. What we have here is the Keysme lunar01 mechanical keyboard., A keyboard that is currently on Indiegogo right now. That offers a novelty spaceship like design language featuring an audio visualizer bar that also doubles as a phone or tablet holder.. It also has a nice complementing set of keycaps tri mode connectivity, gasket mount construction, a bunch of sound dampening inside and most uniquely a couple of rocket fidget spinners.. It looks like a toy at first glance, but let me tell you right now: this keyboard actually sounds and feels good out of the box. In this video were also going to tear it apart, so that you can have a better understanding of what I just told You about. with that being said, lets get into it. Starting off with the packaging. You can definitely tell the attention to detail. Keysme has done on their product. By the way. Aside from the keyboard, we also have a wrist rest right here with the same packaging design and a couple of rocket fidget spinners, which, as youll see later, are really quite satisfying to play. With. Upon opening the box. The first thing that youll notice is a sort of blueprint of the keyboard on the foam cover, which is definitely a for detail.. Next, we have the user manual a set of holographic stickers, the keysme lunar01 keyboard itself and an accessory box. Inside the accessory box. We have a wire switch and keycap puller, a metal pry tool, the 2.

4ghz USB dongle, with an included USB Type, A to Type C adapter, some replacement, silicone gaskets and a nice white coiled cable.. Now the wrist rest that comes along with the keyboard is actually pretty good. It features a super soft gell cushion is covered with nice to the touch fabric and perfectly matches the design of the keyboard.. It even has a sticky non slip bottom surface, which is nice.. The rocket fidget spinners are also quite cool inside the box. We have a couple of LR44 batteries and the rocket fidget spinner itself.. It looks like a toy because it actually is a toy.. It features a touch or movement sensor that makes it light up. Whenever you start spinning it and as per specifications, it can spin freely for up to a minute. Id say its really satisfying to play around, especially if youre a fidgety type of person.. Now, moving on to the actual keyboard at first look and touch, although it is made mostly out of plastic, it actually has a decent weight to it of around almost 1.3kg.. It does flex a bit, but not too. Concerning and overall, the build quality is pretty decent.. As for the design, as Ive pointed out earlier, it features a spaceship like aesthetic, with a bunch of accents that mimic the design of a spaceship partnered with a matching keycap set. Other than that we have a ten keyless layout here, with 87 keys, a full nav Cluster dedicated arrow keys, function, rows and alphanumeric keys.

. We also have some LED indicators here for caps, lock, charging and connectivity mode and a volume knob that also doubles as a control knob for the audio visualizer beside it.. Looking at the front side, as you can tell, this keyboard features a rounded edge high profile case, which means the switches are completely hidden from sight. Flipping it. On the left side, youll see the cavity for the magnetic mount of the rocket fidget spinner.. The case is also a bit angled for a more comfortable typing experience partnered with the KDA profile of the keycap set. more on that later. Flipping it at the back side. Here we have the switch for the tri mode connectivity option and the switch between windows and mac os or android and ios.. Besides that we have the USB Type C port. Turning it all over at the bottom, we have 5 rubber feet. 4, flip out stands 2 of which are shorter and all of which have rubber tips as well.. We can also see here a bunch of design language that resembles the aesthetics of a spaceship. On both sides of the keyboard. You can easily attach the 2 rocket fidget spinners and thanks to the substantially strong magnets, its not going anywhere. Using strong neodymium magnets here is a very good idea. You can flick the spinner as hard as you want without worrying about it flying around.. Now up top. We have an audio visualizer and I guess this keyboard has a hidden microphone for that.

And in case you dont like this idea. You can also remove the cover and all of its components and use the cavity as a phone or tablet holder., And to top it all off. The bottom is also compatible with legos. If youre into that., I dont have any so. Unfortunately, I cant demonstrate that here., The keycaps are made out of durable PBT plastic with Dye sublimated characters, which means these legends and designs are pretty much permanent and wont shine easily over time. It has a thickness of around 1.5 to 1.6mm, which, at least for my standard is decent enough.. The keycaps also feature the KDA profile, which is a sort of hybrid between the cherry profile and the sculpted SA profile., As you can tell, the height, is relatively short and comfortable, while sharing the same sexy sculpted profile of SA. In terms of switches, this keyboard features Gateron G Pro switches, which are already pre lubed out of the box, and offers some significant improvements compared to its predecessors, simply put very good out of the box switches.. The stabilizers are also made by gateron and are also pre. Lubed out of the factory Id say, sounds and feel pretty decent too and might not need further modifications, depending on your standards. And lastly, before we tear this apart. This keyboard features south facing hot swappable sockets that support both 3pin and 5pin switches., So no problems whatsoever, regardless of what switches or keycaps youll want to use.

. Overall, the construction is pretty decent and the design is definitely unique and probably a niche, especially in this relatively small hobby.. Now some of you will probably say that this keyboard looks like a toy more than something a mechanical keyboard. Enthusiast would fancy, and I get that. Were so used to having custom mechanical keyboards with a design language that is quite common with simple but sleek design, elegant, accents, solid, build quality and all that and thats perfectly fine.. But I know for a fact that some people prefer themed keyboards like this as Ive seen desk setups fully committed to a particular theme, and I think that is where this keyboard will fit in. With that out of the way lets continue by tearing this keyboard apart. So that you can have an idea about its internal construction and why it sounds and feels pretty good out of the box for a keyboard that looks like a toy. By the way. What I have here is a prototype and Ill try my best to point out all the things that they are going to improve with the production units.. Opening this keyboard requires some serious courage, especially if its your first time since were dealing with plastic here. Around the keyboard. We have some slots conveniently labeled as system access, where you will insert the metal, pry tool and gently but firmly pry. The clips away. Dont worry as this polycarbonate plastic is quite durable.. To be honest, Ive already opened this keyboard at least twice, while figuring out how to open it properly before filming this one.

Since I want to show it to you as good as possible, and as far as I can tell, I cant see any significant damage.. You can also use a plastic pry tool like this. If you have one. After prying the clips away gently lift off the bottom cover like so. Looking at the bottom cover, we have a bunch of poron gaskets all around for a total of 14, which you can also replace using the included silicone gaskets.. These poron gaskets are extremely soft, as you can tell.. If youre not familiar, these gaskets will prevent direct plastic to plastic contact which will improve both the sound quality and feel of the keyboard.. Now, one improvement they are planning to add here is a paperboard to prevent static electricity.. Next here we have the two 2000mAh of battery, which is sort of just dangling around here.. Removing these batteries will void your warranty, as indicated by these stickers.. What you can do, if you really want to remove the silicone dampener, is just slide them in through the hole like so. gently, of course, as to not damage the batteries.. Here we have a quite dense silicon dampener that should reduce the overall hollow and reverb sounds of the keyboard.. Of course, I dont care about the warranty so Ill just remove these batteries., I got ta say I cant help but appreciate this attention to detail. Even the batteries have a spaceship like design.. Another good thing about this keyboard is that the switches and USB Type port is located on a separate daughter board, which means its safer and wont get damaged that easily compared to when its integrated with the board itself.

. If you need to remove the PCB and plate, combo youll have to disconnect and remove the daughter board first, which will also void your warranty.. Looking closely at the daughter board, youll see the pogo pins that connect the audio visualizer PCB to the power and main PCB.. Next remove the volume now so that we can safely lift the top cover up like so.. Now, aside from the poron gaskets on the bottom case, we also have some silicon gaskets around the top cover for a total of 14 gaskets as well.. We can also see here the strong neodymium magnets for the rocket fidget spinners. Now. Another thing that they can improve here is the implementation of the cover of the audio visualizer. right now it is using adhesive tape which, as you can imagine, can wear out over time.. I feel like a magnetic cover, is a better option here and that you dont even need to use the pry tool which can also damage the cover. After removing the cover. Youll also have to be very careful about removing these plastic platforms so as to not damage the SMD LEDs and the PCB underneath it.. While I was already warned about this, I still managed to damage one of the SMD LEDs.. I admit that was my fault and Ive read. They are planning on improving the mold to prevent this, but I also hope they can improve the design by adding another layer of cover on the SMD LEDs.

. Looking at the PCB, we can see the power connectors that connect this to the pogo pins on the daughter, board., Like I said earlier, the bottom of the cavity has some lego mounts for attaching lego figures aside from using this as a phone or tablet holder.. Looking at the PCB, the hot swap sockets are, of course, made by gateron.. Now, if you also want to see how this PCB and plate combo is constructed, Youll have to remove the keycaps and switches.. As you can tell, these, gateron stabilizers are already pre lubed out of the box, and the amount is quite substantial as well.. The bottom of the stems are also fairly flat, so no issues here. by the way. I was advised that these gateron screw in stabilizers will be changed to all white.. After removing the screws that secure the plate to the PCB, we can now take a closer look at the plate made out of polycarbonate plastic.. It is super flexible with some flex cuts. All around which is fairly rare when it comes to prebuilt keyboards.. Next, we have another silicon dampener here again to minimize the hollow, sound and reverb.. Aside from that, we also have an EVA switches sheet here that apparently is glued on the PCB.. This also helps with the overall sound signature of the keyboard.. Now, technically, this keyboard supports plateless build, but as far as I know, it is ideal for soldered PCB for the stability of the switches.

, Which they are also planning on offering in the future. And thats about it. For the teardown experience and while were at it.. I added some masking tape for that popular tape, mod and replaced the poron gaskets with silicone just to have a bit of difference when we do our sound test later. Overall, while the teardown process is a bit tedious at first, its actually fairly easy and straightforward. By The way the cover for the audio visualizer actually has a plastic film and they are planning on adding a pull tab here for quick removal.. As for the other features of this keyboard, you can change the lighting effects of the audio visualizer by pressing the volume knob Toggle, the lighting modes of the keyboard by pressing FN delete change, the color by pressing FN end and adjust brightness and speed by pressing FN. The arrow keys., Aside from that this keyboard, has three connectivity options: 2.4ghz for lower latency, especially for gaming, Bluetooth for multi device connections up to three devices and wired mode.. As for the typing experience, Id say for a prebuilt keyboard, its really good., The typing feel is fairly soft. Thanks to the combination of polycarbonate plate, silicon dampeners and gaskets, all around., The pre lubed gateron G, pro yellow switches and pre lubed gateron stabilizers are also pretty decent and honestly, I dont think this keyboard requires any further modifications.. I, like the combination of the lightweight switches and the overall soft, but not too flexible, characteristics of this keyboard.

Before we end this video heres, a quick, sound test for you guys.. As of the time of making this video, I cannot find any software for this keyboard.. Now, while this particular keyboard that I have here is just a prototype Id say its around at least 80 ready for primetime., I just hope they can improve the build quality and design of the audio visualizer. Other than that. At the end of the day, will I recommend this yes, and no? Yes, for those people who are specifically looking after this particular space theme and if you fancy any sort of fidgeting as this rocket fidget spinner is super satisfying to play around with. The audio visualizer. For me, isnt that necessary and is just there for that extra bling, but overall, a pretty novelty kind of keyboard. And no, if youre, not a fan of this niche design and want something that is more discreet and simple. There are other options out in the market. And there you have it guys full disclaimer keysme provided this prototype, so that I can share with you my honest thoughts in case youre planning on backing this up. Theyll see this video. At the same time as you., You can check the links below if youre interested.. Thank you for watching subscribe.