one laptop with a lot to offer up next on our list is the asus chromebook flip c434ta. Our choice for the best value two in one chromebook, the asus chromebook flip, is the only chromebook on our list, and it offers a bit more of a luxurious two in one feel, thanks to wonderful, build quality and construction, this device features a 14 inch full hd Touchscreen with 4 way nano edge display that features ultra narrow bezels for superb edge to edge viewing. This effectively allows the device to fit a 14 inch screen inside the body of a 13 inch laptop when measured diagonally. It sports a 360 degree hinge for easy setup, intent, stand and tablet modes.

The display boasts rich, beautiful colors that cover an estimated 93 of the srgb color gamut, plus a great brightness rating of 286 nits to produce vibrant visuals, which is great for those who demand a high quality picture under its beautiful aluminum body lies a 3.4 gigahertz intel M3: 8100 y cpu, with 4 gigabytes of ram and 64 gigabytes of storage all running on the chrome os. This combination allows for great performance with lightweight components designed for quick, snappy, everyday use. That being said, it is a chromebook which means it. Isn’T meant for heavy gaming or intense tasks, but instead focuses on consumers who want a very fast responsive chromebook for their daily tasks. Input wise. The c434ta offers two usb c ports: a usb, a port headphone jack and micro sd card slot. Its bottom firing. Speakers provide loud, crystal clear audio, which is very surprising for a laptop. Its silver and chrome body is remarkably attractive and sets itself, apart from other laptops and two in ones, thanks to a luxury feel aesthetic. The keyboard is both elegant and functional, providing high accuracy for fast typists, thanks to responsive clicky keys with 71 grams of actuation force if you’re typing a lot of emails or you write for a living. This might be the two in one for you, the flip c434ta. Can last nearly 10 hours on a single charge, which makes it a great day to day device for school or work. It’S chrome based os means it’s particularly suited to those who prefer it over windows or those who want a lightweight and robust operating system.

That offers a streamline interface for their daily tasks, all for under 550 dollars. If you’re interested in updated pricing on any of the items mentioned in this video be sure to check out the links below prices update on these products almost daily with sales and general price drops. So if you want to find the most updated information check the description, if you find this video helpful, please help out the channel by giving this video a like and tell us which product caught your eye in the comments below next is the dell xps 9380. Our pick for the best overall 13 inch, two in one convertible laptop dell’s, xps 13 9380, takes us into a higher range of two in one laptops, with a 13.3 inch infinity edge display at a 4k resolution of 3840 by 2160 for stunning, ultra hd clarity, thin Bezels mean spectacular edge to edge viewing without any distraction, and its touchscreen design is great for navigation. The xps 13 runs on an intel core i7 cpu 16 gigabytes of ram and comes with 512 gigabytes of storage, which means there’s plenty of power under the hood when it comes to multitasking watching videos or even some light to intermediate gaming. It includes a pair of thunderbolt 3 ports and a usbc port which can all charge the notebook as well as connect to secondary displays, if needed, there’s, also a micro sd card slot and a headphone jack, which covers all the basics.

The display offers up rich colors and deep uniform blacks at high detail levels. It hits an astonishing 119 percent of the srgb color gamut, with a 318 knit brightness average to create near perfect visuals it’s got a lot to offer in the audio department as well with side firing. Speakers that produce excellent room filling sound if a great audio visual experience is a must, then the xps 13 has you covered here. The keyboard offers a great typing experience, with 63 grams of actuation force, which is great for writers who want and need accuracy when it comes to crafting their documents. The touchpad is also quite accurate and responsive even for two and three finger. Swipe gestures, thanks to its potent hardware, the xps 13 9380 shines when it comes to performance scoring high in geekbench tests, though not intended specifically for gaming. You can play a bit on the device and still achieve respectable performance on many titles. As long as you don’t expect high frame rates at heavy settings, the inclusion of such powerful hardware married to a 4k screen means the battery will last around 8 hours before requiring a recharge, but that’s not bad at all. As far as laptops of this power quotient go it’s a luxurious two in one with a brilliant screen and the performance chops to match all for under 1400. Finally, we have the microsoft surface book: 2, 15, inches i7. Our choice for the best detachable laptop while most two in ones allow you to switch between different, laptop and tablet configurations.

With a simple flip of the hinge, the microsoft surface book takes it a step further by offering a two in one that can actually be detached, which is great for those who prefer a dedicated tablet. Experience powered by an intel core i7 cpu, 16 gigabytes of ram and 256 gigabytes of storage. The surface book 2 can multitask with ease and provide extra power for excellent quality gaming thanks to an nvidia geforce gtx 1060 gpu. This also makes it especially great for creative professionals who are big into content creation, making this two in one a worthy laptop for many different kinds of consumers who are looking for a top quality product. The pixelsense display produces incredibly sharp text, photos and videos that are even a match for some 4k laptops in terms of clarity. Color reproduction and black uniformity is brilliant, vibrant and eye popping surface pen. Integration is absolutely flawless with no detectable latency making it one fantastic. Drawing tablet for those who love to take notes, doodle or work in photoshop and finally, the display detaches easily from the base of the unit and reattaches without any fuss or trouble, allowing you to go from laptop to full fledged tablet mode in seconds. If you want to escape the laptop form factor, the surface book 2’s brushed aluminum look is both luxurious and high quality, it’s thin and very lightweight for all the power it’s carrying topping out at around 4 pounds. It offers 2 usb 3.

1 ports a usbc 3.1 port. Two surface connect ports, an sd card reader and an audio jack to take care of connectivity needs.