So in the comments, many of you ask it where I am where I Disappeared. Um I had a serious medical condition that appeared to be life threatening, but after operation I feel much better. So I will appear much more on the our videos, so lets go for the interesting part with the weird device come. So it is a long established fact that no matter was so weird for trying to assemble its always possible to turn it to a Kalashnikov. So in all this Soviet production of computers, there were two really bright spots. One of them was chero Slovak, Tesla well its from her country, so its understandable in the second one. How was uh have Robotron from the German Democratic Republic, and I must say that a computers made Brown from Robotron. They look at very often pretty Western yeah, because uh they introduced an entire ecosystem of machines with a good design are often really good engineering and theyre all intercompatible, and they were pretty amazing. Moreover, in Chernobyl Zone there was a very widely used at Robotron 1715, a computer which we still can find across neglected facilities. But I have to say that in search of that robot run 1715, we got another Robotron machine which is called Robotron SM 1910, and I must say that that thing is probably the most over engineered computer. I ever have seen so like thats how it looks like, and we all drive to look inside and consider whether its a worse further restoration before we continue like this video And subscribe to our Channel and for those who want much more join us on our patreon Page where you will find a lot of bonus content from the computers of Chernobyl series and a lot of insight to the Chernobyl Zone link is in description below the computer, has 512 kilobytes of RAM and is based on Intel 8086 with a co processor.

Well, when we unpocket it, we found that the previous owner actually left us such a joke. With this sticker well, technically hes correct Intel is inside an overall condition of this. Particular machine is pretty far from good, because plastic parts already yellowed over the time, including this amazing keyboard and also the decorative panels on the sides, are missing and there is some rust on various places and well apart from that front panel, everything is made from a Thick metal, so overall weight of this is kind of 25 kilograms, similar to what we have seen in our channel before the computer is great based and its a densely pocket with boards, which will review later in details well – and here starts a little bit strange things Because here is the strange wiring on the back and a few cables basically come from inside the computer to be plugged back to some of the socket boards and, as you can see, there are no free expansion slots. Everything is pocket pretty densely. Well, if you know why it was made like this with this wiring just to let us know in the comments, if we remove the upper cover, it becomes visible how little free space is available inside and also what is visible, that the computer has three power supplies. One main five walls on the back to Power, the crate, then a standby power supply and also a front panel power supply. Both of them are located at the front so so that front panel power supply allowed to control all of this, and also to turn the computer remotely via the modem.

Call to that panel comes the strange ribbon, cable that is plugged into the processor board from outside, and also of course here is a hard drive and two floppy disk drives for 5 inch. Floppy disks well looks complex right, so the same is actually with other components and by the way, meanwhile, I decided to clean up and restore the keyboard, and even here you can see how many parts are inside it. There will be a separate video about retrobriting it and restoration, so do not forget to subscribe. The keyboard by the way will be switched by computer into the proper mode of operation on boot up because it would detect which operation system has been used. So lets disconnect everything and take a closer look to the crate. The boards do not have knobs like devika or yes, computers that you could see in our previous videos just hard handles, but nevertheless it is easy to pull them out, and here we go okay. So this is the graphic card, pretty you know, monstrously builts and facts. There are kind of you know two boards which are interconnected in the middle. I dont know if its visible, but there is a disconnector and you know I will not risk to dismantle it, especially given that uh here pretty many have such been wires added. It looks really really complex. As far as I know, I might be wrong if, if Im wrong, please correct that despite theres, this uh nine pin connector in reality, it is compatible on theres.

The robot run displays we have somewhere. This Robotron display its a monochrome green, but it uses some very interesting frequency, no matter to what I connected it before it really didnt work. So such a thing lets continue our tear down the next one is so called kgs board, which is a controller of a graphics subsystem. Here you could connect a Robotron graphic tablet via v24 interface and also a keyboard via the ifss, and if you paid attention, you surely notice that that exactly to this board are connected to cables that came back inside to the computer. In fact, at the end up with two connectors on the side of the machine, well, I really have no idea why it was made this way uh it saved literally 15 centimeters of the length of the cable but write Us in the comments. If you have any idea, because for us its really looks strange, okay lets pull out the next word: okay, they have fixed via screws, so first we have to remove them. I will also remove this ribbon cable, so it doesnt make any obstacles uh well its shaped in pretty interesting way, uh when passing this front power supply – and there is even one more connector that actually comes to the front panel. So this is what it looks like when removed. Okay. The next is a key s board, which is a controller for the external storage, hard disk, floppy drives or a streamer.

The next one is one of ram boards uh. There are two of them in here and well take a closer look on them a little bit later. But for now we come to the Z re, the CPU board, which is at the same time provided as centronics and iffs interface connectors. This connector in the middle is for that ribbon. Cable that comes to the front panel. We took it before about the processor pair used here is original Intel. The CPU made by Siemens by into license and the co processor, is original Intel and they hardly saw the route on this microboard, which is a plug it on a main board via connector below, however, for bios chips, a hard solder to the board – and so you Know if something there may be a trouble with refreshing them and now lets look to the ram which is formed by two 256 kilobytes boards. What is notable? There are a lot of other connections between the chips, but there is one more strange thing, so we have here Ram, oh its very beautiful. You can see the Elegance of it uh its nicely welded, and but here is a thing I dont understand really much here. You can see a connector, but unfortunately it doesnt have a hole. There is nothing and if you have any kind of information about it, please write me in the comments. I would very much appreciate it thanks and the last Comes, This ASP board, which is a controller of Serial and parallel interfaces.

There are connectors for v24, ifss and ifsp, and now we finally can see the crate from inside some boards take two connectors. Some only one – and here is little bit suspicious Place uh, you know, lookview have some more discoveries soon. I have such a feeling and on the side there is such a fluffy filter because from the opposite side there is a very powerful fan. You know what drives a bit crazy in this computer, that to access something you really need to remove another samping, and then you discover that the last screw is under something and that something also has to be removed, and often its really not obvious here. You know this is the case for this very fun. First, you should take out this panel and then you have to take one more screw out which you cant access until you remove one more part or actually two parts well by the shape of the panel. I see the previous owners didnt figure out where it was holding well now we can see the fun and, needless to say, it also has a mount that holds it on the place, so they needed to remove it and the funds actually here are pretty interesting because They had the Speed monitoring and basically, if one of them didnt start at the or the speed monitor, was just Dusty. The computer would switch itself off after 6 seconds and then a yellow signal LED will flash at the front panel.

And after this we decided to take a look to the power supplies. You know we expect that we all need to remove just a few screws. That was a terrible misconception, because dismantling any of them appeared to be something like this Music. Thank you, Music, foreign Music. Well, after spending nearly 20 minutes, I eventually didnt figure out how to do it. So instead lets forget about that and lets look deeper behind. The crate here should be one of one which is missing in this very computer, and next we need to remove the floppy and hard disk drives, which of course, will require a few more metal Parts dismantled. The floppy drives here at k5601. In reality, they are pretty good. I had in the past same type on one of our yes machines and on the drive itself on its boards uh its real mixture of Soviet and foreign ships, for example. These planar ones are from the tick. Well, the hard drive its way more Troublesome because it all Pockets so densely that to access it connectors is Possible only using a screwdriver to lose them a little bit, and then you need to make multiple small moves with fingers to release them completely. So in reality, its really easy to scratch yourself all right success. The hard drive here is k5504.20, which means it has a 20 megabytes capacity uh there could be also a 50 megabyte version and then, once all of these has been removed.

This is what we found. Just to look at this wiring, this is ridiculous. I remember some people wrote in the comments under the episode about yes, 1841, that that machine had debate uh, you know with a zero idea of ergonomics or usability. Look at this. This is insane well. The next surprise was that there were actually a few more boards below which are from the opposite side of the crate, so to remove them is necessary to remove an entire front panel. Once we did it, it revealed a little but densely pocket front controls board to which a ribbon cable from the CPU board has been connected behind the panel. There are two power supplies and what I found a little bit strange that their fuses are also accessible. Only if you remove this panel, okay, so lets remove this ribbon cables and pull out the boards. In reality, there are just two of them and both are Drive controllers. Technically, we Dismount around, you know 75 percent of the computer, and we had to stop because we ran out of a free space. Just look at this. How many parts are in it? Did you see anything similar? Please write me in the comments so thats it. I hope you like it uh dont, forget to like this video And subscribe to our channel for more information.