This computer starts off at about 5.99 from Dells website and you can get it in a variety of configurations such as like different screens and processors and rooms, and all that other kind of good stuff. But ultimately, the Inspiron is a platform that has been around for a long long time and and Dells kind of getting into pushing these sort of like two in one sort of half tablet: half laptop hybrid machines at people and they seem to kind of get better. Every every year, or at least so they say well today, what we want to find out is if this new Dell Inspiron 14 7420 is any good, and if you should buy, one yourself lets get some of the specs out of the way really fast. This one comes with the 12th generation i5 processor. It comes with a ddr4. This particular one has eight gigabytes in it. It has two Ram slots, so you can upgrade them to 32 gigabytes. If you would like to on your own, it comes with a 512 gigabyte, nvme solid state drive that is also user upgradeable if you would like – and it has Iris XE Graphics now, all of that sort of translates to a lot of good productivity horsepower. In fact, if we go to user Benchmark here, youve got a 12 6 12 684 on the opencl score for the by the other. This is for those that are curious and then the 1624 and single and a 6431 on uh on multi core now uh.

If you are interested in the benchmark scores, that means you probably already know how geekbench calculates their score. So Im not going to get into that. Normally on this channel we actually use user Benchmark, but we decided to use geekbench this time around because well user Benchmark. Just simply wasnt working it kept on saying, missing, SSD, and even though we did all of the things that youre normally supposed to in order to fix that, such as like disabling the rapid stuff, didnt work, end of story. So uh does this thing Benchmark really well, and the answer is yes, it does. It is a very, very fast computer. This is going to be great for somebody that needs something for their office or, while traveling theyre doing word excel PowerPoint Outlook window. When would the web the internet to email all that stuff uh? Is it a gaming computer not really see? The thing is is that, even though it doesnt have like the most highest definition, 4K screen in the world, it still just has those Iris, XE, graphics and all those have come a long way and would probably allow you to play some games, such as Minecraft and Fortnite and stuff, like that, it definitely isnt going to allow you to play AAA titles on any kind of meaningful settings, so its not a gaming computer, but it is definitely a fantastic productivity computer and we will get into that a little bit more in a little Bit the keyboard on this thing, I think, for the first time ever.

Actually, we are rating the keyboard a 10 out of 10.. It is tactile, it is responsive. It feels good on the fingers theres proper, spacing between the keys. They have black or gray keycaps with white lettering. Uh it just all around. It feels fantastic. I would argue, it even feels almost maybe a little bit better than the Apple keyboard, and it has a backlight on it. It doesnt have a full size keyboard because well, the frame is just a little bit too small, but suffice to say it is a fantastic laptop keyboard, so those that are doing things like writing and typing and journaling and blogging. This computer is going to be a great option for those the trackpad um. One thing Id like to note about the trackpad, which I think is actually kind of a cool cute design. Aesthetic is it sort of cuts off the top of the track pad there and you just sort of have the lines on the sides and the bottom. The thing that just I mean it doesnt do anything. It just kind of looks neat its a cool design, aesthetic uh trackpad is a nine out of ten. It is very precise. It goes where you want to. It. Has great multi gesture support uh it doesnt ghost. It is just a great great trackpad and its even a very good size, considering the frame of this laptop, the click on it like when you push down and you click on the trackpad very classic Dell, its just a little bit kind of hard.

So youre probably going to always want to use the tapping feature on the trackpad, but suffice to say that the the theres something about Dells they put these like 20 pound pressure Springs underneath their track pads and you got ta have like the fingers of the Rock. In order to in order to be able to like use the touching thing on the trackpad, but moving right along speakers on this thing, man was, I pleasantly surprised, were going to go ahead and give the speakers on this thing a 9 out of ten as well. That is really really up there with the best of them. These speakers Get Loud, they dont distort theyve, got good highs, mids and lows: theyve got good; they got good bass in them as well in case youre fishing anyway um speakers on it, though, are going to be fantastic for watching a movie. If youre like in a dorm room and youre, watching a movie with friends or even family whatever, and this thing is sitting on a table and youre all just looking at the wide viewing angle screen which we will get into in a moment, uh speakers are going To get loud enough to where you could really enjoy uh some good Fidelity when, when watching the movie, listen to a podcast, you can even listen to a music listen to music in a pinch. Obviously, if you are an audio file, you will want to pop in a set of headphones, but nevertheless these are great speakers loud enough to announce annoy somebody in a library now lets talk about the LCD on this puppy, so it is a 14.

1 inch screen. It is what Dell calls their true life display. You would think that that minute was a higher uh frame rate, but it isnt. It is still a 60 hert panel, but it is just very good, deep contrast: good colors, good blacks, good whites, it doesnt black uh backwash, but it doesnt back bleed for Gods sakes, Christopher um. It is a really really nice panel to look at it does have. Exceptionally, fantastic wide view wide viewing angles and again the true life thing just also means that its a shiny display instead of matte in color so great great panel. It Is 1920 by 1200, which is like an fhd plus. So no, they didnt give you anything like 2K, 3K, 4K um or even like HDR, but it is just a just a good good, solid all around panel. Now this one also turns into a tablet which well get into more in the mobility section um, but uh and youre in tablet mode. That little thing popped up so were just going to go ahead and go back to the little s. Little fun geometric shapes here, but nevertheless uh display on it is good quality and were going to go ahead and give it a 7 out of 10.. I do wish that they gave you either HDR or a um, maybe like 120 hertz panel, its getting to the point now where displays on laptops. For you know they should just kind of push that envelope a little bit uh.

That said, for a computer that starts at 600 bucks. What more can you really ask for? But when you start configuring this thing with more RAM and more solid state, storage and stuff, like that, you are getting kind of nudging close to a thousand dollars, and I really do wish that they put a better panel in at that and for that lets talk Features of the Inspiron 40 7420 has a little privacy shutter at the top. It has a webcam built in and its actually a pretty decent looking webcam. This is the what the footage looks like now. This is a test of the Dell Inspiron 14 two in one webcam and, as you can see its pretty good okay good, that is a fingerprint scanner, so you can very quickly get into Windows. It does not have a Windows, hello compatible camera, but it is convertible. It does have pen support as well as well, so you can get one of Dells active pens. It does have a backlight on the keyboard. As I have said, uh feature wise. All in all, it is pretty decent again. I like the fact that its got ddr4 theyre pushing this sort of power envelope there. It does have Bluetooth built in low power. It also has Wi Fi six, so youve got all the latest Wireless Technologies in this thing overall were going to go ahead and give the features an 8 out of 10., especially for the sort of like starting price bracket.

The only thing that we can really think of that its missing is maybe like a Windows, hello, compatible, camera again stuff like HDR and maybe a higher higher Hertz screen. But we already kind of ding that in the LCD category, so were gon na go and say eight out of 10.. Its got really good features, especially for like what it is. Mobility battery life on this thing is somewhere about eight. We tested practically speaking about eight and a half hours of battery life, so that is definitely enough to get you from like class to class or you know floating around in an airport on an airplane. This kind of thing it uh does charge via USBC, so youll be able to kind of plug in with whatever chord you have and wherever you are, so that really shouldnt be a problem and as far as just in general, well, first off build quality. On this thing is exceptional, its got really really great metals and Plastics on it. It just feels like it can kind of take a beating. The hinges are really really solid. Maybe almost a little bit too firm, um screen is like a little bit shaky. Maybe at times, but not as bad as the lenovos build quality is fantastic because of this fantastic build quality. It is a little bit heavy, but I wouldnt really say that its that much heavier than like lets say the 14 inch MacBook Pro and in some ways its even thinner, um, so like, for example, if we kind of shut that you can.

Actually, I mean its its a little bit thinner here, a little bit, thicker kind of in the back end, so Mobility wise youre, going to be able to shove this thing into a um into your backpack into your travel bag, whatever. Maybe your bellroy Tokyo work bag which were going to and um and just have all in all a great experience moving around town with it. As far as the tablet stuff is concerned, again, it does have pen active support, Dells pen, active pen, sport fold. It down make a tablet out of it: um Ive, always kind of felt that to be a little bit gimmicky um, but hey Im, not here to yuck anybodys young. If you want to use this thing as a tablet, more power too, but I just kind of think that um, you know if you want a tablet, got an iPad. If you want a laptop, get a get a laptop and this, but this thing does it really really well and the touch support and everything on the screen is very precise and accurate were going to go ahead and give Mobility a 7 out of 10.? Why a 7 out of 10, you ask well first up seven out of 10 is not a bad score, but that said, uh seven out of ten because maybe could have been a little bit lighter. I dont know battery life. Maybe could have been a little bit better as well so um, you know thats still a very respectable scar people, so you know stop come stop whining about it.

Um I owe on this thing. You have lets start on this side. Trrs Jack here so you can plug both headphones microphone yeah into it, uh USB traditional USB super speed, port and then a full size, SD card reader. That is going to be great for Photoshop editors and people, editing on the fly on location. That kind of thing um, oh heres, another kind of little kind of interesting thing, the the because the screen is quite heavy on here. I know I know Im getting off track. So if you kind of like hold it here, it definitely has like a lot of weight in the screen which um you know again. Thats still kind of affects the mobility section, its not like Im, just pointing it out people the center of gravity on. It is weird um, you have full size, HDMI port love, that thats going to be great for people like wanting to plug up to a projector or TV, and then you have two USB C ports that offer a display, so you can plug in um. You can plug in a monitor in there if you want, and its also youll notice, that on this laptop, which I really love by the way they dont have a traditional um, a traditional charging port on here and its not because it runs on solar energy because It doesnt, but you charge your via USBC, and I think that that is just absolutely the bees knees uh.

I really love that they did away with the conventional charging port um. You just have USBC charging on it. I think a lot of people will absolutely that feature, and then it is time for all laptops to go to the USBC charging and the fact that you can plug in a monitor into the USBC Port as well. That is really really nice too um. I O is going to get a 9 out of 10.. Really couldnt have done a whole lot better uh. They gave you basically everything you need other than an ethernet port, but who the hell uses that these days, computer um. We really really really like this computer. A lot theres a couple of like weird, odd drawbacks to it: um, really nothing that would ever make you not want to buy it, though uh fan noise on it, for those that are curious, Dells have a reputation for getting a little bit loud with when the Fan ramps up, this fan will ramp up when you are at Max CPU, so expect to get a little bit of fan noise Make sure you update your bios when you get your Dell Inspiron update your bios that way its kind of got all the latest fan. Algorithms and all that other stuff keeps it quiet and cool. It is not an obnoxiously, loud computer and it will very rarely get obnoxiously loud uh. It is really only like, probably if you put a game on such as like fortnite or something like that, then the fan will ramp up and maybe bug you, but if youre doing any kind of productivity stuff it will be whisper quiet.

You cannot even hear it. Um this computer is going to be for those that are traveling journalists, typists that kind of stuff blogists uh. It is going to be great, for, I think, even like audio editors. Obviously, Maybe audio people will want a slightly bigger screen or something like that. But frankly, if youre recording a podcast or music whatever and youve got got the USBC in there, you can attach a hub and microphones and switch, and all that good stuff too um on location photo editors. Maybe people are doing like Photoshop and photography, and that kind of thing they just want to unload their pictures on this thing really really love it for that and again, because you can expand the storage makes for a great option there. I dont really think this thing is for video editors and I dont really think that it is for gamers. This is kind of a productivity office computer and it does that very very well. We absolutely recommend the new Dell Inspiron 7420. We think that, if you buy one, you will be very very happy with. It will be very, very great for students as well, and I think that pretty much about does it. That gives this computer about an eight and a half out of ten, which is an exceptional score. That is a great grade. Thats like a b b plus thats, like a name its like more like an A minus. I guess who gives it all right lets um, hey! Thank you so much for watching.

Thank you. So much for watching um were gon na put links in the description below to where you can buy this thing it does. It really really helps support this channel.