This is a blank model of the pixel fold and its supposedly dimensionally accurate, like all the camera positioning, all the screen positioning, the dimensions of the product, like even the hinge Dimensions, everything supposedly Ive been told accurate to the actual phone. I think some case manufacturers use stuff like this to make the actual cases for the device uh. But when I got this thing in and I looked at all the details and all the proportions of everything – theres just so much interesting stuff to talk about so first right off the rip when I popped this thing out, I was like holy cow. This is so thin, its very slender for a foldable device and when I throw the caliper onto it, I was measuring it at 5.7 millimeters, which is its just not expected coming from a pixel product, and if you throw it uh the caliper onto like the camera Pump area like the bump, it adds another like two and a half millimeters um. But overall you know pixels arent known to be super thin devices right. I just was not expecting a really skinny foldable from them, but it looks like it will be now on the back. We have a camera system that has room for three lenses. The camera bump has rounded edges, which is a little different from the kind of flat straight edge styling weve, seen on the pixel 6 and pixel 7.. This is just kind of nicer if your hands run across it on the front, we supposedly have a 5.

79 inch display and then inside we have a 7.67 inch display, but were going to come back to screens, because I want to talk about the hinge, because I Would argue that the hinge is the most important part of foldable technology. I think, like the hinges, Define the product experience. The different brands that make foldable phones and foldable Tech is really the hinge that separates the products and also its the thing that affects like the durability and the crease and, like everything so lets talk about hinges. This is a Samsung Galaxy, Z, fold 4. and when you fold it up, you can see that theres a gap between the two halves of the phone and all Samsung foldables have a gap like this or at least currently now the Porsche from the screen that gets Folded, each time that you open or close the device is represented by this red line here and the way that Samsungs hinges are designed. The screen actually gets bent onto itself in a pretty acute angle, like the hinge is meticulously engineered right, its dual axis. It has water resistance, its got brushes to keep dust out, but one of the consequences of that hinge design is that theres a fairly noticeable crease. Like its not super annoying when you use it, but if you look for it, you can spot it pretty easily. Now the Oppo Find end products have a completely different style of hinge. When you fold up the Oppo Find N2 theres no Gap in between the two halves and the display panel is bent in a more relaxed angle.

So the devices have these multi axis hinges and the screen is bent into what they refer to as like a water drop shape in terms of kind of the curvature of that bend, and the result is that you have a product with less of a crease. So its just not as pronounced right again, the user experience is its so subjective right. Some people hate it. Some people dont care or mind it mind about it at all, but, like you, can see theres a very big difference in the crease visibility and a lot of that comes from the hinge design. Now Ive Been Told that the pixel fold device, the pixel foldable, is going to be using a hinge style that is much more like the Oppo. So a multi axis multi axis hinge that folds it completely flush. So when you close it up, theres no Gap and with hopefully a more gently curved screen when its all folded up alright onto the screens, so the front screen looks like its actually going to be flat. There is a curvature to the device, but it looks like the screen ends before it hits that rounded portion so Im thinking full flat front screen in terms of one handed usability. This is decent like its not like when it compared to like the Apple find, and this is very one hand usable at least for me personally, I dont have like gigantic hands. I have fairly average hands when I reach across, like the usability reachability of that front screen is great on the fold products I just find them narrow.

I mean Ive gone used to these and if you use them for long enough, you just kind of get used to it, but I do find like the vertical reachability a little, not not appealing to me this, I mean Im, not Im, not manipulating an actual screen Here but I feel like its a little wide for my taste. I think it is something you get used to uh now inside its a different story. Actually real, quick. There is no camera cutout on the front, so Im assuming a punch, hole camera on the front, but inside we have a very visible camera cutout on the top right uh for One camera cutout, but secondly, the top and bottom bezels are quite thick. I measured them to be around five and a half six millimeters, its just abnormal, to see a device, especially a foldable device with such thick bezels. Now I cant think of any reason why they would do this other than cost right Im, assuming that to have bezels like this, they have to. You know the way that theyre wrapping the screen and stuff its a little bit more cost effective. And if the reason why theyre doing this is to kind of hit a particular price point, I dont think I mind all that much like I dont know the pricing that this will be, but it you know if Im thinking that if they did have very thin Bezels on the top and bottom and they had to have a punch hole camera to accommodate.

For that, I feel like the price would be jacked up another. I dont know two, maybe 300 bucks so everyones. I would say that its worth it, I feel like for Pixel to do this because theyre never about like the most sleekest and elegant Hardware. I think that its not just like acceptable, I think, its almost expected from them. If you really think about the kind of Technology thats going behind this kind of product, but the screen looks very nice Im looking at a piece of plastic here, but when I throw this into After Effects, I think that the display would look really good. One thing I noticed is that when I compared the screen on the Oppo Find N2 to the pixel foldable, the screens have the same vertical height theyre, both 124 millimeters, if you measure them from top to bottom, but the resolution is different, so I think the pixel Foldable will have actually a slightly higher pixel density than what was on the Oppo Find N2. But you compare like the horizontal. Is this going to pick up? Yeah um its just like a way wider screen. Right like this, is just like a its like. An almost like an extra inch of screen, maybe not but close to an inch of screen, and it just makes for better widescreen content if youre viewing anything in full screen that bigger screen is nice uh, but again it does affect the one hand usability of it.

One other thing: I noticed that was kind of neat, the speaker array, so so they have a speaker cut out on the top left and theres. Also a speaker cut out on the bottom right, but that allows you to have stereo sound in every orientation. So if youre like opening it in book form, you get sound coming out, left and right, but then, if you flip it its also left and right just because of how theyve oriented the speaker system kind of neat now in terms of form factor, I prefer the Kind of wide body form factor more than I do like the tall boy stuff. I dont know why Im using those terms, but you know what Im talking about right like the wide devices like the Oppo and this pixel foldable, I like the way that it feels in my hand, uh more than the the Samsung Folds its not for everybody, though. Im not like saying that thats like everybody, should choose its its very subjective, but I will say that, regardless of which kind of style that you like the fact that Google would introduce a player into that foldable space, it just puts incentive for developers and even Googles Own launcher to just take advantage of foldable screens way more. I just think that its as popular as the Samsung devices are theres, a ton of apps and theres, a ton of just built in functionality that isnt tuned perfectly for foldable devices, and I think just the existence of that pixel foldable is going to be really nice For that whole technology, I want to wrap up this conversation with a topic of price.

So one of the reasons why pixels are so appealing, just like pixel products in general, is because the price used its usually its like two or 300 bucks, cheaper than Samsung or Apple iPhone Flagship equivalents. But this device, the pixel foldable – is supposedly going to be coming in at Seventeen hundred dollars, and this is just a rumor and I have no way of gauging the validity of that rumor. But if thats actually the case – and this is a 1700 phone thats – just not thats – just not the price that I would have expected from this product line – um but well – have to see foldables. I I mean Ill be honest. Getting this thing in the mail was such a treat like. I wanted to share this thing with you guys its just so weird to see what their implementation of this technology would be, and I hope you guys enjoyed this thing. I know its just a hunk of plastic, but you can theres just so much that you can tell just from it.