. So let’s stop talking and let’s jump right into the video. Here we go Music and here’s the box. There you go this. This is the huion hs hs64 yeah his box is beautiful. Also, you can buy this as an add on, i believe, a drawing glove, because why not here’s the box? Hs 64.? There you go. You guys make your ins make your inspiration reality. There you go that’s an awesome box, stop say huyin yeah this one, you guys can read it create more great, different that’s, a great message. There you go hs64 and block there’s a qr code. You guys can scan it or just check it out there you go and here’s the sp, the specs, the specs. Let me, let me read you guys. The dimension is 2200 length. Oh 200 length 166 at eight millimeter millimeter, i don’t know mm sorry. Active area is 160 times. 102 mm sorry press pressure sensitivity. This is important. The pressure sensitivity is 8192 level. This attribute is strong way better than the huion 420, the 400 420, because that thing is so cheap, quite doable. The pen resolution is 5080, 80 lpi. The accuracy is, is our average around 0.3 mm mini meter, yeah millimeter, i mean a millimeter there. You go. Oh sorry, i should accident sorry, i accidentally reading height 10 min a mini milli. I forgot this million i’m sorry millimeter. Sorry key press press keys, there’s four customizable customize press keys, so you can customize the macros.

The interface type is micro usb, which is a banger. The weight is sorry, 260 g, a gram and support on os support on windows 10. I believe, or windows 7 or later back os 10.12 or later, okay, there you go and here’s the you know, you guys can read it they’re good. We we’re done talking about that. Here’S, the there’s, the box. You guys can see this box let’s get my unboxing knife here we are beautiful, unboxing knife there we go here, we go knife is awesome. Music. There we go here’s the box, get ready for a reveal there. We go nothing here. Get this thing out of my way. Okay, we have the car say. Thank you huyan. You guys probably can see this uh car say thank you for choosing who you who we in sorry. So i guess you know warranty card typical and here’s. The drawing pad let’s lift it up. Look at that. Look at that hold up put the plastic out of my way hold up. Give me a minute there we go here’s the drawing pad there. You go here’s the button you guys can yeah yeah. Okay, there you go on the. Let me turn off the flashlight there guys anyway, i’m gon na turn back turn back on. There you go there, you go here’s. The button let’s check what you have. So this pen is very special. This thing this pen can do node it the work of the nine and know the eight thousand eight thousand pressure airplane pressure.

What’S up. Let me show you guys an example right now. Focus there you go here is the drawing pad the pen, the cable, which is a usb to micro, usb, if you guys, can see this micro usb so it’s using usb type, a to usb mic to micro, usb, okay and there’s, a lot of pen nips and Tool, the thing is what all right there you go. This thing is micro. Usb, you guys can see this micro usb port. You guys can see uh. Sorry, i jittering there. You go micro usb to you know plug it in at the port. There you go. Oh, i didn’t see this. You guys, can you can check it out, check the pen there you go here’s the pen and there’s a something curve and say: huyin, no adapter, adapter. Okay, let me check the adapter okay. You can plug the hs64 to your computer, but if you don’t have a computer, you can plug this to your phone, so yeah this both of them are usb usb to this this for usb to usb type c, and this is usb to micro usb. Let me focus again usb to usb type c. There. You go it’s basically like this right. This is usually go to your computer, but since you don’t have the computer, you can plug this guy in like so and there you go just like that, plug plug it to your plug into your phone and there we go and that’s.

Basically, it i mean there’s a manual but there’s a manual but who’s gon na read that there we go and that’s. Basically, it there’s nothing so here’s what you get in the box, so i’m gon na. Do some testing so only cut to the video of me using a drawing app so drawing app on my phone, so let’s freaking go let’s, go so here’s the drawing pad. You guys can see this and here’s the phone. Then we’re gon na plug this drawing pad to the phone and let’s check it out. Is it gon na connect or not so first thing you have to connect the micro usb to the port. You guys can see this to the port click on micro. Usb. You guys can see this yeah there you go. We can plug this thing in just like that. There you go, and usually it comes with a usb, a usb a but the box. Come comes with a what i call a converter. You guys can see this usb a to usb type c, so let’s plug this thing here. Let you guys focus there, you go there, we go, and this phone has usb type c. So let’s connect this. Shall we there we go let’s connect this there you go it’s connected. I should give it power. Oh, should i oh wait? Oh wait. I think i remember you need to turn the otg, which is. Let me go to settings. Uh switch.

One is the Music otg there you go hey here, you guys, you can see this otg. You guys have to turn this thing on. So here we go. It’S turned on it’s. Now activate it should be recognized there we go. Oh, oh, shoot, oh shoot. It does have some drawing apps let’s test out autodesk sketchbook, because that’s the typical there you go there, you go Music, Music, um Music. You know that’s, not a bad thing to do. I think i’m gon na cut this here, here’s my character, look at it it’s! So simply it’s it’s, so simple, i think that’s. Basically it there’s nothing else me to show because i’m suck at drawing uh yeah. It does yeah. So i’m gon na end this video here, if you guys enjoy it – oh my god so that’s. Basically, it draw a character. You know you know smiley face there, you go so that’s, basically it i think i’m. Getting this video here, i’m done so that’s the end of the video zoho yen, hs 64.. So is it worth it? Yes, i think it’s worth it to buy. Don’T buy the h 420 if you’re, really on. If you’re, really on a tight budget, sure you can buy that cheap drawing pad. But if you have enough money and plus you don’t have a computer sure i recommend buy this, give this thing a shot, so i think i’m gon na end. This video here hope you guys enjoy this.

Oh this mayhem, if you guys enjoy this video consider liking. This video, if you guys enjoy, if you guys, are new here, a new audience, hey, consider, subscribing i’m new to this youtube thing and in the near future i will do better. I will do better promise. I promise and don’t forget. My name is boss and don’t.