Welcome to yet another video in this video, i’m gon na show you that’s a product and come on let’s go into the video Music. This is lenovo ideapad, flex, 5 launched in july 2020. I have used it for around three months. I bought an august and still i’m using it for everything for my video, editing and uh for my rendering everything this has i5 10 gen processor, which is intel core, and it has a very, very, very good performance. It has a very, very good performance. This is the lenovo pen that comes with it. Usually this is a stylus as it is a touch screen, so let’s see the boot up now and launches in instantly it takes for it takes about five seconds to boot. Up – and it has a fingerprint scanner too over here right over here i’m – going to press it it’s – also so instantly happening it’s so fast, and with this my experience is that it’s, a very good laptop – and here they have mentioned that it has privacy shutter on The webcam right over here, as you can see it, has a full hd screen which is 1080p screen, which is a 1080p screen, and it has a 14 inch screen. For me, the display looks very good, very nice and it has a punchy colors. The keyboard typings were too good for me and so far i have experienced the best typing experience in this laptop.

It has a smoother mouse controls, which is why most control from this touchpad. We have mentioned that it has 360 degree versatility over here. It has front freezing speakers. Those are right in here. I have to mention that this laptop has the best ever quality of audio that i have ever heard. It has very loud speakers and in which i can keep around 70 or 80 percent, and i can feel the punch and the bass works good. The touch response in it is also too good just see, i can touch use it, and the app openings are very quick. If i wanted to do it opens up too quick because of the processor in it. It has an intel core, i5 10g processor. It has a graphics card which is integrated with it. Okay just see, i will play a video and just check the audio quality in it, and the video quality net is very good in this video let’s see how is one ui 3.0, based on android, 11 and i’m gon na see the major updates done in one Ui 3.0 from one ui 2.5 come on let’s go into the video so far just see how was the audio quality and please do come, leave a comment to say about that. Next, i will come to the stylus i’ll. Just close this app and just fold. It use it like a notebook and also like this in the tent mode in the tent mode yeah now check.

This is the way in which we can use our laptop. This is called the tent mode and we can change it like into a tablet. Tablet mode is on and the app screen. This is the app screen, and this is the start. Just say: how is it and i will move on to the stars. This is a lenovo pen. This is the lenovo pen and we can use it. You can use it for drawing and many other things. If i want to do powerpoint, i can go for a blank presentation and i can draw if i wanted to draw like something like this. I can draw it. I am in paint 3d now and i’m going to open a project that i had did. This is my artistic skills. This is like my second standard homework for drawing just see my second standard homework. I can do many other things such as drawing a cloud. I want to choose the i’m going to undo and i’m going to draw a cloud, the oil pistols. It would be better yeah. You can draw very nicely and in the tablet mode you have to close it. You don’t have a choice to minimize it. I want to save my changes. It is pretty quick. The rendering for 3d painting is pretty quick. As for my usage, this is very good. Laptop for productivity and online classes, for nowadays, almost it’s gon na be ended, anyways for coding everything it goes very good and not for high video editing professionals and and gamers, especially it’s, not a gaming laptop.

I will mention it once again: it’s, not a main gaming left it’s, not a gaming laptop. So if you’re gon na play high games or many games, which is which has high storage, you cannot play with this. It has an 8 gb has an 8gb of ram and 512 gigs of internal ssd. That is a solid state drive, so boot up is very, very quick, very quick use for many other tasks and one more thing: i need to say that the ryzen 5 model, which is ryzen 5 4 500. It has battery life for about nine to ten hours or eight to ten hertz, but i am getting usually five to six hours of battery life and one like one thing, i will say that this graphics card, which is integrated graphics card, is performing well in this, And when using the webcam i’m getting about three to four hours of battery life, i used to use webcam continuously for three to four hours: are they and i’m getting all those three to four hours, if you’re, not using you’re, not gon na use, webcam, usually, then Get about five to six hours average and you can get about eight hours of battery life if you are using and battery saving mode that’s. All for this video guys until then standing up this is my channel journey of life. Don’T forget like share and subscribe this video and journey of life, a wonderful journey ahead in your life.