I know you have seen this with me, but what about this Music? Hey guys! Welcome back to my channel. My name is back with another video, as you guys know. How are you guys doing, and today i think, we’re talking about the difference and also revealing this asus? Ah, i spray rain switch 10 v yeah. This is from asus 2010 and i was fortunate to get my hands on it and yeah. I need to be revealing or reviewing and also comparing it to the chromebook, which i think was made two years ago and we’re going to know the difference, mainly between windows and chromebooks, and also to know how we’re able to fill windows into this tiny thing. In 2014, so let’s talk about the snacks quickly. This is from asia’s the brand, as you guys know, also um. The color is sliver which i have, but i think it has this great type of finish: it’s a tablet, but trans windows – oh because i don’t know how they did it double the range windows. They also have front camera and also have a back camera and funny enough. It is a sim card memory card. It uses mainly what the phone also use. Even this doesn’t use a sim card like my chromebook doesn’t, use a sim card, but it’s like a normal tab, but has windows running also. The rest here supports katana and also there’s the power button, the volume rockers and also like the um, perfect and sweet windows button.

It comes with um two gig of ram, so if you were contemplating an editing premiere pro sorry, this is not for you. This is for like, if you want to have a windows experience of a chromebook here. This is it also it’s a what you call it’s an intel chip. So, if you want to know the intel tg intel chip is the intel atom. Z, 3745 processor, which is inside this, so i do know if that’s as fast it’s, a second gen um generation of um computers and it was released 2014. As i said, and also talking about everything you need to know, it runs windows 10 home, and it goes into like that, so it runs it perfectly and also it is touch screen. You can use it as a laptop and also this deck as a storage. I think this deck has storage. Yes, it has storage, 128 gig, so the built in storage and also keyboard and this keyboard has a nice trouble. Listen to this okay let’s text, my chromebook. This feels much much better than this and they are almost the same price. So you can choose its charger charges first and yeah it’s. Okay, suppose hdmi supports much much functions than this normal chromebook, which i have and did i like it? Yes, i love it. It is superb, it is clean, it is sweet and also i’m, not thinking of switching because i’m, not into this smartphone factor. I love fast processing, because what i do is always in any fast mode, also um.

I think it has a faster rating on the um on amazon, so you can get you under this and trans everything, a normal laptop could run. So you can also, i think it doesn’t have any usb slot, but it does type c. I think you can put external stuff and you can do light editing and also, i think you can do anything. Android do that’s the main thing that you can do on your chromebook. You can run android on a chromebook, but i cannot run android on this windows. Laptop soon, if you are looking for the windows laptop for chromebook, maybe they will do style. This is it’s the asa and yeah talking about the camera quality. These are type of pictures that i took, and this is how it looks like do you like them? If you don’t yeah that’s like it’s, true, okay, i think that’s all it’s nice. Let me buy it one it’s! Really, nice really really nice. So all right so choose this blue indicator it’s! Okay, so i think this would be all for this video if you liked it please like share and subscribe down.