No one could ever stop a bigger small body will be there, no matter where or when it moves on Music. What are you waiting for? Okay, so i hope you like that card too. I i i’m i’m trying to improve uh, my overall satisfactions with everything i do. Okay, so um Music. I wanted to. I want to show you this new device that i got going here. Um i’ve been trying to figure out how to get my karaoke set up a lot better um the let okay just uh a brief summary of what happened. So in october i did a karaoke wedding, um everything went spectacular. I had one fail, which they didn’t say. Anything about the fail because it happens. Um i had a pale mic, go out, but it wasn’t a deal breaker because i told them i had it, they didn’t want. They didn’t want it in the first place, but i told them i had it so i used it. It was a ply. Don’T everybody apply, i don’t buy, ply products after that fail. I’Ve had two fails with the ply products, so i don’t use them at all. So i sent that thing back real, quick and i left them a really bad nasty review on the ply because it dropped Music. It could have dropped any time. It was going good during the everything the batteries are fresh. I just took them out of the charger. Two hours before the thing i tested the microphone, i had the official test.

We had a test. We did everything that we were supposed to do before everything that it was set. It failed me, so i got me a new setup with that. So um it’s here i’m, going to do a test today, this afternoon i’m, going to do a review on the phoenix u71 so check it out um. I haven’t got a chance to do the review on it, but i wanted to show you this because i’m going to do a review on this too um on how it sounds on my system. So what i’ve done is um i by chance i had a tablet laying around the house um, i can’t okay. So what happened was i had the original um mini ipad, the original and it doesn’t work, and the reason is is because you have to update the ios well, the ios wouldn’t update. So i just got a brick laying around the house um. I have a samsung that i bought a samsung that the original samsung, the the the tablet, the i think, it’s 11 inch. 12 10 inch tablet that i bought the same time that i bought the mini and guess what the samsung tablet works. Perfect. There is no it’s updated every time, and just all that and everything else, it doesn’t say the software is obsolete and it won’t catch up to itself. None of that, but the original ipad it won’t update ios big problem. For me, i got a brick laying at the house.

I can’t use it. I could sell it, but what can somebody do with it? Nothing you can’t download any of the apps you can’t, even download google. You can’t download nothing. I had to reset the the tablet was giving me a problem said man, ipad mini was giving me a problem, so i had to reset it guess what happened? I lost everything i went to download. I can’t even download anything. I want to download so what’s it’s good it’s, a brick, a heavy brick that’s, why i don’t like isos i’m i’m, letting it out, but anyway that’s. So i got this fire tablet. Um it was laying around it’s, actually the newest generation. There is. I got last year in april, so it’s pretty much still well this last april, so it’s pretty good um, my granddaughter had it and she’s not using it. So she gave it to me um. I was going to use it for this and this works perfect. Um. The first thing that i thought was this is not going to work because i can’t get cara fun on it. Well guess what kara fun, though, to write on it so let’s get into this nothing talking now i got you on tilt the phone here um. What we’re gon na do is i’m gon na stop Music. This okay, so check it out there. It is right there, as you can see, um it’s already loaded up here, um, so let’s go ahead and push the button.

Um there’s already this song in here, so let’s go ahead and just flip on the song. So all you do is push here and then right here in the corner you push up and then, as you can see, the song goes up now. Um, you see the words um. The words are perfect they’re, like maybe uh two inches, so the words are like two inches long but check this out Music. Oh sorry, i had to push play okay, so just think about that um that’s, pretty much. In a nutshell of the um of what it looks like and as you can see, it is really good because um the thing about this is with the tv you have to say, send a signal from your laptop to the tv. So the signal goes from the laptop to the tv, and then you also take the audio out of your laptop and you’re coming out of your system. Well, between the laptop and the tv, there is a delay of three seconds it’s, a three second delay it isn’t much, but you could tell because at the gig i’ll leave a link. I’Ll leave a link below up here. Uh to look up for the link is up here. My thumb is um. I leave a link up there with the the wedding watch, the wedding and you’ll hear when she says that this is not right, so that’s. Why i end up going this way now, as you can see um you could go into the device and you picked a song and you could push play and then you could just change over to 12 days of christmas.

So, as you could see, it is real. Simple to maneuver and manipulate for the client um. So basically, what would happen is the client would see this interface and um. You could basically go in there to search and then they could go ahead and write what they want to search for and type it in um, so there’s here’s the favorites that’s going on here with the songs. Let me show you what i’m talking about um. This is a favorite song, believe it or not, and then um sorry, if you click it on here and click play click the play button and then switch it over. As you can see, it just clicks right up there real smooth and then you could get out of it and then okay. So, as you can see, that’s that’s, simple, um and then let’s go ahead and search, search, search, let’s, go ahead and put um uh. Let it go the simple song for me: let it go okay, then you just push play and then, as you can see, that it goes let it go loads up so that’s pretty much it so that’s pretty much. How much the client would be so easy to uh maneuver this um device, because it’s self explanatory, so what you’re doing between between this and the gig you’re having music play while the client is searching for something to play? And then, when the client says? Okay, i found it and then clicks on the version that that they want um, pretty much is self explanatory, and then you don’t have to get out of this.

This app. You can stay in this app and you don’t have to get out of anything, and this will actually stay up and then you could pick you know different songs, so that’s pretty much it and then in a nutshell. So you see how self explanatory but watch how quick this loads up it lives up really quickly. If you do it on the laptop, it takes forever to load up. I’Ll be honest with you. It takes forever to load up, so this thing is it’s really. Okay, so this is the trick i’m going to show you the trick it’s. This word right here: bluetooth, okay, so what’s gon na happen here is this: is gon na send the signal from this tablet straight to the sound it’s not going to go through the tv and then the sound too so it’s not going to go to two places. It’S just going to go to one so that’s, pretty much why i picked this to do what i need to do um, so i hope this. Oh, let me show you what it looks like okay. So this is what the device looks like from the side. I got this from from ebay, it’s, pretty self explanatory. You can actually take the device out and, as you can see there it’s set for 11 inches, so you could put an ipad in there and not have to worry about nothing. But then all you have to do is take it up like this, lock it in place and take it up there and lock it in place and it’s done.

You could take this device off by spinning the spindle. You spin the spindle and take it off and then all they would see with this this device, but um in all actuality um. This came with a different, a different thing, but i had to rig it differently because i lost the bolt i lost. I dropped it. I didn’t i wasn’t paying attention and so and then i had to take and make this fit because it fits for the for the this part of the the bottom of the the microphone stand. So it didn’t fit. This microphone stand exactly so so there you have it. I am trying to manage uh the camera situation. The camera situation is this: um directional boom mic um. This is probably gon na be the second time i have to replace this. I did get a generic, so um. The this camera actually has a microphone on board, but it doesn’t. It trust me it’s, like um a muffler, it sounds horrible, so it came with a boom mic. This isn’t the original boom mic. It came with. It came with another boom mic. Well, the problem is, let me say talking this way, works great when i’m shooting like this and i’m looking down it doesn’t work – and i like this because this flips this way – and this makes a big deal breaker so um. Instead of looking like this, i could flip it around and i could talk in and i could see what i’m talking about, but this is what i’ve been using to vlog.

This is a 4k ultra hd. I got it for 135 dollars from amazon and this thing is it shoots really good good picture. Um i’ve never had any problems with the pictures, just the sound um, the sound quality with this new boom mic that i got um, i don’t like it well, i was trying to get the road, and this is back. In april i was trying to get the road a boom mic, because i replaced the mic in april. I had to i had this camera all week and had to replace the mic, because my work is smaller and i thought this was going to do the trick. Well, it lasted six months, but i shot a video the other day and um. Somebody told me: hey man, you can check your uh, your your sound. I can’t hear you Music thanks brother, because if i don’t i i didn’t pay attention at the beginning of this microphone stuff. So i really uh when i put it in the computer. It sounds all right Music. I can put my headphones on and i can hear it, but i noticed that when i turn it up in pinnacle it doesn’t work so and that’s. What i was doing i was taking and turning it up thinking, i’ll blast. The way i talk – and we will say whatever excuse me – pardon me um so that’s pretty much in a nutshell: um this uh it’s, a fire tablet um from amazon, so um it used to be the kindle, but amazon bought kindle so now, it’s amazon fire, which Is pretty good because this thing, actually it works and serves its purpose and the tv deal not ever again.

I broke the tv anyway, so it doesn’t matter, but the the downfall with that is, is taking the tv and plugging the computer into the tv and trying to get the hdmi to work. It would work perfect if i did that, but unfortunately i couldn’t get the for some reason that cheap tv that i got it was cheap and i won’t do it again that’s. Why i’m not doing it that’s? Why i’m doing a tablet? It sounds so good. I i tried it the other day and it didn’t lag it didn’t miss. It was right on time i’m gon na go ahead. I got the set up in the in the garage. Um i’ll be shooting a video today in the evening, with everything set up so be on the lookout for that video um it’ll be today, it’d be in the evening um.