I have about the laptop purchasing decision and then im gon na go through. I guess some devices that i like in particular and then well just wrap it up now pointer number one right now, especially during this time of year, youre gon na see a lot of endorsed or sponsored videos for back to school products like youll see these. Like 3 000 gaming laptops for back to school, you know company x, sponsored this video and let me show you product x, from company x. I hate that stuff and i feel, like its its irresponsible, for companies, be pushing crazy, expensive stuff to students its just. I know theres some people that can afford it, but its just its the wrong message and i hate seeing that stuff to be completely honest, but uh im gon na try to focus the stuff on inexpensive devices. So that leads me to point number two. When it comes to purchasing a laptop for school, you are going to get the best value with used or refurbished stuff and its its its usually better to purchase a device that is like higher end and used than to purchase something at the same price point. But new so like uh kind of mid range or upper mid range stuff, thats a couple years old. That is where youre gon na get your best value for the overall product, especially when it comes to long term durability. When it comes to students, uh and pointer number, three ive said this before in previous videos, but i cover a lot of gaming laptops on this channel.

I love them, but i dont think that they are the ideal choice when it comes to a device for students. You just get shorter battery life theyre heavier and they can be a distraction which is cool sometimes, but i think that you can just get. You can get really far with just a regular work, laptop or work based, laptop and leave the gaming stuff for for a different purchase. Okay, uh, okay, lets move on to the products themselves, so this year, youll notice that a lot of the stuff thats on here. If youve watched my older videos theyre coming back again and its because not a lot of innovation happens at the budget level right companies dont pour a ton of r d and marketing into the inexpensive stuff because its like low profit margins here, they pump it up At the top – and we just get trickled down tech at the low end. So a lot of the stuff has appeared in previous videos, but the one thing youll notice that im going to be talking more about apples products this year, because this video is sponsored by no its because of m1 m1 has changed. The way that i perceive apple products overall, but particularly for students both when it comes to like battery life and just long term, usability of the product plus resale like theres a whole conversation around that but well get into that at the end uh. But when it comes to windows, laptops lets start so the first one i have here is the acer aspire 5.

. This has appeared in multiple videos. It is a very good laptop for the price, so it starts at like 500 or 600 bucks, depending on how you spec it out theres ryzen versions, theres intel versions and theyre, usually like strangely well priced. They are not perfect. The screens are a little bit dimmer than id like them to be. The keyboards are not super responsive but theyre, just so good and hard to beat for the money. Ive seen a lot of products come in here at the same kind of price point as the aspire 5 and most of them just cant compete nothing from asus like the vivo books, nothing from hp. I really like this. There are some products from lenovo, but in terms of availability like this, you can pick up anywhere and everywhere. Every country has it like amazon. Has it best buy? Has it its everywhere, the lenovo products theyre just you got to live in certain regions, people to pick it up. So this is my pick uh my biggest concern. If you do end up picking one up, my biggest concern is the durability of the hinge. This is something that it just comes with: the nature of a 600 product right, their durability and kind of build quality, isnt top notch. So be careful just if you, if you take care of it itll last, but if you treat it roughly, a 600 laptop will be a 600 laptop okay.

The second tier of product isnt, one device in particular, but a whole class of products, and that is the premium stuff from a few brands. But from a few years ago so stuff like the x series from lenovo or the xps devices from dell or the surface laptops from microsoft, these are devices that are really good, but because they come out with them all the time like every year, they got a New one and better ones the older stuff drops in value pretty quickly but theyre. Still remarkably good and laptop tech doesnt go up that quickly, right so youre, looking at devices that are like three years old, sometimes four years old, you get them for, like six. Seven hundred bucks and theyre really good and because these ones were built to last theyre metal bodies, their hinges are more durable. Theyre, just built really well better than these 600 devices when theyre new. So because these are so common and popular, you can get replacement parts easily. You can get replacement batteries, you can get replacement components, you can get replacement hinges for stuff, the bus theyre easy to fix and they have excellent components. Both lenovo x series and the xps products have great keyboards, great screens, good battery life. You cant go wrong with these devices and if you get them used or refurbished, the pricing can be really good. Now the surface products often have really good pricing when it comes to buying used or refurbished.

But the thing to keep in mind with them is that a lot of times they are not easy to upgrade or repair them. Theyre, a more sealed device compared to lenovos x series or the dells xps products, but all three of them: surface laptops, xps devices, the x devices from lenovo, theyre, just theyre all good, and no particular order. I like all of them wholeheartedly. Okay, im going to move this conversation over to the macbooks. So when it comes to this type of video in previous years, i usually dont push people towards macbooks. Usually, if you want a macbook youre going to buy, you dont need to watch some sweaty asian dude. Talk about macbooks, but this year because of m1. I do feel like theres a conversation that i havent had before uh. Okay, lets start off with why i havent recommended them in the past. So usually macbooks are number one more expensive. Two repairability upgradeability is a joke. Uh and then over the past three years with the butterfly keyboard its just been like, i dont. I knew that that would be a problem from day one its like. How can you recommend a keyboard like that to people that need to use a device for like several years right? Can you imagine, being in the middle of the school year and all of a sudden, like your e key, goes out its just its the worst? So, for a while, i just i i strayed people away from macbooks, but because of m1 its a little bit different number one.

They got rid of the butterfly keyboard two. They have really good battery life. Arguably the best not even arguably it is the best. I would say that of all the devices ive tested and all the claims that people shove in my face, like look at this product. Look at that product. No, this guy has the bed the best battery life by a significant margin too. When it comes to battery life for students its like its chefs kiss right, this is what people want when it comes to a student, laptop good reliability, good keyboard, good battery life and, depending on how you play it, you can get these for a reasonably good price. M1 products ive seen them on ebay for, like 700 bucks, 800 bucks, its not cheap, its, not five, six hundred bucks, but the other thing to keep in mind is resale because of m1 like if you get an m1 product today, it will hold its resale value. Better than anything else on this table, because its just the market for this, and because its apple silicon – and this is like their next generation of stuff and theyre – going forward with apple silicon, this will hold its value really well so this year i recommend it, and I well let me let me rephrase that i recommend it for people that are interested in it now, if youre someone whos comfortable on windows, i still say: look at it. I wouldnt push you towards it, but look at it right if battery life is important to you, youre gon na be amazed with what m1 can do, but if battery life isnt the big deal, then theres theres good stuff out there in the windows camp as well.

Okay, um, there is one other thing i want to show you guys. If you have 700 and youre like, should i buy a laptop or should i buy optimus, prime Music? If you havent seen this video, i highly recommend greetings. I am optimus, prime. Yes, you are! Okay for the people that havent seen this, this has nothing to do with laptops at this point. This is just like a dessert. Everyone likes a good dessert right.