So before we get started first thing, we’re going to do is get this battery out. I would assume it’s going to be something along these lines to disconnect it. There we go – and i would imagine there’ll be some memory and stuff under here if we needed to upgrade that. But today, being the game is just to do the screen uh, so not that you can really see it, but this screen is cracked, see if there’s any life in this thing, so i can show you no no power um, it is definitely cracked. I can assure you of that so we’ll get this swapped out. So first thing we’re going to do is take this bezel off. They are super easy on these. They literally just unclip. Exactly like that, i mean i’ve done it with my fingernails. You can use a pry tool, but you really don’t need to it’s, really really not complicated, just got to basically slowly work. Your way, all the way around the last minute tilt the screen back and then you can lift this plastic petal away. It’S not complicated at all in terms of screen. It literally is just four screws holding this thing in it’s, really not complicated um, so we will just very quickly work our way around and get those stripped out so that’s through two number, three number, four uh. So i’ve got a screen. That’S come from lcd for less today, so i’ll be using that then once you’ve unscrewed the screen, those just drop forward exactly like that really really simple and then we’re going to lift this plastic tape up and we’re going to push this connector away from us.

Just like that, so when you’re ordering these things uh what we’re looking for let’s see if my screen wants to focus on it on here, there is a model number uh, this b116. So when you go to order your screen, you are going to order go into google amazon, ebay type in that part number, and you will get another one of these. It might not be the same. It might be a compatible but that’s not really a problem because it will work. This is our new screen. Let’S just grab this out. This is a reconditioned unit, so it’s not brand spanking, but that’s. Absolutely fine um. What we will do drop this down here, i’m. Going to push this back towards us being sort of fairly gentle until it clips in tape back around hold everything in place and then we’ll lift the screen back up. The only thing i would mention is you just need to be a little bit careful of your cables. Let’S just bring this back over, so you can see so this cable here just make sure it’s not interfering with any of the clips and it’s all sort of more or less in the right place, and then we will do screws back in so there’s. One there’s number two: this is just a stupidly, easy repair to do. Uh i mean this has taken me what less than five minutes and i’ve swapped the screen already, even in that someone who was in experience could do this in in under 10 it’s, really not a complicated piece of work.

You just need a posi screwdriver and something to pry the screen out. If you can’t get your nails in last, one that’s, our screen screw back in so we’ll just tuck this like this and then the last thing we’re going to do we’re going to take our bezel i’m going to clip it in and then just push and you’ll Hear it click all the way around and that will just conference in and there we go so quick as that we’ve done a screen. Change on this laptop um super easy uh, as i say, take, will take no more than five minutes. Um parts wise. I actually picked this laptop up for 10 pounds um and the screen has cost me 15. So it’s really not an expensive repair to do either um let’s say even if you are a novice and you’ve never done it before have a go, because it is so simple anyway. I hope you found the video useful you’ve learned something it’s, showing you how to do these repairs. Uh. If you have any questions, please post in the comments, i’m always happy to answer. I do try and reply to them all doesn’t always happen immediately, but i do try um and again, if you wouldn’t mind, subscribing and liking the channel. That really helps me out and allows me to buy these odds and sods and repair them and show you guys how to do it anyway.