This one is about my apprentices. Handiwork and youll probably hear her running some commentary. In the background too, now um we got kind of lucky with this one. We busted the digitizer on the front, but not the screen behind it. So i thought i would do this as just a little parenting hack here, because i guarantee you if youve got a kid and youve got a tablet, youre probably going to face this one day and im not talking about the literal 10 gig of apps on the 16 gig internal memory, its more so how youre going to get into this, because obviously we cant unlock this and um. My apprentices are taking some photos of family members and everything that we probably do want to keep now. Crucially, this one does have a memory card slot its probably not essential to this, but there is a little nifty gadget you can get, which is called a usb otg adapter short for usb on the go. I have this one which is really nifty, but because i faced this problem so much i carry one around in my wallet and ive got a couple of different ones. I have a usbc type as well. This one is a micro b and if youre a bit confused about how these work, they can fit into say this mouse receiver here and you can plug straight in like that and it will plug in the end its not a gimmick.

They actually do work and uh. Yes, i carry a lot of things around in my wallet, including my wedding ring and a uh, a volt meter, thats built in the back of it as well. This ones available on thingiverse. If you look up technicians wallet as a search term theres a few versions of that, but most tablets – you should be able to plug this straight in and be able to hook up a usb device. I think some samsung and um samsung lg and i think the on phones – i used to have a sony xperia youd – have to reboot them to make it work. You can plug in a standard keyboard um, but i find thats a little more difficult to navigate now. If we take this mouse here, we should see itll actually come up with a mouse cursor. Now the intensity on this has been set pretty low, but from here we should actually have a mouse cursor. We can click and drag up same as we would, with a touch pretty safe, to see the pin number on this being, as were going to throw this. I did reset that before the video anyway, so now were in like flynn as dave from eev blog would say, and we can do pretty much everything you need to do on this, and probably the first thing im going to do is go into the file manager. Here and back up images and videos and everything onto an sd card, it does make this usable for the sort of people that would continue to use something like this or if youre, in a pinch and uh, your budget wont afford replacement and you desperately need to Keep this an autistic child busy or under control.

I guess this might be essential, but uh yeah, just a simple little wireless mouse. This is a logitech m235, i think hardly normal or, as i call it harvey norman normally keep them in stock for around about 20 bucks, so you can, or any old usb mouse will work im a logitech fan. So i have tried this out with my wired logitech m90. It works really well. So yes, pretty much wire wireless mouse or keyboard. Now you can do this with a usb keyboard and i think the uh option is window key backspace for home theres a whole bunch of other ones. I think um. You can look them up on google and look up android shortcuts, but heres. My apprentice in the background – and this is one of the photos from a photo shoot that we wanted to keep so uh anyway. This is going to be uh spare parts after this, but i thought id just. Do the little uh parenting hack of how to get into these things and uh? You can buy these things from ebay or you can buy similar things from aliexpress. I think those miniature ones i bought cost me 50 cents or something from aliexpress. I bought a bag.