You know my computer system, i mean, like the software pretty much so yeah i have an old laptop here, is for two pound and i tested it with the charger. Next works until it’s, like nine years old, it’s sort of i’m trying to look at the screen when we actually looking at the camera to like yeah so um to see what happened and able to do it. For some reason, if you don’t know it wouldn’t happen on they win this and you’d have to like bypass um this thing, but i teach five and people on my own shopping, like you need permission to do it anyway, yeah, i wouldn’t. Let me delete it. No! No, it didn’t say anything about every information. I think it a lot of press. The confirm button probably do anything i get to spend the button. Sorry, okay, finally load it like hey, oh sorry, hold on. Let me shut my blinds. Let that start with. I don’t know what’s this camera. I literally just wanted to have it like yesterday, i’m sure yeah. This is it sorry. I know why is it on this wi fi thing most of these are all these are like old, wi, fi’s um, those, not my wife, by the way, but i’m not graphic for some reason. Um let’s go under. I p v, six inflation. When you do day one mode um, it literally just went on this one. Actually, okay, so i don’t know it’s based on the wi fi thing, so no i don’t want.

I don’t want you to notify me when new rice networks are available, go away, um! Okay! Yes, okay. Okay, let me press that how trash is this um, this one it’s desktop? This is so old yeah when i bought it with the two pounds worth literally. Did that just be fair thing. I, like this conference, somewhat prepared or like market. I think yeah it’s, pink and yeah i had and then it’s headed by these like and this thing is nine volts, but my word is so old. It’S old i’m in the next global icon, let’s work on my computer come on click on try, delete it. Let’S open what what what happened! I don’t know when we delete my computer. What what? Where was this life holder thing so you’re gon na um? Why am i getting like lots of things? You can see that line at the top? Okay now it’s? What am i saying like? Why is it bat clip thing on something you’re just on a white screen when it kind of is Music um let’s go okay, never actually load so i’m? Okay, it’s, not loading. Okay, there. It is guys so hmm in cutie mouse. So you can see the mouth guys so i’m gon na try to do this upside down so that’s going on. I think this one just flying oh steve anyway, like so hard i’m pressing the button going. It also killed my actual light, but like Music, all um i’m working.

Why is it just wait anyway? Okay, actually um. This is last tricerat. Let me connect you to my 140 hertz, monitor, wow or big surprise. To probably be doing classic to be, mine is 144 hertz and, like six frames, oh, i think hearts means like um. The amount of frames, probably 100 foot frames so and i need for my xbox, oh oh, we can make this only one thing: oh that’s, clear, let’s, clear this last question: let’s put: oh, yes, why they can walk the keyboard. Okay, completely gon na say some hideous words um, calling it now surprisingly, smooth old, laptop wait. I’M surprised even watch it once because, like it was in the way right running the weather is about to wake. So i don’t um okay, now it’s a little bit wise on dear i, okay. So what why someone norm um anymore, okay, put in this one but anyway, i know what you did, the one we deleted. When i press the button. You might do anything even though, when i’m on the keyboard, so uh let’s put this where what happened. If we start get to windows task manager, i don’t know what any of this does when i say it’s hard, but you literally unplug it it literally just like. Normally plug it in because, but it basically just stopped down, even though supposed to you know come off, the vote is shutting down and it’s got no batteries on its own elective task.

Let’S go oh active task. Explorer trusted no we’re going to go to rt. 28. 71 go end toss now, but i can’t do that. Ah it wasn’t doing it. This has been eight minutes in me. Just rambling, um, so let’s just say: isn’t. The greatest thing old, um confused, looks like made in the 70s – maybe not 70s, but like like 2010 or something so i got one. He knows. I’Ve been sick. The last few days go to a kobe test, so not doing a great it’s good, so yeah there’s anyways. Can we do it today’s gon na be? What is this? What is this shut off? Did it just die i’m pressing the button to just die? Is it plugged in properly okay, now it’s starting anyway, so that is gon na, be a wireless book, an os image anyway, so that’s what we do, that is going to be it for this video and here, if you enjoyed it, please like and subscribe. If you want to see more content like this, i don’t have a post show you might get spam, so maybe probably no keys anyway. I will see you guys in the future – probably never so.