Thank you for clicking on this video. I appreciate the support, if you’re a regular. Thank you so much for all the continued support. Don’T forget to like comment subscribe and share with a friend. I am on the road to 1 000 subscribers. I am now at 8, 20, so it’s getting closer i’m getting excited. Yes, yo thank y’all! So much so, this video will be a unboxing review of my new computer stylist glass screen protector and backpack, as well as the case for the um computer, that i received off of amazon, and i will link everything in the description as well as um make sure. I state the name of each item so it’s just in case. You all want to go and check it out. These are some really nice reasonable products. I am happy with all the items and yeah we’re going to get into the video Music, so i wanted a laptop that converted into a tablet, and this is what i found the acer chromebook spin 311 convertible laptop with intel celeron um. It is a 11.6 hd, touchscreen it’s, also uh. It has two. I don’t even know what that means for something 32 years something so it has two different Music uh storage spaces. I’M. Guessing i need to look better. It says: gigabyte, wi, fi, Music, um, bluetooth, google, chrome, so that’s the description on amazon. That is why i bought the computer from it was 265 Music. Another reason for me choosing these laptops was, as you just seen, the port.

I prefer having um additional ports on each side. You never know what you’re going to need, Music, of course, the convertibleness of it. You can flip it back like this. You can sit, it stand, it lay it um, it’s, really, really nice. The weight is nice and heavy, but it does feel um. It does feel like a very good quality computer. I had an easter before before that i had two hp laptops. It seems like the hp’s were getting too full too fast and um like the lifetime Music. So i decided to try a different brand look at my baby. This is the uh charger and this is Music, the charger Music. So i really like that the computer came right on really really bright screen: that’s the bag, Music, Music. So, okay, so we want to get into these other items really quick. That is the m cover eye pearl hard case. The orange box is the tempered glass screen protection, that is the stylus pen for acer, chromebook, spin 11, and that bag is the laptop bag. Music. Music, but i used to be like a fan of the small, you know form fitting laptop bag, but now with youtube and everything, i have other things. You know business, so this really comes in handy i’ll. Show you like a few things that i it holds in a minute Music. So i like, i said i bought the uh the hard case i’m, going to put that on i’m, also going to show you the stylus and the tempered glass, so right here, i’m, putting the tempered glass on i’m pretty sure everyone knows how to do this.

But for video purposes i did take the time to show you all how i put mine on this screen protector is a nice heavy, thick glass like um screen protector, i loved it and so far so good. I don’t have any bubbles behind it. It’S it’s holding on well, i made this video like i’ve, had this computer a month now close to a month, so i did want to get the chance to actually use it and everything before i um uploaded my unboxing and review because i wanted to have like An honest review on each item so yep so far so good. I know it just came out of the box, but, as you can see, my daughter did touch it that quick. She already had such a scream Music as well to make sure Music. So i wanted to show you all my mistakes really quick. I did make a mistake and put it on upside down those little circles, as you probably can see, probably see at the bottom, was for uh, the webcam in the light or whatever so yeah Music. I hope you can see them Music, so now i’m, going to show you the stylus. Pin that i love it is made for chromebook spin 11 touchscreen. It does work for my phone. I have an android phone right now and it works for my phone i’ve. Never bought a 25 stylus. I always had the little one dollar ones from out the dollar store, but this time i just wanted to make sure i upgrade and have you know things that’s durable for um, going forward with all of my businesses Music, so that blue light you see, is the Button to turn it on that is um.

Of course, the charger port for the usb is usb rechargeable. The stylus tip is a 1.5 millimeter, ultra fine tip Music and it’s cute it’s, absolutely adorable it’s rose gold or it really is pink it’s Music. It has like. I think i said something about the weight before, but it’s a it’s like a nice heavy weight. It doesn’t feel all light and cheap like it’s from anywhere, but where it came from because amazon has quality rules. I love amazon, love, amazon, Music, Music, my Music, Music, Music, it snap on nice and easy and it’s so cute. Yes, i did match everything. I actually always love blue Music when i’m out doing things and have my table set up anywhere. I feel like this is just going to look really nice to have all of my things matching and our colors for baby candy, Music um. I wanted to bend it and see how like how it closes with the case, and it doesn’t close all the way. Of course, like i didn’t expect it to, it actually closes a little bit better than i expected, but it doesn’t close as flat as it does without the case Music. This is how everything looks in the bag. My selfie stick, my vowel Music um laptop, is in the laptop sleeve on the side. I like that it holds right on the side, so it doesn’t um get touched by anything i still had it plugged in, but i think i did take it out and show how it looks with the charger in there as well.

It still has a whole lot of space um the bag is so durable and thick. So, as you can see, everything was really nice. Um, the computer sensitivity works really well, and we wish the end of this video.