To get some actual work done. A case in point is the excellent acer chromebook spin 713, the 2021 refresh to be precise, thanks for watching 95 google here on youtube, remember to thumbs up hit, subscribe and then tap the bell icon to be notified about all our future uploads. So this refresh over the late 2020 model provides some tweaks and tuning but looks basically identical to the previous generation, making it hard to distinguish at first glance. If this is new or not, acer has simply decided to refresh the lineup, with some slightly more power, efficient and powerful internals and retain the design that has made the spin 713 such a solid chromebook. The bigger question, though, is whether the changes have been worthwhile, but we spent some time with the chromebook to find out, and this is our review of the acer chromebook spin 713 2021 edition. The design and form factor is a key seller of this particular device because its mainly made of aluminium and some plastic. This is a great for a workhorse everyday machine that can kind of take a day to day beating on an everyday basis and its deceptively thin too. With that hinge for display ensuring that when closed, the acer, chromebook spin, 713 is completely flat, which is something that isnt necessarily true of all laptop form factors, because the frame and the chassis are mainly plastic and aluminium. There is a tiny bit of flex to the body, but no real wobble that you kind of associate with dirt cheap, chromebooks and chrome os hardware in general, thats pretty important as the acer chromebook spin 713 is effectively a convertible laptop hybrid.

Thanks to that 360 degree hinge and any flex, probably wouldnt, give you confidence using it in either format. Thats, really a long winded way to say that the acer chromebook spin 713 is a little bit plain plain, is absolutely fine, its functional its durable and its inconspicuous. Something i think more laptops, especially of this ilk, could probably learn from ill talk more a little bit about that later on, but the most eye catching feature of the entire spin 713 package is the frankly gorgeous 13.5 inch, qhd plus display. It is in a 3×2 aspect, ratio which really is excellent when used in a tablet mode, as you gain a little bit of extra width or vertical space. Things dont also necessarily feel cramped, as they probably would on a 16×9 screen, or at least thats how it feels when using this laptop compared to some others that do offer the feature im not trying to oversell the display on this laptop, though, because really its sharp Its precise and although the color accuracy is not exactly perfect, it is excellent for everything ive used on a day to day basis, sure the screen itself is glossy and the fact that its a touchscreen means youll likely have to wipe a ton of fingerprints and grease Away, if you like me, do like to tap and swipe the screen as well as use the track pack and the physical keyboard kind of on the set. At the same time, i would have liked, though, a few more ports to accompany the usbc dual usbc ports.

Hdmi usb a which is solitary 3.5 millimeter, headphone port and a micro sd card reader. Personally, i think, and a full sized sd card reader would have been nice along with just maybe one extra usb a port, but i do think overall, it is a fairly decent selection, theres, even a volume rocker on the right side, which is there to help when Using the spin 713 in tablet mode and theres a fingerprint scanner located just underneath the right side of the keyboard and only works when used in laptop mode. I will say, though, that ive found it fast and accurate and it has saved a lot of time re entering passcodes or passwords, and it does help get you logged in nice and quickly. Throughout my time, though, with the acer chromebook spin, 713 ive been using a model that is powered by the intel: 11th generation i3, the 111 5g4 to be precise, 8 gigabytes of ram, and it also includes a 256 gigabyte, nvme ssd for storage. Now this is technically an entry level device, but at no point have i really felt that ive needed more power under the hood. Save maybe a little bit of extra ram, but very rarely, as i use extensions like the great suspender, which does help ensure that excess ram is not being hogged by my myriad of open tabs running a web browser and some fairly lightweight android apps means you probably Dont need that much to keep things running nice and smoothly and chroma s is really well optimized for that and because of cloud gaming platforms like geforce now and google stadia a device such as this, even without a dedicated gpu, you can have the ability to play Titles like fifa, 22 at 1080p resolution and 60fps, and it feels incredible on what, in pc terms, at least in terms of the windows side of things, is realistically modest hardware, and without that dedicated gpu, it also utilizes intel integrated, uhd graphics, which is another reason why Ive been so impressed with the performance levels here.

I do, though, spend around 95 of my time when using a laptop or pc in chrome or the adobe creative suite. Everything else is more or less file management, and almost all of the software i need access to for work purposes lives within those pretty narrow margins. I think being able to sync all of my existing and favorite extensions and chrome. Add ons is great, as i do feel less inhibited, even though this is technically a chromebook and isnt anywhere near as powerful as my home pc. The performance hit with even over 15 extensions, live and active was also in no way noticeable here, which is something i had worried about going in ahead of time, knowing that it is running an i3 processor throughout my time with the acer chromebook spin 713, though i Didnt encounter any slowdowns of note, even with what is a fairly modest intel. I3 cpu, as ive mentioned overheating, also didnt prove to be an issue as a laptop run, almost ice cold 99 of the time, but the device fans would kick in every so often randomly for less than a second, which at first was jarring but actually did genuinely Become quite hilarious, as i cant imagine, this actually made any difference to the internal temperatures, maybe its an erroneous issue or like a slight bug, but it happens so infrequently that it barely becomes an issue and its something you just stop noticing. Anecdotally, though i did notice, this happened more often when i had the keyboard.

Backlighting enabled im not entirely convinced by the keyboard itself, but it is adequate and there is plenty of travel in each key. I personally felt there was a very spongy feel, but they do work well and the backlighting for each key seems to be solid, even if there is a little bit of light bleeding between the key gaps themselves. I similarly like the trackpad, but it did take a little while to get used to to that kind of floaty cursor, which isnt doesnt feel as precise as my usual macbook trackpad that i do use quite regularly. That said, this is still a very nice experience. Once you learn how to handle the nuances with chrome oss way, it handles cursor control. The glass texture of the actual trackpad itself is lovely to use and with a little tuning in the settings menus. This is a really great option being able to also just swipe down your finger or interact with on screen elements with the display itself. Just like you would on a smartphone is something i didnt think i would instantly love, but i genuinely think i might struggle to go back to using a mouse and keyboard alone. Not only is it pinpoint, but it also lets you naturally interact with certain websites or uis or just grab and select things quickly without having to mess around with the touchpad or even plugging in a mouse. It helps that the touchscreen itself is really fast and accurate.

On top of that, i will say, though i absolutely detest the speaker here, half the time i just felt it. I had to reach for headphones just to enjoy watching any video content. As the bottom positioning means, things can be muffled very easily, be that by your lap or a desk itself, then theres the integrated webcam its another sore point for this impressive hardware package, its dim and although not grainy, will probably get you through conference calls with no Massive issues, but overall it could have done with a little upgrade to a 1080p resolution. In my opinion, now theres a 56 watt hour cell that does come inside the acer, chromebook spin 713, and it has been exceptional in my experience. Part of that is likely due to that i3 cpu, but i expected that qhd plus display to really sap at the internal cell, and i was shocked at how efficient the spin 713 is day to day. I can get eight to ten hours of solid usage without thinking about needing to bind a charge, cable, and i opted to use a one plus 65 watt charger when i did need to charge this laptop overnight as the interbox usb c charger is quite cumbersome. This is one of the major benefits as well of usb charging, rather than having to use an awful proprietary connector, like many acer windows, laptops have tended to in the past. My charging habits have also therefore changed to mimic that on my smartphone just top up a little here and there ill leave it in plugged in overnight and im ready to go for the next day, such as the lifespan on offer here.

So, although not necessarily the most affordable, chromebook, the acer chromebook spin 713 is an incredibly good two in one that will be ideal as an everyday workhorse for most people out there. The excellent qhd plus touchscreen alone is probably worth the asking price, at least in my opinion, while there are more powerful machines available with extra capabilities that do make things a tough call. I think this is a great companion for those wanting a chrome os powered device with a little more than just one use case, for instance, updates are also guaranteed at least until 2029, but which time you might be looking to upgrade, but for now i dont think I could recommend a chrome os laptop as highly as the spin 713, even though its not cheap in the traditional sense. The i3 model is a great option if available in your market, and there is an i5 option. If you do want a little bit more under the hood grunt, you might want to up your budget, like i say for that i5 model, but the performance benefits might be negligible for most people, especially if youre only really using the browser for browser based software. We might not get a pixel book for 2021, but i think the acer chromebook 713 might be one of the perfect alternatives to another made by google chromebook. Hopefully, though, you enjoyed this, what is a relatively short review of a cracking chromebook and if you want to see more chrome, os content, just like this, then be sure to let us know down in the comment sections below.

We really want to up our coverage of the lightweight browser based os in the coming months, but it is only worthwhile if you care to watch, read and share.