It kept the price in check and it made for one of my absolute favorite chromebook experiences of the year. When this years version arrived. I had high hopes for a similar iteration and knew that, if acer just tightened up a few things, theyd have another winner on their hands as it turns out. They did just that. They kept much of what made last years, spin, 713 great and simply iterated on an already great formula to produce what has become my favorite chromebook of 2021. So far lets talk about why Music todays video is brought to you by our thriving and awesome patreon community, where we offer things like behind the scenes: footage, early access, content, access to our private discord channel and an ad free experience over at, both on the Desktop and mobile versions of our website, if youd like to learn more just head over to forward, slash chrome, unboxed, probably the biggest gripe i had with last years. Spin 713 was the build quality. While i felt it was a step forward from the earlier version of the device, the whole package felt unfinished from an aesthetic point of view. The chassis was a little flimsy. The lines where the outer portions came together were sometimes sharp and the whole thing lacked the type feel you get in a google made chromebook or something like the excellently made hp. Chromebook c1030. This year, im happy to say the build quality took a really nice step forward.

The aluminum, lid and bottom plate give the spin 713 substance and the entire device feels far more considered and refined this time around. Theres, a slight boxiness to the front edges and a firmness to the outer part of the chromebook that make for a more premium feel when you pick up the spin 713 from any angle, opened or closed. That solidity is further cemented by the 810g military grade. Durability, which means this chromebook doesnt just feel solid. It can take a beating in some harsh conditions and sustain drops from up to four feet. The hinge mechanisms are great, too firm when in clamshell mode, easy to convert and theres, even a satisfying magnetic hold that keeps the tablet orientation from feeling floppy and messy, while still an understated design. Overall acer did a great job at making. The spin 713 simply feel like a nicer chromebook than it did before and thats the point when you iterate from one year to the next. There are still fan ports on the back and bottom of the device, but they dont jump out at you and in daily use. You dont really even see them joining those openings in this revised chassis or a wide variety of i o ports, including two usb type c ports, a single usb, a a micro sd card slot, a headphone microphone jack and the return of the full size, hdmi port. As far as connections go, this thing has about everything you could ask for.

Even if the usb type c ports are both on the same side, i prefer one on each side if im getting picky the real star of the show here is the screen. Oh this screen – this is now the third iteration of the spin 713, with its 3×2 13.5 inch high res ips, screen and im here to tell you that this screen gets just about everything right. The taller viewport is always welcome. The 400 plus nits of brightness perform in nearly every setting the colors and viewing angles are vibrant and eye. Pleasing and the oddball 2256 by 1504 resolution provides a pin, sharp viewing experience in case you cant tell i love this panel and when using any other chromebook after spending some time with the spin 713 makes me sorely miss it. For my use, its the perfect marriage of screen, size aspect, ratio and brightness, and while this isnt really an upgrade or an iteration on last years, model or even the one prior to that, no real work was needed in this department. So i applaud acer for sticking with this display and deciding not to cut a corner here sitting beneath that gorgeous screen is a keyboard that feels quite similar to last years, spin 713 and a track pad that is definitely improved. The keys on the keyboard are still a bit loose for my liking, but the travel is good and the click is sure i had no issues getting up to speed with my normal typing and theres a backlight there to help.

You find your way in dim conditions and, honestly, this is just a welcome addition. The trackpad is large nearly square and about as good as they come its glass. It has a satisfying click and it gives you plenty of surface area to work with no complaints whatsoever. One of my only real gripes with this chromebook is in the speaker department and i hate to report that things arent much better than they were last year. The speakers are not loud. They have no mid or low end reproduction to speak of and theyre generally terrible. Im not sure why acer keeps shipping speakers that are this bad, but this is definitely no pixelbook go or asus cx5 when it comes to listening to any sort of audio on a chromebook put simply, if laptop speakers matter to you, youll need to look elsewhere for Sure inside were looking at an 11th gen intel core i5 8 gigs of ram and 256 gigs of internal nvme storage. If those specs sound impressive, just wait till you actually use them its a sad understatement to say this chromebooks fast. It literally is so fast that there wasnt a single time my workload ever even started to slow it down with plenty of ram miles of performance, overhead and far more storage than the average chromebook theres. No denying the beast mode status on offer here, even while pushing the internal hi res display and my ultra wide qhd monitor the spin 713.

Never skipped a beat all that performance and resolution come at a cost. However, as the battery is only average for a chromebook, its not bad, just average, with the screen brightness cranked all the way up and lots of tasks, running youll see six to seven hours of battery life, kick the brightness down and pull back the reins on multitasking And you can get into that advertised 10 hours, acer, touts for this one dont get me wrong, though. Id take this screen and this muscle under the hood in exchange for a bit of battery life any day of the week, its been fine for me in actual use Music, so thats the acer chromebook spin 713 in 2021., its fast it has all the internals. You could want all the i o that you could want and what i consider the best screen available on a chromebook right now, aside from a bit of a boring, aesthetic and average keyboard and battery life and kind of bad speakers, this chromebook smashes it on. So many levels putting together a review for a great device like this, is its just easy at 699 dollars. This chromebook delivers what you expect in a high end, laptop at a more mid range price, its so easy to recommend and though itll likely be on sale at multiple points between now and the end of the year, even at msrp, its 100 percent worth the money. Acer has done it again and now its up to everyone else to catch up, but guys thats it for this one.

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