. The stinky chromos machine is powered by the snapdragon 7c, which allows for dependable performance despite the impressively skinny design, as well as outstanding battery life, and you dont need to be proper minted to afford one either, because the spin costs from 349 quid from online retailers, like Amazon as well as high street sensations john lewis, currys, pc, world, etc, etc. Oh and also acer loves a bit of nature. So if you buy yourself a chromebook spin 513, it will plant 100 fresh new trees on your behalf, so you can feel a bit better about yourself. The next time you make a bonfire out of old plastic chairs or accidentally kick a badger in the face when youre taking the bins out its okay youre, a certified bonafide friend of the planet, because you bought a chromebook spin. So lets take a look at this. Mini laptop and a big thanks to asa for sponsoring this video now lets start with the design and the chromebook spin 513 is roughly a4 sized and slender enough to slide into basically any backpack out there. Even my daughter can cram this thing into a bag. Once you take out all the stuffed, toys and other kid crap see nice and easy just like that: hey wait, a minute what the huh and the chromebook spin weighs just 1.2 kilos as well, so even if youre carrying it about all day long, it wont exactly Be snapping your shoulders and, despite the super dinky finish, youve got dual usb type c ports, one on each edge, and this was somehow even found room for a usb 3.

2 type airport. You can use usb to hook up supported external displays if you like, although sadly theres, no dedicated, hdmi support and yet another advantageous feature of the chromebook spin is the convertible design, which allows you to snap that screen all of the way back to turn this laptop Into a makeshift tablet, this is a great way to relax with some youtube videos on the sofa, especially those featuring some baldy northerner banging on about tech, highly recommended that, alternatively, if you cant be bothered to employ your arm muscles, then you can transform the spin into Tent modes, which may sound like trouserial hijinks, but its actually a very convenient way to enjoy some video or get all sketchy when you have a flat surface go and spare now. Eta has also packed a 13 inch ips display into that compact chassis, surrounded by pleasingly skinny bezels, its a full hd panel, so visuals are sharp enough for photo editing and other creative tasks. While the detail levels are more than satisfactory for enjoying a couple of episodes of your favorite netflix show, youve got full touch, support kind of essential when you switch to the tablet or tent modes plus that touch screen is protected by gorilla glass to help keep scratches At bay, youve got some stereo speakers built into this thing, and i love how youve got a volume rocker on that side of the laptop as well really bloody useful when its transformed into a tablet, the chromebook spin 513 also spots, a chiclet keyboard stretching almost the Full width of that compact frame, youve got the full selection of chrome, wear shortcuts and those keys are well sized with decent travel as well.

Considering the skinny build here, youve even got a proper double raw enter key hallelujah backlighting is a luxury that will cost you a bit extra, however, and its definitely an essential feature. If you want to stay productive in the evenings without disturbing your bed partners or what have you, i guess bed partner instead of bed partners, unless you had a really good night, you got wi fi five support here for your internet fun times and if youve got A bit of extra cash to spare as well. You can also grab the asa chromebook spin 513 with a sim slot, so you can leap online wherever you run with a bit of cellular connectivity, because yeah nothings, really worse than being stuck alone in a motorway travel lodge with nothing but crappy hotel, wi fi, to Depend on for streaming a good squid game, and if you love a bit of zoom shenanigans and lets face it, who doesnt well good news. Youve got a built in hd webcam, just up here above the screen and also two built in microphones. To help clearly pick up your voice hip hit pizar. Now the asa chromebook spin 513 is powered by the snapdragon 7c computer platform. With this kind of performance, you can literally have dozens and dozens of tabs open in the chrome browser at the same time, again perfect for those lonely nights in the travel lodge. The spin has no troubles running any chrome, os apps out there and it can merely indulge in some gaming on the side as well, and the snapdragon 7c is impressively energy efficient to the point where the chromebook spin could just keep on going and going and going Like that, god awful pink bunny thing from the duracell ads, so yeah isa really isnt kidding when it promises all day battery life.

For this thing, it reckons up to 14 hours of use on a single charge, and i personally found that, with my mixed use, mostly working in that chrome browser with several tabs open and streaming like a bit of music. In the background, occasionally taking little video breaks on netflix, i got at least 10 hours of use on a single charge before i needed to plug the chromebook back in, so that right there, in a nutshell, is the acer, chromebook spin 513 and, as you can see, If you want a slim light highly portable machine for taken out and about its going to last you all day long with dependable performance as well, then its definitely worth a punt. So big thanks again to asa for sponsoring this video. And if you want more on the latest and greatest tank, please do poke, subscribe and dig that notifications bell and have yourselves a fantastic rest of the week.