Today we are going to do another quick review about the cheapest 10.1 android tablet, the ad shoppi. This is only 2100 pesos plus shipping fee. Is it worth it now let’s find out? It comes with a box with a charger, and it is properly secured. With a bubble wrap, but i was so excited, so i wasn’t able to share it with you, but it comes also with a manual which is written in english and in chinese as per seller. The operating system here is android 6.0, which is not. I will show you later. The screen here is 5 point. Capacitive ips screen, which is correct. Resolution is 800 by 1280 pixels, which is right. The cpu here is mediatek quad core gpu mali, 400 ram here is one gigabyte, which is correct. The rom here is eight gigabytes, which is correct and it has a wi fi. Eight zero two point: eleven: it is a 3g supportive external 3g modem. It support g sensor. It has bluetooth. The battery capacity here is 4800 mah. The working hours is around three hours, which is correct, and it has ac adapter and the color here is silver. It comes with three colors gold, silver and black. This ipad is kind kinda lobby, since this is an old version. Now let’s check the storage. The internal memory is only 8 gigabytes, but since it has pre installed applications the available is only 1.9 gigabytes. You can add another sd card for up to 128 gigabytes, but right now i only added 16 gigabytes.

I tried to download the a facebook application, the regular facebook. One is not working and it’s kind of lucky and it will take a while. So i download the facebook lite, which is okay, it’s working, fine, it doesn’t have any problem, it’s, not laggy, and i think it’s, okay and also the messenger light you can use it very well without any problems. I think this tablet is cheap because it’s really old, like the ipads, that we have from way back 2013 or ipad 5 years ago, and you can still use it but it’s kind of lucky like this look. It has like three seconds delay. The camera is just so so if it’s like the china thingy, the china tablet, the camera ones are not so good, but i think you know it’s worth the price. Imagine it’s only 2 000 pesos. You can still use this ipad, but i think kids can use it, but we adults cannot because it’s kind of lucky – and there are some applications or uh games – that you can no longer installed since this is really outdated and the only applications that you can use Are the games from way back 2015 like five years ago, and you have to close every now and then or else it will gon na crash there, so it will take a while if you are going to use my internet connection was so fast, but this ipad Will take a while if you are going to um search something so right now i am trying to search some flowers, so i was able to check the pixels and colors and the color wise.

I think the color is okay and it doesn’t change, and if you are going to compare this to the latest phone, the cap, the screen is just fine. The colors are so vivid, so i don’t see any problems. If you want to watch some videos like it will, the colors will not change. So this is okay. If you like to watch some youtube videos or you watch some movies. One of the reason why i bought this ipad is for me to watch some netflix. However, this ipad is not supported, since this is outdated Music, since this ipad is kind of lucky and kind of slow, it will take a while and the wi fi is always disconnecting. So i am only using this ipad for cctv monitor and also for, like picture frames, Music. I think this ipad is only useful if you are just planning to watch some youtube videos, if you want to do some research, if you are a student and if you are a kid, and since this is kind of slow and kind of lucky, you cannot download Other applications or other games like mobile legends. You can download mobile legends because it is so lucky. You cannot even move from one place to another. I think that’s, what you were thinking. No, you cannot use this for that specific game and right now i am checking the version Music. It says here 6.0, but as per checking, this is only Music.

It says here 6.0, but as per checking, this is only lollipop version, so it is lower than that, and i already read some comments about the android versions of the china tablets, even though it says 8.0 it’s, the lollipop version Music. This version is c80 as for seller, this is a150, but it’s totally different, and this is already updated version, so it means there’s no way for you to update it. I already talked to other technicians and they told me that no, they cannot update it anymore, Music. This ipad is kind of slow, so i have to change some settings. You have to click the about phone for about like five times and the developer options will going to show up, and i have to change some settings right here. If you can see don’t keep activities just turn that on i’m kind of taking person, so if like you, can just search it on youtube or anywhere else. If you want to see how it works Music, now i’m trying to close all the applications, as you can see, it will take a while. It has a delay but it’s. Okay, you need to have a lot of patience now, i’m. Turning on the youtube, as you can see, you have to wait for a few seconds. Okay, now let’s try some videos. I think the audio is just okay and you can also link this device to another device. Like television, i already tried it to my license and it’s working.

Fine. It doesn’t have any problem at all and also again, if i told you earlier, if you want to watch some videos it’s fine, so you just have to close some applications every now and then or else it will going to crash again, Music Applause, Music. I downloaded the temple run since this is outdated and temple brawn is one of the games that was usually played way back then. So, as you can see, it will take a while for it to totally open. We just have to wait Music. As you can see, this ipad is really lucky. This is not design for games if this is only for watching videos watching youtube or watching movies, and also like cctv, monitor or picture frame, but other than that it’s. A no for me, Music. This ipad is not worth the price, and my final verdict here is no just add a little bit more and just go and buy the good ones and the latest ones. Thank you so much guys for watching.