5. A51453 laptop. This is a 14 inch laptop with the 10th gen core i3 processor, 4 gigs of ram and a 256 gig ssd, which i got from curry’s for under 400 pounds from their ebay store now um. This is quite a nice machine at this price point, obviously, where we are in 2021 at the moment, finding um, you know, lower cost laptops is not particularly easy. The four gigabytes of ram is a little bit disappointing, but other features of this machine kind of make up. For that. The first of all is we have a ips screen and i am quite impressed with just the uh general presentation of the machine with and that panel um. We have, you know reasonable brightness levels. It is not the brightest panel, but it is an ips display. So it looks just pretty good um at this price point. A lot of what you see is a tm panel at the moment, and this is actually really quite reasonable um. It also has wi fi six with an intel ax 201 card again something that’s unusual. Most uh devices at this price point are 802.11 ac, so seeing a wi fi six based card is very nice. Looking around the machine itself and the lid is aluminium, but the rest of the laptop is plastic. Looking down either side, we have power ethernet port, which again is unusual on what is a relatively thin slim and small machine, an hdmi port, two usb a ports and a usb c.

On the other side, we have a usb a 2.0 port, kensington, lock and headphone jack. The touchpad is reasonable size for the size machine. It would perhaps be nice to see the keyboard shifted. A little higher in the chassis keyboard layout is good. This is obviously a uk english laptop and, unlike some of the hp’s i’ve, seen uh it has you know your proper split shift key here and they’ve done things to accommodate the uk layout with a proper enter key and so on. Um also, one thing that did really impress me is this fingerprint sensor um, the speed and accuracy of it is just um compared to the dell that i am using as my general machine and i’ve trained it with two fingers, and it just you know pretty much. Every time just a light tap just goes straight in, and i really quite like having a fingerprint sensor on my machines and while i bought this to sell, i am seriously considering replacing my current work machine with it um just because it’s it’s, really quite nice, just From that aspect, it’s a nice size, the ethernet port for my work is very useful and that fingerprint sensor and everything else is really good. Looking at other aspects, the memory on it again, four gigabytes, as i say, only single channel and only ddr4 – 2666, not 3200, which is supported, i believe by this processor that’s a bit disappointing. The battery is fairly large uh coming in at sort of 5200 milliwatt hours.

I haven’t tested battery life, but it should be fairly good on this, particularly if you turn down brightness and so on. The ssd is a wd sn520 drive, which i believe is a pci express. 3 drive only two lanes, not four, but for you know an i3 4 gigs of ram that’s, not really a big issue. Ram is upgradeable. The four gigabytes is soldered down, but you can increase that to um. You know: 8, 12, gigs even 20, if you add a 4 8 or 16 gig dim module, and i have a video showing how to do that. The ssd is also upgradable, with another m2 2280 drive and acer even include a cable and bracket for fitting a 2.5 inch drive, be that mechanical hard drive or ssd and which isn’t something. I believe i’ve seen in another 14 inch laptop that i have looked at. One thing that is disappointing, however, is if we reach over, we have our usbc hub here and when we plug that in, we will get a notice on the screen, or we should – and here this says, display connection might be limited, make sure your display the display Port device that you’re connecting is supported by your pc. That is because this usbc port does not support display port, but it also doesn’t support again reaching over and fetching our usb pd plugging this in and connecting it, and we do not receive any charge. So, despite it being a usb c port here, it does not do display port.

It does not do charging, so you can break it out to a other usb ports ethernet, not that you need to and so on, but it does not support. Those two really interesting features of usbc, which limits how useful that port is. It just becomes a less convenient, usb port. For all intents and purposes, the battery life here is predicting, as we can see about seven seven and a half hours, um. Obviously how you depend? How you use the machine that will vary, but that should be quite good life and particularly given the price point of this machine, it’s really hard to complain at that the operating system it ships with is windows 10 home s. But of course, you can unlock that to run standard applications as i’ve done as you can see, i’m running, hw, monitor and cpu z on this without issue and fan, noise does seem to ramp up as you use it um. You know for more cpu intensive or graphically intensive tasks, and that i3 and the g1 graphics are not going to make this a performance powerhouse. But for the price point and what is available in the uk, currently i’ve been very impressed by this. Like i say, i’m, even considering switching out my old asus ux 305 ca and using this as my work machine, because at this price point it is a really nice bit of kit. I really like some of the features. I hope you found this video interesting and do ask any questions you may have in the comments below hit subscribe.