Acer was starting out under 500. and offering a wide variety of configuration options for those that need them. As a matter of fact, after over a month with the acer chromebook spin, 514 it’s, reminding me a lot of another 14 inch, chromebook that’s held a place in best chromebooks for almost two years. The asus chromebook flip c 434. The spin 514 has a decent touch screen that i wish was brighter a very similar hinge design and a great starting price that’s only going to get better once the months were on and the sales start rolling, acer, chromebook, spin, 514 price and availability. The acer chromebook spin 514 will be here in a few weeks with a tentative release. Date of march 21st, 2021 best buy, has a live listing, but it won’t take pre orders. Quite yet the starting price is 479 dollars, which comes with a risen. 3 3000 series. Apu 4 gigabyte of ram and 64 gigabyte of storage, but models can get up to a risen, 7 up to 16 gigabyte of ram and up to 256 gigabyte of emmc storage. The review unit i used had the risen 3 processor, 8 gigabyte of ram and 128 gigabyte of storage. You benefit from the extra ram for sure and 128 gigabyte of storage gives you plenty of room for android apps and linux apps. Once this configuration is available. This is what i’ll be recommending unless you really really want to get that 256 gigabyte ssd that’s only available with the highest configurations.

What i like in acer, chromebooks bin 514. This is my second chromebook, with the risen 3000 series apu inside, as well as the first, with the base model risen 3 to 3250 c, and while i wasn’t exactly sure what to expect the risen, three has done perfectly fine juggling over a dozen tabs and an Android app at the same time, while the eight gigabyte of ram on my review unit probably had something to do with that too. Acer and google have made the risen work here to the benefit of all. These are fan cooled and, while the fan won’t kick on full tilt every time you wake up your chromebook, it will be noticeable when it does at least acer. Did the vents right here wide across the bottom and another two right at the hinges? The design on the 514 is very similar to its premium cousin, the acer chromebook spin 713, with angled edges around the hinge and fan vents it’s, not as tapered on the sides. As the 713 or 311 but i’m – okay with that, given how many ports need space here, you have usbc and usba on each side, plus a micro, south dakota card slot and an audio combo jack you’re not going to have much need for that micro sd card Slot the spin 514 starts at 64 gigabyte of vmmc storage, but there’s also options for 128 gigabyte, emmc storage or 256 gigabyte ssd storage, while i’m offer more ssd storage options on chromebooks, the 128 gigabyte emmc is more than enough for me, and my emergency movie collection.

Chromebooks are some of the only laptops that can download disney, plus videos for offline viewing and it’ll, probably be enough for you too, unless you’re dual booting or steam gaming, which is still a bit of a chore to properly set up on a chromebook battery. Here is rated for 10 hours on a single charge and i usually got between seven to nine hours, so ten hours seems doable if you keep the brightness down and stay close to the router speaking of brightness. The screen here is 250 nits same as most chromebooks. On the market, which means that you can use it outside in the shade, but it’s not going to be legible in full sunshine, considering the price i can’t hold this against acer but i’m hopeful that in the next year or two manufacturers can make 300 to 400 Nit screens the standard instead of 250, what i don’t like in acer, chromebook, spin 514, while the speakers in the spin 514 can get nice and loud, i really wish they weren’t downward downward facing, especially with all the space around the keyboard we have here. If hp and lenovo can serve up front facing speakers, acer absolutely could and they should, because, if i use the spin 514 on the couch without my trusty lap desk videos are muffled about the only other corals i have with acer’s design and build quality on this Laptop are small, the back lighting is a little dim on the keyboard, and the hinge design here is similar to the asus c434 once to rotate past 90 degrees.

The back of the laptop balances on the bottom edge of the lid rather than sitting flat. Some like the slight tilt, this gives the keyboard but i’d much prefer the laptop sit flat on surfaces. It won’t trick everyone, but if you tend to work from a lot of uneven or smaller surfaces, you might want to look elsewhere, just like the lenovo thinkpad x1. Yoga chromebook the acer chromebook spin 514 is one of the first chromebooks using risen, 3000 series, apu and so there’s still a little more optimization and fine tuning to be done here. A few hardware acceleration bugs with the radian graphics and some battery inconsistencies are lurking in the corners. If you look for them, but give it a few more chrome updates and i’ll bet, things are all fixed on this front, just as they were with the launch day. Battery issues on the galaxy chromebook and asus chromebook c436, the competition of acer, chromebook spin 514 on the consumer side of the market. The spin 514 is entering a crowded 14 inch chromebook market, the asus chromebook flip c 434 has ruled this corner of the market. For two years, but supply for the c 434 is getting low and it’s not getting sales as often as it did last year, which is a shame, because you should only buy a two year old chromebook at a discount yeah, a sus put out the chromebook flip C 436 last year, but it’s a more premium device with a premium price tag and fewer ports.

The hp chromebook x, 360 14c, is more expensive than the spin 504, because the intel core processors inside it cost more but best buy, also puts it on sale about once a month which puts them on more even footing. The 14c has a fingerprint sensor, not that you can use it for much besides unlocking your chromebook and upward facing speakers, but the screen’s slightly worse than the spin 514, and it only has one usba port acer’s starting price for the spin 514 makes it look like A value by next to the lenovo thinkpad c13 yoga chromebook, but the c13 has a few distinct advantages. Despite having the same processor, the screen is only 13.3 inch but it’s noticeably brighter with usi styla support, there’s a 4k version available and you get an hdmi port on all models. Acer limited the hdmi port to the risen 5 7 models. If you can catch the lenovo c13 on sale, it can be worth the upgrade, but the budget minded will prefer the acer chromebook spin 514.. Should you buy the acer chromebook spin? 514? You should buy this. If you want a powerful chromebook on a budget, you need a large screen laptop. You want to add an ssd. You need a long, lasing chromebook. You should not buy this. If your software needs an intel processor, you need a lightweight laptop. The acer chromebook spin. 514. Might not seem like a huge standout in today’s, crowded business class chromebook space, but beneath its unassuming exterior beats the heart of a laptop ready for the long haul, with risen power rather than more expensive intel core chipsets.