If your workspace is clean, then that means that youre not doing any work. Hey welcome back um, if you remember my last video, the very uncontroversial one. At the end, I alluded that I would get like something like a t480 and I did. I did get this t480. This is the not s model um its got some nice ports, its quite a bit thicker than the framework one um you know, especially with this like bulging battery or not, I guess its, not bulging, but its like. You know its its, not uh flush. I still have that little battery its um kind of bad, the battery health, I think, is like 40, which, like okay, now going from the framework laptop to this, is you know you couldnt, call it a downgrade, you can call it an upgrade its. I dont think its any of those because you know yeah youre going older youre going thicker, but but you know you get Creature Comforts like the nice keyboard, the the track Point All That Jazz and you know what I can get some money out of the framework. So why not Ill? I can do whatever I want. You know, but guys, this things not perfect. Yes, Im here to complain some more because with business laptops, you often have a lot of your it managers. Just trying to you know, cut other Corners here and there, and maybe its not even your it guys. Maybe its just upper management lets talk about eBay for a bit before we start um.

I got this t480 off of eBay for around 150 us I dont remember when it comes out to Canadian. I think it was it got around like I, I, whatever I dont, want to give a wrong number, but yeah 150 us for this thing and like oh thats, a pretty good deal. You know for a t480, its got an i5. It came with 16 gigs of RAM, which was you know, thats awesome and Im gon na go out and buy more RAM, especially that I dont have any more and it came with an SSD that I you know changed anyway, whats the problem. Well, the eagle light among you will notice that theres no backlight on this keyboard, nope pressing function in space on on most laptops will pull out the backlight. This one does not have one, and if you know what, if youre a touch typer fine, whatever I I can type without looking at a keyboard most the time, but I would rather have some light fine. I can replace that the second thing this scream. This is a what is it 1360 by 768, its not even 1080P and its a TN panel. So look at those oh look at those colors. This is a bad example, but um yeah, I dont know – and you know what I thought I got a good deal for 150 and 150 yeah, I mean yeah. It is a good deal for a laptop thats, a quad core, and it came with 60 gigs of RAM, but you also had to buy a new screen and a new keyboard.

If you want this to be – or if I want this to be – you know more or less usable, because that T430 Im recording on right now the the TN screen on that is pretty bad. But I can forgive that because its like 10 years old, this lets, give it a 2018 like uh. I dont know today were gon na be actually swapping on the screen on this, and maybe maybe Ill be happy for once Ive got this. Video up, bye, shout out to Chaz, does stuff for the awesome t480 screen, video um its the best one that I found out there and yeah. He answered a question that I asked him, so you know great. Thank you Ill link down to the video below just put my password. You want to see that now were gon na get the screen in a little bit um, but first we got ta shut the computer down because reasons. Oh, look wait! No! I need it. Oh God, right uh during the computer uh. This is not a how to guide um dont. Take the how to guide the video that says. Uh made is linked below its much better than what Im about to do, because I forgot to turn off the internal battery. Oh, I know yes, what scan your finger uh, I dont want you. I want that about here. I always know what the boot menu key is. I dont know what the BIOS one is, or I guess uh.

Where is it? Where is it, you work on a computer that has an internal battery, always always try and disable it if you can in the Bios, I dont know where it is power right, oh my God, disable build and Battery. Yes, all right, but we got ta. Take out this battery, oh, I think a magazine look lets see if I can get this Dazzle off without breaking it. This is the this. Is you know the time where I would start missing the framework laptop because magnetic bezel, I dont get it on this one. So poor me Ive got my little handy, iFixit toolkit here um this things been great Ive. Why did I do that? No, I did that Im gon na stop making like weird noises with my mouth. Look its got free picks to um. You know not fix Electronics, but uh. All right, Chez teach me your wisdom. Start one of the upper Corners were gon na work, our way down the bezel, so the master says oh hes using his fingernails. I love these nails right now. Yeah, I kind of do but Im gon na use the cool picks. Okay, all right, I took the framework laptop for granted man. I wish I could just take the bezel off magnetically, more more picks, more hey guys guys. What is this focus? Focus hey. What is this that just came out um? I probably dont, need that. Oh, do you see that look at that autofocus hey there.

We go pain in the ass. Oh can I say that. Can I still say that I dont know oops. Sorry, oh Im stretch. Oh sorry, well, this is kind of this is an interesting process. I wonder who is gon na start saying that Im doing this wrong uh in the comments, because the framework laptop video? Oh, no God framework laptop video had some uh opinions which hey Im all for opinions. I love opinions, call me okay. In theory, this should be coming loose right now, but um theres, like adhesive, or something in there. What ow boohoo I keep like blocking over the camera? Sorry am I missing something. Am I just like? Oh that doesnt feel right. Oh dear now, Im scared almost like glue or something. Oh, I believe in you. Well, thats uh, thats, good, thats, good, okay, you know what lets do this off screen. I need to get a good look at this okay. I was right. There is like glue on here which uh boo. Oh, this is definitely oh. This is painful. I I hate. I actually hate this ah gross. Why use glue when you cannot use glue? Confucius said I feel, like I feel like I broke the screen inside, but I thought not like it matters, because um No Ones Gon na Miss the scream. I hate the tan screen. All my homies hate the TN screen: oh thats, not good thats, also not my problem. Okay, the how to videos been playing for like five minutes and I still havent gotten the freaking bezel out all the way.

Okay, hes, using his finger to like Jimmy, is way in there thats a verb. Okay, I gotcha. Oh okay, off screen we go. These sounds, are horrible, guys, youre, not gon na, believe this okay, we got it out. Um also theres a sign here. That says no touch so Ive been touching it this whole time and I kind of ruined it, but its okay were not going to use the screen anyway wow. This is you know the raw Computing experience all right. Next, we got ta unscrew uh. Can I unscrew up what I did here: yeah thats bad. I almost ripped that out by the way, not my finest Hour, okay, what kind of Music this is like operation except Ive, never played operation magnetic Focus. Please Focus every! I fix it fix kit thingy! You get a free Parts, tray Music Boop all right, so we want to add an angle now apparently – and then Theory yeah, oh so the plug is right here and theres supposed to be hang on. Let me get something to hold this. Oh, I can put it down right here. Looks like a little tape. Thingy um were gon na, have to take that off and theres. Also like a wire lock so well also have to push the wire look. Oh Focus, please, power of Technology: oh thats, good camera! Oh yeah voila, oh boy, how do I um logistic issue? Um? Oh we can just. I can just take it off there.

You go its out that um. That was easy, see how you filthy – oh my God, look its gross and its 768p and doesnt deserve to live on this planet. Thats mean I shouldnt say that whoa Im not even talking to the mic. I just realized shiny. This is an interlock screen, its low power Ill put the actual model like on the screen somewhere um Im gon na install it. Hopefully, I dont drop. This thing knock on wood, oh good, camera, yeah, Laughter um. How does this go in? What the hell do? I just look like slide it come on in you go please for me in the Lux you go thats, not funny. I need I need smaller fingers dude. This is not a. This is not a good experience. Now, thats it thats. That is confidence. I love it. All right, a political crooked, you know all right lets, bring you back up professional YouTuber, okay, so um Im guessing its good practice to like turn it on and see if it works. But I have balls of steel lets go ahead and screw you in. I wonder if Ill get demonetized for saying that its reflective, I better not show my uh my super handsome face Im, actually pretty handsome um Source me its really hard not to show my face. You know I remember, sharing this um like screen grab of a shout out to YouTube. I remember like seeing the screen job of or sharing the screen gap of.

Like you know, the surge adjustment when youve been loving audio one of them was face reveal like what prompts people to look up that do. Do I dont know of a lot of voice uh or like ASMR. You know audio creators that have a video like uh face reveal maybe Im just not like looking at the right places, but you know: okay, we better, okay, I I think Ill feel better. If I turn it on before, we actually, you know, put it back in fully. Oh yeah get cable all over the screen. Things work please, oh, I have to turn it on yeah lets go yeah all right. All right, I feel good. I feel good lets. Put the bezel back on um. Oh wait, wait! Wait! Oh oh thats, not screwed in oh wait! Wait! Is this Matt or is this glossy? Oh God Applause? I cant tell wait yeah. Why isnt this like in its like flopping around wait, hello, um, small problem, theyre screwed in, but I have a solution. You follow giraffe, I dont know I dont know if this is gon na really affect it honestly, but um. I feel like its gon na flop. Around and get annoying so you know what were gon na. Do you know what were gon na? Do: okay, Im, an idiot? Where am I gon na tape? This I dont have double sided tape. I know I dont wow Im stupid, tiny, tiny piece here and then I can stick that somewhere, I dont know I did not think this through yeah.

That should be okay, that shouldnt cause me that should cause problems, putting the tape on the display like this wait. Wait that has to go inside first, oh, no! No, no, no um problem solved! All all the ThinkPad are slash. Thinkpad users are like screaming their heads off right now, because Im not doing it. The sprinkle sprangle Ultra super cool way to do it. What are those words, I just say things and they, like kind of form, sentences, um heres, a cool lamia technique to close the bezel completely. You do. I hope that actually works. I was kidding foreign that is in, I think, more or less to an extent. But to what extent do I look like I know what a JPEG is? Okay, I think I can bring it back to camera. So if I put a spudger here, okay, you see these like bulging thingies here that has to go in and its not even wow by floor. Its good computers, Ive said that sent in like three times its funny but Im not laughing thats in thats. Also in I already wait what didnt I did I break it. Hey that looks pretty good. All right lets see my screen all like cracked. Now, oh my God that scared me, oh my God, this is so much better wow. Look at that! Look at the colors uh – okay, I guess not wow! Oh I stopped on my old screen. Oh God, this is oh wait! What about the battery in well? The new magazine.

I dont think that came in ages, dude, okay, um! I think we actually have a problem. My my like UI is getting cut off a little bit, but look look. The colors are so much better um. I dont have a frame of reference since I took out the old one and I did not show the picture, but this Id say drop all done. I think thats um Im just realizing all the this yeah, the screen wobbles a bit its my screens, cut off um but thats the problem for tomorrows labian or I mean couple minutes while Im in so hey that was um a thing I guess shot it again To chess does stuff made that tutorial and I followed it very poorly. You know, because in the next video Im gon na replace the keyboard, which will be way more straightforward, shut up, you, okay, bye, also hi um. I dont really like doing this, but I want to take a moment to try out my Kofi, its coffee, codefv.com um, the tiers start at one dollar a month and you get early access to videos and you get exclusive. You know rambles that I do so. You can hear my lovely voice and eventually I will have some more stuff on there. Just you know, stay tuned um. You can also just donate to me one time right. Give me like a dollar. Give me five dollars. Um give me twelve dollars, but hey totally up to you, its optional um, and it just helped me and hey, donate a dollar and then block ads on my videos forever clear.

Your contents Ill be okay with it all right, so see you later for part two. I guess maybe if I dont um, you know I dont know. I found the problem um. These brackets are not there on this on the other screen, those hold them in place, so the top screws are effectively useless um.