While we have been very skeptical of this thing after the hype and marketing machine Asus and Intel brought to bear at IFA 2022. In Germany, a few weeks ago, Ive been daily driving this thing for about three weeks now and well. Folding your laptop from a big 17 inch tablet to a smaller laptop, actually makes a ton of sense and is indeed very useful during everyday use. Foreign, I have to address a few things, though first off most of you will probably never buy this thing. It is ridiculously expensive at 3 500 dollars, and I wont really compare this to anything else we tested so far. I saw some channels pitting this against a 16 inch MacBook Pro just because it was priced the same. I think that doesnt make a ton of sense since well. There actually isnt anything on the market right now that compares to this. In addition, this is very much a first generation product that will most likely shape a whole new device category, so Im pretty sure Asus isnt, expecting a lot of us will go out there and buy this puppy. So, look at this more like a conceptual well made Mass Market ready prototype that is put into die, hard tech aficionados hands to see how these kinds of foldable devices will be used in the future. But enough with the rambling lets. Take a look at this thing. Jesus did the high price take justice and the fault is exceptionally well made and uses high quality materials in all of its construction.

A rigid unit is equipped with 16 gigabytes of LP ddr5 5200 RAM and a one terabyte SSD and the main chassis is made from smooth metal at the bottom and shiny with the sandbok logo. At the top, the hinge is covered with a leather like material that includes the kickstand, for when you want to use it in desktop mode speaking of modes, the fold can be used in various versions that all have their use cases and really show how convenient it Actually is when you can change the form factor of your device in an instant I really like the laptop mode in tight spaces and the desktop mode for using this one as a mini all in one. Even the band portrait mode proved to be very useful. When I edited my latest vacation photos from a trip to Portugal not too long ago, of course, the construction has its drawbacks that mostly comes down to weight and thickness. While the fold can be a 12.5 inch laptop with a keyboard, it will never be able to keep up with the thinness of something like a Dell XPS, 13 or MacBook Air. But then again, these can turn into giant 17 inch OLED equipped tablets in terms of ports. The fold comes with two USBC Thunderbolt: 4 ports that both support a DisplayPort signal and, of course, power, delivery and a 3.5 millimeter headphone jack. Due to the flexible nature of the Fall, the placement of the USB port sometimes results in some awkward positioning, but I guess this is just something we have to deal with when working on a transforming laptop tablet hybrid.

In terms of wireless communication, the sandbox offers no reason to complain and secures the top spots in our database. Thanks to the Speedy Wi, Fi 6E enabled Intel module. Transfer rates have been speedy and stable during our testing, as it should be for a device that will be used away from wired connections for most of its life while default is a tablet in its core. Asus includes a Bluetooth keyboard that can be magnetically sandwiched between the folded screen. Once you put the keyboard on the lower half of the fold, the color display section will be turned off instantly, which worked very reliably and without any glitches. The keyboard offers a pleasant typing experience with a decent 1.4 millimeters of travel and a clear pressure point. The Click pad, while working quite well, was a little rarely with loud clicks that didnt make it feel as premium as the rest of the sand book. One major downside for the keyboard is the missing backlight, even though it would have probably further shortened the already not Stellar battery life of the keyboard itself. Alright guys lets talk about the main star of the show. The 17 inch 4×3 OLED panel in typical OLED fashion. Both viewing angles and contrast are exceptional, while brightness and SDR mode is alright. With 320 nits on average, this being affordable device users will have to deal with a slight fold line in the center. While you can certainly feel it when using touch to interact with your on screen content as soon as you watch anything it isnt noticeable at all.

Only when watching darker content in a brighter room, the reflection will give it away. But on the screen itself, there are no artifacts or any discoloration in the middle of the display. Why the OLED covers almost 100 of srgb DC ip3 and even Adobe RGB and is very accurate during our grayscale measurements. Colors deviate quite a bit from their ideal appearance, resulting in very high Delta ease. We havent been able to correct this with our calibration, which is quite a shame, since the fold could have been a great tool for the traveling creator. That said, it is suitable for some light photo editing or design work on the gold. Just be aware that you shouldnt use it for color critical work regarding pwm the screen flickers at 240Hz between 0 to 65 percent, which might be problematic for sensitive users. In this regard, above 65 DC dimming is used, and at 100 we measured absolutely no flickering. In addition to the integrated brightness control within Windows, Asus added a software feature of their own that enabled DC dimming throughout all brightness levels, which should further help to mitigate the flick iron problem. Should you be affected by it for more details on PW and flickering? Please refer to our written review. My colleague, Andrea spent, quite a bit of time, testing the fault 17 thoroughly in terms of performance. Asus equips the flexible convertible with a relatively new low power Alder Lake i7, the 1250u. The hybrid chip comes with two performance and 8 efficiency cores and runs with a power Target between 10 to 30 Watts, depending on the chosen performance mode.

Considering the fold 17 will most likely be used as an entertainment or office device. The performance offers no reason to complain everything from watching 4K streams or YouTube content, standard productivity and even the occasional photo edit in Photoshop and capture. One was no problem for the affordable tablet. Changing the screen, orientation or adding or removing the keyboard from the tablet resulted in Snappy reactions from the desktop you just have to get used to resizing and rearranging your windows quite often, but we havent been able to observe any hiccups during every day and heavy use. This is further underlined by the substantial Benchmark numbers from our system. Performance test drive performance is also excellent, probably also aiding the perceived Snapper user experience. Unfortunately, transfer rates drop significantly during our benchmarks, probably due to heat management problems, why this should hardly be a problem during normal use. It is something potential users should be aware of why the large Outlet would make for the perfect canvas for some story driven video games with the integrated XE Graphics, any form of serious gaming is basically off the table, at least if you want to run your games Locally, I played some games via Microsoft, xcloud and boy. Is this screen amazing for games? The service worked exceptionally well, probably also thanks to the Stellar Wi Fi performance and it kind of feels like youre having your Ultra Mobile gaming console with you at all times when there is Wi Fi, of course, king of gaming.

If we push the integrated GPU during our standard gaming tests, it marks about the only occasion default gets distractingly loud, usually the maximum you will get from the small fan inside the chassis is a slightly noticeable hum when pushing the i7, for example, during some photoshop work Or when exporting some images in Capture One, but in general, this handbook is a very quiet device that will hardly distract you from your content with fan noise. If you want to make some noise, Asus puts four speakers in the fold and they deliver a solid sound experience for a laptop. The soundstage is wide enough and clear and even offers a little bit of bass, which makes the sandbox sound system easily suitable for watching movies, YouTube in game audio or even the occasional casual playlist, while making dinner. If you want to do all of these things on a single charge, battery life for default is quite a complex topic, since the OLED display needs different amounts of energy. Depending on how bright the content is. Battery life varies drastically between different use cases, while the results from our video playback tests are excellent with more than 11 hours. Our websaving test is rather disappointing, with only 6 hours and 43 minutes at 50, brightness or 4 hours and 40 minutes on maximum brightness. If you want to preserve some battery life on being on the go use default in tablet mode to shut off half of the display and get more than 11 hours during the same test, alright folks lets wrap this up.

Apart from the bulky, folded form factor, missing, backlight for the keyboard and, of course, the higher cost, the Sandberg fault 17 has been a delight to use. It is an entertainment Powerhouse, mostly thanks to the large OLED screen and even for office work. The added flexibility makes it at home on any desk, no matter if you are at home in a cafe or even on a plane. Speaking of work system performance surprised us in a positive way. While the i7 is just a low power chip, it was able to handle anything you would throw at such a device with relative ease and the whole transitioning between different modes and orientation worked flawlessly without any glitches or stutters. So, while the fold 17 might be a device for a select clientele as of now the sheer potential it shows for foldable, laptops in general is very exciting, and we can only hope that Asus sells enough of them to further invest in the technology to bring down Cost so more of us can enjoy new and exciting form factors for laptops in the coming years. That would be it for today, please sound off in the comments what you think about the sendbook or affordables in general and how you would use such a device thanks. A ton for watching and please consider, liking the video and subscribing to the channel. My name is Alex. You have been absolutely amazing and I cant wait to see you all in the next one.