We’Ve got uh, we’ve got the goods, so this is going to be pretty exciting because i haven’t uh opened this up myself yet, but we’ll get the opportunity to take a look inside. That packaging looks pretty nice. So we’ll put that box cutter away pop this out. Right here uh, ladies and gentlemen, it’s the new zephyrus g14, so this is a new ultra ultra light gaming laptop but it’s a 14 inch screen. So one of the things that that i certainly would have preferred out of my my other computer was that it had a larger screen in this case we’re going to get that. But i just didn’t want to go with a laptop that was then going to have an overall form factor of being much larger. So take a look at this. This is pretty neat when, when you open it up it, actually the packaging presents the computer at you, and this is pretty cool i’m uh. I’M psyched. So let me do this to that camera. So you guys can see how this works, but as you pull it out, look at that it presents the computer to you. That is pretty incredible. So in here we’ve got the gorgeous new zephyrus g14 computer. So this is gon na be an ultra thin ultra portable uh computer, that is still gon na be game worthy. But in my case, it’s gon na be a workaholic for doing video, editing, so we’ll go ahead and put that aside, let’s keep going in.

So i think right here this is going to be the packaging that most likely is going to have yeah so we’ve got our user guides g series laptop some precautions about the battery congrats on the purchase. Awesome, uh that’s, pretty neat it’s interesting. This actually uh. They must obviously know that it’s going to best buy because it’s got best buy in in the packaging there to the right hand, side let’s see what we got and a nicely presented power block for this computer uh. This thing is heavy. This is a heck of a power block, but uh that’s, because the computer’s gon na need a lot of power and then we’re gon na have perfect just a power cable to be able to uh to make use of it. So let’s go ahead. We’Ll put this box back to the side. Let’S take take a look at what we have here, so i’ll go ahead and start pulling the packaging off of this laptop pull. This off perfect now looks like i got. Ta, do just a little bit more put that off to the side wow. This is this is really nice looking go ahead, let’s give the other camera the first look at it popping open man i’m pretty excited. This is gorgeous. Looking take a look at this laptop, so you’ve got the silver finish across the top. This is the white version, so it’s got the white background to it. What’S really neat i’ll test it out myself, but this should be set up where it can be single hand.

Open which it is awesome, that’s, really incredible and uh, then we’ve got typical keyboards, so this is going to be milled. Aluminum and i’ll. Tell you what man i’m pretty psyched usb ports, as well as a usbc on the other side, you’re going to have hdmi, as well as a usbc you’re, going to have a power jack on the side here, as well as a 3.5 millimeter headphone jack. What i really like about it is: it is going to have discrete keys for your volume as well as your microphone. So if you’re gaming and you’ve got a headset on or if you’ve got that external webcam on here and you’re doing a business call, you can turn your your mic on and off as you need to, and just overall i think the the look of this is Really quite nice, so i want to get in here and do a cinebench score just to see what this does out of the box. Now i did get a chance to run all the windows updates, so it should be running at peak performance here and i’m going to put it up against my dell e7270 just right next to it, and i can’t wait to see just how different the speed is. If i were a bet, man i’d say that this is going to be a whole heck of a lot faster, so let’s go ahead and get that running now. This isn’t even going to be a fair fight here, but i still want to see what happens because i’m going from an old i5 6300 to this new ryzen, 9 4900 hs, and it should be pretty incredible.

Let’S start the timer they’re both running and see what happens Music. That was pretty incredible. I mean we’re talking a huge difference. So 4 493 points on cinebench on the new ryzen 9 machine and 716 on the old machine it’s going to make a heck of a difference. So that was pretty impressive to see, but not unexpected i’m going to also jump in here and let’s see what it does on a pc mark test to test it as well. No surprise here take a look at that gaming score 28 desktop score of 116 and a workstation score of 102. So this is a rocket ship for doing data entry for running excel any of the day to day stuff and the gaming score is really only held back because of the frames per second score, which isn’t a big deal for video editing. Because this thing is going to be able to crush it on 3d renders and all that kind of stuff, but i’m still amazed at how much is packed in this zephyrus g14.