Take a look so one of the things that really spoils the immersion when you set here in the flight deck, is having to bring up the air traffic control screen here to contact ground services and do those sorts of things you’ve all had to do it and You’Ve all seen me do it in the streams just to start to get a little bit of ground power and, of course, call uh, jetways and things well. Now, thanks this upcoming feature, everything can be handled through the flyby wires flypad. So if we go now to the ground, page you’ll see even in the versions available at the moment, whilst filming this. This page is on your electronic flight back, but it is not yet active, so we’re going to have a look at how this is is going to work and show you. What is what is coming up. So first thing we would do, of course, is we’d probably want to call the jet wheel i’ll let some passengers in so go on. Go to the jetway, give that a click and instantly you can see the jetway is now starting to come, and if we come down here and have a look at our lower ecam on the doors page, you can see the left side. Cabin door is now open and, as you would expect same, will happen for uh for other things. So if we want to get the ground power connected, we can select the ground power and, just so you’re aware you may have noticed.

Sometimes you get that wonderful air traffic control thing where you ask it to send the baggage or the ground power and air traffic control in the simulator says: we’re. Sorry, we don’t know where the baggage is or no ground power unit is available. Well, the same thing can can happen here from what i’ve observed and if that does happen, it’s just a case of pressing it a couple of times to spawn the power unit or spawn the the luggage cart in and then it will come but uh, just as You have to do in the air traffic control menu. You do have to press it a couple of times if it’s not already there. So what we’re going to do today is we’re just going to get this all ready. We’Ll have a look at a couple. More features we’re then going to push back and then what i plan to do is i’m, going to just taxi over to a remote stand over here and see how how that works. Once we’ve arrived at an airport so to speak, so let’s just carry on a little bit and get back inside the the flight deck. So, of course you can call the fuel truck as well. I don’t really ever use the fuel truck in this, because that would bring up the fuel balancing page just here which, as you know, from watching the other flights and streams that we do. We no longer need to touch this when importing things from sim brief.

So probably leave the the fuel truck alone, but it is there if you require it. Just remember, of course, that if you do call the fuel truck, the fuel truck will take quite a while to arrive and it’s, usually spawned off in some far distant corner of the airfield. So don’t expect that to arrive instantly we can of course call the baggage. So if we select the baggage, we can then go down here and check. They’Ve got cargo doors open and the passengers out there can sit and have a look at uh at the baggage being loaded in, of course, as i’ve just said, if it doesn’t happen. First time around then you’ll probably have to click it a second time after all, the baggage loading, carts, etc and luggage has been has been spawned into a particular parking spot. So we’re gon na have a look at that in a moment when we push back and taxi over there, so once that’s all done, what else have we got? We can call catering and the catering truck same deal applies there’s the back door opening up and have we got a catering truck. Yes, we do so they’re all going straight forward, so, while we’ll be doing this, this is a great little feature that i can’t wait to use. Uh live on stream when we’re doing our real ops flight, as this can obviously all be being done and adds quite a lot of immersion and realism to the flights that we’re doing.

We can, of course, at this point, be setting up going through our operational flight plan sorting out the uh setup of the mcdo and the flight management guidance, computer, um, everything’s, now aligned so pretty much. We are ready to test that to test that pushback feature. So with the apu is already running, i’ll get the epu bleed going as well i’m going to disconnect the external power, and we can send that on its way back to the airport, so we can disconnect that that should then disappear there. It goes down the bottom corner. Let’S say our passengers are now all on board, so we can probably get rid of those so give that a second and the jet waste should start to retract. There we go so now, that’s uh all done. I think i pissed the ground power a couple of times there, because the ground power unit has come back. Is that now uh yeah there? It is so let’s just press that once that’s me being too impatient, so we’ve pressed that once there it is off. It goes our baggage looks like it’s pretty much finished. The catering truck is also closing check that ecam doors page so i’m just going to let this run for a second now, the pushback took we’ll start to call that in in a moment, grandpa has disappeared. Catering’S disappeared check that back door is all closed down here and has the cargo finished there we go the cargo’s pulling away.

So i expect that door to cool close as well. There we go so we’re all ready for our uh, very short taxi across the airfield to a remote stand over here. All right, so let’s have a look and see if we can get our push back tug. So the moment the parking brake is uh is still on pop. The rotating beating light on and let’s call the push back trunk so at the moment i’m just going to tell it to push us back straight. So if we select this, you can see the push back truck was consequently being run over by the jet way. Let’S just watch for this. We should get a nose wheel, steering disconnected as well message so that’s nice just wait for him to connect up. Of course, if you’re using self loading cargo, then there may be a little issue with the doors one of the things you’ll have known. If you do watch the channel regularly, is that i use the pushback helper, which is a free app from flightsim.to and that’s. A great app because you can control the doors independently so automatically then calling the tug has started to push the aircraft back, which i’ve actually still got the parking brakes on so let’s uh release them and make his job a little bit easier. Shall we so that’s? Now pushing back we can’t control the speed again like we can in push back helpers so we’re just gon na.

Let him push us back at whichever speed the driver decides to push us back out. Let’S uh get those uh engines started. Shall we so we can just start taxing across the airfield engine mode select to ignition and starting engine one, so we want to push back to the the left, so let’s select left and there he goes. This is also the mako simulations manchester airport. So great scenery go and check that out. Engine 1 is now starting up, as you can just hear, so the aircraft will be continued to push back right until we get to a 90 degree angle and that’s quite important. He will not push it back over 90 degrees once it hits 90 degrees. It will go back straight, which is absolutely fine, because then we’ll almost be in line with the taxiway that’s just coming up here we can perhaps go left a little bit more and if you can see there, the actual tiller moved as well, then, okay, so that’s Good enough let’s go straight back at this point and now let’s stop a little bit of a jolt there with the the fast taxi speed but let’s uh pop that parking brake on once we’ve told him that we finished he disappears straight off. He does not remain connected so engine, one stabilized, let’s, start engine two. We could actually do a single engine taxi we’re only going over here. So for the purposes of the video we do know a little bit of uh.

We do now have power engine one is, is running so let’s just get that taxi light on and, as i say, i’m just going to taxi almost straight ahead to one of the remote stands uh that we can see over uh over there. So straight in front of us and to the right, i think what i want to do is basically park in a proper parking stand for the airport to see that we can get all of our all of our services back. As you will know, if you don’t park in the correct position, none of the services will come to your aircraft. So there we go, and you know engine 2 is now available, so let’s release that parking brake let’s just start to roll forward. So if you are new to the channel, please do consider, subscribing and turn on that notification bell as well. If you wish to be notified of when the live streams start and, of course, when new tutorials and updates news videos are released regarding microsoft, flight simulator, 2020 and, of course, the flyby a320 nx aircraft, so let’s just pull this in in here. In fact, let’s make sure we go to the center. I was going to one of the smaller ones. We will just line that up with the center stand number 64.. So, as you can see, the reason i’ve chosen this stand is because there is absolutely nothing here. We’Ve got no stairs, no ramp, no baggage.

Nothing like that, so let’s just say: we’ve arrived, ladies and gentlemen, that was a very short journey. You’Re now safe to do uh d board. Okay, so first thing we’re going to do, of course is the apu is still running. Let’S just shut down those engines, so i shouldn’t manage one shutting down engine two: let those roll back. Okay, so we’re now back to the ground page just here, so we want ground power. We want uh the stairs. We obviously can’t have a jet way here and we want to call the baggage. So can we get a ground power unit? So if we select the ground power unit, there was nothing there suddenly there’s our ground power unit. So now that can connect up here it comes same with the baggage, nothing there. We press the baggage. Once there we go, the baggage has arrived. Press baggage again starts to do its thing: uh, jetway, won’t, do anything, however, what i am imagining will happen in a moment when i press the stairs is there we go a ramp arrives, and here it comes exactly the same with our catering. We’Ve got no catering van loitering around the back of the aircraft uh. Actually we have that’s been spawned in that wasn’t there when we first taxed it. So i don’t know what uh brought that there, but uh. The catering is now available now, interestingly enough, at the moment there isn’t any sort of pushback tug, and i know you may have seen in some of the live streams that i sometimes have a bit of a phantom pushback going on.

Well, if i went and selected that now does a pushback tug actually a appear it does so. The push back tug has appeared and we’re actually starting to move back, which is a little bit strange uh. But that is, of course, a bug of the the simulator and not fly by wire itself. Let’S just stop that. So it may be worth maybe worth trying that again at some point when this is all uh coded in and released on, the dev build and subsequently the stable version uh, perhaps pressing the stop button on the pushback would spawn the pushback tug and then you can Start to to control that, but either way that is a great first look at how this page is uh coming along and it’s, going to be very, very useful, it’s really going to add to um to the realisms of setting up the aircraft for flight without having To call up air traffic control menus as such, we can do away with those completely now when flying on that sim, because one of the things that i did found is when i wanted to call things like that is. If i was on a vaccine frequency on com1 and then i went to go and change something well, obviously, then it knocked you off the frequency for for vatsim and you can miss calls and things which you don’t want to do. So you can use com2 as well to contact the ground and get those services, but the same thing happens in your v pilot client in that it changes the radio frequency.

So you can still miss calls so hopefully, when this is now brought into brought into the dev version, stable version and, of course the custom flyby wire build then no longer will we need the air traffic control and we can just call all our ground services from This page so big thumbs up once again to the fly by wire team. That is absolutely fantastic. Can’T wait for that to be implemented. If you have any questions, please leave those in the comments below. Please also consider subscribing to the channel for uh following our real ops flight and, of course, more news on microsoft, flight simulator and the airbus a320nx from flybywire.