Now, if you said the word chromebook to somebody, chances are you’ll, um they’ll start forming an image of a budget laptop that’s, not um, not particularly powerful and doesn’t. Look the part um in their head. Well, asa were looking to um kind of smash that stereotype out the park, or at least one particular part of it, with this chromebook 314, which may just be one of the best chromebooks out there for those on a particularly tight budget, offers a relatively decent performance With its celeron n4000 processor and four gigs of ram making ideal for rather standard tasks and which means that, yes, you are probably living up to the standard mobile computing stereotype of a chromebook, but where this thing um does win against other um other chromebooks within its Class is the fact that it doesn’t look as standard. Lastly, thanks to a nicely um kind of slightly steely blue design that we’ll come on to in a moment, unlike a lot of other um asus chromebooks, this one is a particularly standard, lineup uh. This one features a dual core seller on n4000 from intel, as i’ve said: four gigs of ram 32 gigs of onboard em, double mc memory, uh all for a rather affordable sum of 229 quid, which makes it one of the most affordable laptops, i’ve, not only tested And but also one of the most wallet friendly on the market. Today, however, if you do uh, if you do want it with a full hd ips panel or even 64 gigs of storage, then acer have you covered as well, but in this particular configuration the chromebook 314 does look to be an incredible laptop uh for really not A very large outlet first things.

First let’s talk about design. Now i said in that intro that the chromebook 314 doesn’t necessarily look like it should be a chromebook, and indeed this is largely thanks to its rather solid construction and it’s. Rather, nice steely blue, exterior that you can see um from the closed lid here, it’s relatively well built with this nice steely blue finish, making it stand out from the swathes of silver and black models of chromebooks windows, laptops and mac os laptops that are found elsewhere. It’S kind of like um those those old hp laptops that um you used to find on the ends of um the ends of the racks and curries many many years ago. That used to come in kind of these bright blues greens, pinks and yellows and all sorts. So it’s nice to see acer kind of almost paying homage to that by going for what is rather a non standard, color now with a weight of 1.7 kilos, though, by comparison to like the spin, 513 and other kind of more ultrabook like chromebooks, it feels pretty Hefty, but given the fact that it is relatively slim anyway, this still remains rather portable, indeed um, otherwise other than that. To be honest, there’s, not necessarily much to say about the design of this specific chromebook other than the fact that it it’s relatively sturdy. As you can tell by me, knocking on it, don’t worry it hasn’t marked it before you before you get concerned.

It looks the part it feels the part as well and it’s relatively portable as well, making ideal for those students on a budget on the speaker front with this particular chromebook um. The speakers sound relatively decent for the price, relatively okay, with dual downwards, facing uh laptops that are mounted uh on the underside they’re, not at an angle, which could mean that sound can get a little bit muffled uh, specifically uh. If you’ve got it on the kind of a soft surface like a bed or a blanket all sorts, if you’re using it on your bed um, but if you’ve got it on a on a hard surface like a table or a desk where it probably should be, Then you should uh be covered relatively well here; otherwise they sound, okay and arguably expected for the price. Just don’t expect anything like a stereo that you could buy for roughly a similar outlet. I am pleased to say, though, that, unlike the probably slightly dodgy and spongy sounding speakers, um that the keyboard and trackpad that’s present on the 314 does indeed exceed its price point. It doesn’t feel spongy at all feels relatively solid and is again relatively quiet, although if you do um, if you do happen to have it on for a long time, you may get a couple of noise complaints, but that’s only for people who are super specific it’s Got a relatively compact layout, you’ll notice, there’s no full size number pad.

On the right hand, side it’s got just enough keys on it, including arrow keys, so you can bang out an essay if you so wish. There’S a relatively nice size track pad on the 314. Actually, it’s a really really big trackpad on a laptop that’s, um that’s, so tiny. The spin 513 trackpad was probably half the size of this and it even beats the trackpads uh of slightly older macbook models, and this is probably about the size of what you would have got on a 2015 macbook air that i uh i used to own and Still do actually it’s still used as a backup machine, but again trackpad here is nicely firm and comfortable again made of made of some gorilla glass once again um, which means that it feels smooth and solid to the touch and the buttons are nicely tactile as well. So it’s also got some pretty decent tracking too so, overall on the keyboard and the trackpad front, uh, the chromebook 314 from acer is absolutely brilliant. Given the fact uh. This is a budget chromebook being priced at just 230 grid. It would be very easy for acer to have skimped out and, given you a minimal amount of ports i’m pleased to say that they absolutely haven’t there’s, two speedy usbc’s that also double up for charging purposes: two usb a’s and a micro sd reader, a three and A half mil headphone jack and a kensington lock as well, and, to be honest, you may be wondering so where’s your display output, so yeah there’s, no hdmi, there’s, no vga display port dvi.

All sorts of things like that. To be honest, given the fact that this is a budget laptop, you probably aren’t, going to be hooking it up to a and to a display screen to load any presentations off any time soon. This is a mobile computing beast and the fact that acer have included a really nice selection of modern and indeed legacy, options. Um that just offer a great amount of compatibility is absolutely fantastic. You really do have to hand it to asa um for kissing out the 314 properly in this specific instance. So how does this uh, rather budget oriented chromebook get the 314 handle uh with regards to its display? Well, if you’re looking for something that’s, a rather full hd, display i’m afraid you’re out of luck, the chromebook 314 is limited to a 1366 by 768 resolution, just offering something a little bit above. What would be in this day and age? Can uh coins being hd ready something a little bit above 720p, which is 1280×720 for those interest um for those interested? This rather low resolution, isn’t, probably ideal for a 14 inch screen, which is probably plenty big enough anyways, which can make things um look a little bit fuzzy uh if the gaps between the pixels are noticeable on a display that isn’t full hd anyway, you’ll probably notice. This uh, when watching any videos, be it from netflix or amazon, prime or disney plus or whatever streaming service that you prefer to use um and it’s, probably the uh, this laptop’s biggest weak point.

I wouldn’t suggest using this to binge hours of, say, james may’s armor and japan uh, for instance, and even on its brightest setting. This 314 can look a little bit dim at times, which might be problematic if you want to use the laptop outside on a sunny day. I mean i’m currently recording this video on what is probably 20 degree heat. I wouldn’t necessarily take 314 out in that bright light, um, just to not necessarily only save my eyes, but also save um. This 314 display from looking out of place colors, can look a little bit flat, though, resulting in what is no more than a passable viewing experience. However, what i will say is that viewing angles were decent uh in as you’ll see when you were with wildlife footage. That’S rolling around you can probably see it from practically any angle. Of course, just don’t go too far either way um, as is customer with most laptops. You surely want to see everything uh that’s on the screen and the fact that this particular budget laptop has rather thin bezels for the price as well also means that it looks rather modern as well. Also, um goes on with the fact that this has a 14 inch screen, which is ideal for any compact laptops for productivity purposes, with anything smaller seeming too small and anything bigger, perhaps a little bit overkill, especially on a chromebook, but do note that the 314 screen Isn’T a touch enabled, which is a shame for a chromebook which could arguably used um for those kind of more more phone like tasks.

If you will given the fact that this chromebook clocks, in as i say, 230 quid um there’s, no real expectations for the 314 to produce zany, um performance figures within any benchmarks or go go beyond what it’s necessarily meant to do. It is fundamentally there to do the basics. Well, given the fact that it is a chromebook, i’m happy to report uh once again, the asus budget beast does exactly what it says on the tin now, with its intel cellar on the 4000, providing a decent uh, and rather snappy user experience, it’s four gigs of Ram is great for web browsing and video viewing uh, even opening a shed load of chrome tabs didn’t cause this thing to falter, particularly too much only caused images really to take that little bit longer to load, but overall, that slowdown’s pretty negligible, considering you’re paying the Price of an xbox series s for a pretty much fully fledged computer. But what i will say, though, is that you do have to be realistic with what you want. Uh laptops do that’s, not just true for chromebooks, but for windows or mac os based laptops as well. It fundamentally lives miles behind any of its windows based counterparts that can cost double the price and is even slower than some of those slightly different chromebooks out there. Like lenovo’s chromebook duet, which is really just a tablet at the end of the day, basically, what this means is that you’ve got to stick with the basics for any um chromebook, be this particular 314 from acer or any of them, and, of course it is worth Also noting that, because this thing does run chrome, os it’s, not necessarily as flexible as windows, which means that you’re limited to not only what’s available on the google play store, really speaking, what google actually support for chromebooks and what apps have been developed for chromebooks uh.

In general, that shouldn’t be a problem if you want to use anything mainstream, which is probably what you’re going to be using this for um, so just bear in mind as to what this thing is actually designed for, but at the end of the day, for a 229 quid laptop you don’t, expect more than the basics and i’m happy to say that this particular chromebook does those absolutely brilliantly well now, in that last section, i said not to expect too much um from that chromebook 314, just given the fact that it’s um it Costs 230 quid, but to be honest, given the battery life, you could be forgiven for thinking that it’s a 500 750 or even a thousand pound laps i’ve, given the fact that it lasts 13 and a half hours on a single charge. When you just run a video and play it back, which is actually means that it’s pretty much capable of lasting a few working days from 100 to zero and with that, the 314 does continue to cement itself as one of the best budget machines out there as Well, as being one of the best chromebooks out there with regards to battery life, as i said previously, batteries really should be lasting around 10 hours in any given laptop. So for this thing to last 13 and a half hours means that it’s, absolutely incredible and it’s. Rather impressive, some more amd ryzen based laptops have admittedly reached higher figures than this, and but those are also two to three times the price of um.

This plucky little chromebook. So, if you’re after something with fantastic battery life and but just adequate performance, then this chromebook 314 is a pretty good option as well so uh. In conclusion, then, is this acer chromebook 314 worth a pickup? Well, if you’re somebody that wants uh a budget, chromebook that’s not going to burn a hole in your wallet at all and that looks the part – has decent build quality and port selection and incredible battery life. Then you really won’t go wrong here at all. If you want something that’s going to do the basics well, such as web browsing opening emails, then this particular acer chromebook represents brilliant value for money um, although what i will say is it’s not the best um, the best thing in the world. Of course, it’s. Not really powerful enough for kind of heavier workloads such as gaming content, creation, video editing, all those uh sorts of things um or if you want something that’s going to have a properly um full hd display, then you’re, better off looking elsewhere. But fundamentally, this gets the the untitled seal of approval um, as it were for a properly budget chromebook that offers decent performance and a fantastic battery life to boot. Now all that really remains to be said. Uh is that, if you’ve enjoyed this video don’t, of course forget to like share, and indeed subscribe to the channel and to bring the notification bell, so you don’t miss any future uploads to follow us.

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