6 inch hd multi touch lcd panel. It’S got an intel, celeron processor, google, chrome, operating system they’re for the chromebook four gigabytes of memory; 32, gigabytes of storage, um it’s got bluetooth and wi fi and then hd camera with wide angle and a threshold lithium ion battery. So let’s go ahead and open this. Like this, just because i don’t know necessarily how it’s going to come out so let’s do this, and this is going to be the power adapter here. Let’S pick up the chromebook, and then we have some other pieces here. So put this here. Applause, please pieces here. So it comes in a nice kind of felt um little bag here nice, like the look of it i’ll, get into this one in just one second, so limited warranty agreement here, put that on the side: fcc, no computer, all you notices so acer, chromebook, spin, 11 Setup guide so kind of quick setup here using notebook for the first time. Plugging it in um looks to be usb c here, connect to a network getting to know your desktop um launcher and then accomplish everyday work with google docs google sheets, google, slides, listen to music watch videos, tv or movies and then chat with people, so uh shortcuts And all that so quick setup there and then here we have basically the power brick uh for the power cable, so open that pretty quickly that’s your ac cable there and then that’s going to be connecting to this brick right here so 5, volts 9, volts 15.

Well, 3, amp 20, volts at 22.25, amps, so basically, i’m gon na contact that here so i’m just wondering if there’s some like a usbc. If other usbc power pieces will be able to power it up, so we will test it out, but in the meantime, we’ll use this with this i’m, not going to power it on right now. But so you have a chromebook here, got a couple little plastic pieces here. Imagine so we’re gon na take this off completely by rotating it. So um here’s, the chrome logo that’s the bottom of it uh i’m gon na have to take it out differently. Once i open it up, um yeah nice, the feet are small. This is not the kind of feed that’s going to break. You have some fan vents here. You have a not sure how to i guess to show you guys this way. So you got your power button here. That’S your usb input here to power it up, uh usb, so usbc usba. This might be an sd card slot here, not sure that’s, a headphone plug 3.5 millimeters there, so it’s seeing the laptop! Then you have. This. Is your security for a security cables, anti theft, uh devices for computers? Then you have a usbc again and then a usb 3 and with that blue tells me that’s a probably usb 3.0 um that one was bluetooth, so that should be usb 3.0 and then this is. It is a micro sd slot right there.

So it’s got a labeled right here, so you got those things there, no layers down here, but then you have another piece here too. So i’ll check what all these ports and everything are um and let you guys know so it’s, actually pretty nice. You have a little cover here. Keep your keyboard in your screen, nice here. So up to 10 hours, battery life, um Music, 10 hours battery life, wide field of view, webcam uh, usb 3.1 for data display and power. That looks like to be the usbc google play. Google play store, 360 degree, convertible, all right, so we’re going to plug it. In here on this side and then we’re gon na power it up here on this side. Oh there we go Music, oh chrome, so 11.6, so there’s a lot of black kind of corner here and then you have the like trim: plastic um. So you have your welcome screen here. You guys can see and again you have kind of thicker. You know black area of this, and then you have the smaller kind of view area there for the screen, so you’re not getting the full real estate of the screen. But then again this is supposed to be an 11.6 inch um. So i would think that that’s from this corner to this corner – not really measuring from here to here, they’re measuring from here to here, then i definitely want to see that they’re using the entire screen.

But i don’t think they would, because this you have the user logo here they have the camera there so um again, this is a you can rotate this screen and use it as a touch screen, so let’s go and then it finds your wi fi. Does all that stuff and then you can start your setup and doing all that so we’ll go ahead and get this set up and test it out. Do a couple things with it. You know maybe use sd card plug in some different devices, and then i will let you guys know how it works. All right hope.