Basically, the company that build the laptop now Tong Fang have a new 17 inch version available, which should offer even better performance here's what they told me at CES, 2020 and what's on the way all right. So this 17 inch tongcheng chassis, recently started selling through electronics. As the max 17 – and there is also a 15 inch version of it called the max 15 – and these are different machines compared to the mag 15, there isn't actually going to be a 17 inch version of the intel collaboration laptop. So it looks like this is as good as we're going to get for now, if you've been holding out for a larger version. If you recall from my vapor 15 review, the GPU thermal throttle limit was set to 75 degrees Celsius, while the CPU is capped at 90, and this seems to be controlled by the locked down BIOS. From my understanding, these limits are imposed by Intel to ensure a cooler machine, but performance is definitely being left on the table as a result of this tongcheng are basically able to better tune the machine how they see fit without these constraints, as well as offer greater Levels of customization, some companies, like XM g, are provided custom bios, which provides all sorts of additional benefits, such as under bolting support. This is something that wasn't an option with the mag 15. As for my understanding that bios is provided by intel, so it's, looking like the new max 15 and max 17, will have more flexibility.

This is good news because both the max 15 and max 17 can be Specht up to nvidia, RT x, 2070, max p, graphics. So not Mac's cure, as was the case with the mag 15, and if you saw my video comparing the gtx 1660 TI mag 15 against the RT x, 2070 max q1. It really didn't seem like a worthy upgrade due to the previously mentioned thermal restrictions anyway. Although the mag and max are different machines, they share a lot of similarities. Let'S, compare I've got the Intel collaboration machine, the xmg fusion 15, in this case on the left and the new 17 inch on the right, which is a lighter color. Keyboards look similar, but the 17 inch has a numpad. The keyboard on the new Macs 17 is membrane. Er er, while the mag 15 does have the edge with it's mechanical switches here's. How typing on both sounds? You can see the color difference better on top, though the 17 inch in this example doesn't currently have any logo on the lid there's not really much difference on the bottom, the usual air intakes towards the back and speakers towards the front on the sides. The internals look similar and, for the most part they are as there's two memory slots to m dot, 2 slots and 94 watt our battery. However, the 17 inch should have improved cooling. They mentioned it's got larger fans and heat sinks, which we can see here.

So it will be interesting to compare them more on that soon. The IR on the left appears to be essentially the same, with both laptops and similar on the right except interestingly, the 17 inch has a smaller micro SD card slot, which I found a bit strange. Given the smaller model could fit a full sized same io over on the back and it's good to see that the 17 inch maintains Thunderbolt 3. During my meeting with Tom Fang, they told me we'll be seeing more of that in future machines. Now let's talk performance. We were able to check performance in temperatures with prime95 and fur mark running at the same time on both machines. It was only going for about 20 minutes or so and I'm, not sure about ambient room temp. However, the 17 inch was averaging around 500 megahertz higher overall 6 CPU cores with the i7 9750 h, a nice improvement to be fair. The 17 inch was running hotter, but that's mainly down to the thermal limit being boosted to allow it, but also keep in mind. The 17 inch in this test was using the more power hungry 2070 max PE, while the 15 inch has a 2070 max Q with a lower thermal cap. Although this was by no means a perfect experiment, it does clearly show that the new model performs better under heavy levels of load. I'Ve also got a quick size comparison between the new Max 17 and the older near 17 sold by xmg or mechs 17 as it's sold by electronics, which is another Tong Fang chassis I've got the new Max 17 on the right here and we can see it's Thinner, despite both being available with the same 2070, max speed, graphics, so it'll be interesting to compare the two properly huge thanks to Tom at xmg for arranging the meeting with Tom Fang and sending over the detailed specs xmg aren't, currently selling this new chassis with the 9Th Gen Intel hardware, but are considering offering it in Europe when 10th generals around, so let them know down in the comments if you want to see this offered by them.

Otherwise you can currently get the new max series from electronics in the US. It sounds like Tom Fang have a lot more cool stuff on the way that I'm, unfortunately not able to talk about or show at the moment. But what I can say is you'll definitely want to stay tuned.