With the 1050 Ti, I was interested to see how the 970m compares with the 1050 the two laptops that I'm testing here are fairly similar in terms of specs, but there are some important differences. Firstly, the laptop with the 970m has an older 6700 ehq CPU, while the laptop with the 1050 has the newest 7700 H gear I've previously compared these two CPUs, and although I noted that the difference wasn't much there is a difference. So some of the performance difference here could be due to this. So keep that in mind. Both laptops also have 16 gig of ddr4 memory, but the 970m runs at 2133 megahertz, while the 7700 HQ runs at 2400 megahertz. So again, a small difference to be aware of, unfortunately, I've not been able to get any more similar laptops. So this is the best I could do and in most of these games at higher settings the CPU is in a bottleneck anyway. So there should still allow us to see the performance differences between the two graphics cards. The final main difference between the two laptops is, of course, that one is running an NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050, while the other laptop has an nvidia geforce gtx 970m from the previous generation. The specs between these two graphics cards are slightly different and we can see here that the 1050 has less cuda cores, but with higher bass and boost clock speeds and more memory. With that in mind, let's take a look at our benchmarks and find out how each of these cards perform will cover both real world gaming benchmarks, as well as the results of some benchmarking tools.

All games were tested with the 1080p resolution using all available setting presets. No manual overclocking was performed for any of these tests and gsync was disabled rise of the Tomb. Raider was tested using DirectX 12 and the 970m is performing around 18 better than that 1050 year for all tests. Using the built in benchmark tool. Watchdogs 2 is a fairly resource, intensive game and, in my opinion, doesn't really need a high frame rate to enjoy. I think it settings or lower the game runs well enough and overall tests. The 970m is running sixteen percent better than the ten fifty in The Witcher 3 that's. The smallest difference out of old games, tested at just over 1 of an improvement with the 970m, is really not much difference at all in this game. On the other end of the spectrum player, unknowns, battlegrounds was tested with the latest one pointer version using the replay feature there's. A much larger difference between the two here. I'Ve also noticed this. In my other comparisons too, and in any case, the performance can vary. Quite a lot based on what's going on in game, so take these results with a grain of salt. Ghost recon is another resource, intensive game and probably not something I'd want to play on either option. Although the 970m is providing a 16 percent performance boost and it's, the only option able to get over 60 FPS, although only at the lower settings shadow of war with the built in benchmark didn't, show too much of a difference at all setting levels.

With the 970m running around 6 percent, better than the 1050 with low settings required to get 60 FPS on neither option, battlefield 1 is running fairly well at all setting levels. I found it fairly. Playable live in at higher settings on both options and we're. Seeing an 18 boost to performance with the 970m over the 1050. Finally, doom is another game that usually performs pretty well, regardless of graphics power and again, I didn't have any issues, even at higher settings and we're, seeing a 12 increase using the 970m over the 1050 before we get into the benchmarking tools. I'Ll just quickly note that so far the performance improvement over the games tested is eighteen point: six percent increase for the 970m, not too bad. Although many of these games aren't what you typically play on either of these cards, that what I had available at the time and should still show you the performance difference between them in terms of an overall percentage now on to the benchmarking tools. And while usually, these results generally show a much bigger difference than we see in the games were actually seeing lower increases than in the gaming tests. First we'll check the Unigine benchmarks. Heaven benchmark shows a similar increase to what we saw in the games, while the valley benchmark results are much closer together and here are the results from the newest superposition benchmark with the 1080p tests. Finally, I've tested fire strike from 3dmark, which showed a similar increase.

On average, from these benchmark tools, the 970m is performing 14 percent better than the 1050, a smaller difference compared to the real world gaming tests, which is the first time I've ever had this in one of my comparisons, which makes wonder if there's something different between the Two generations of graphics causing it when we combine both the gaming and benchmark tool results. We get a 17 improvement with the 970m over the 1050 overall. I don't think the results are that surprising, there's a nice little boost to performance with the 970m, despite it being from the last generation, although the 1050 does a fairly good job for a lower end card, the 970m isn't really a lower end option from lost generation. So, if anything, I think it helps outline how much an improvement in video stem series was if you're picking between the 970 m or 1050 for your next laptop, the 970 m, does perform better and, as it will likely only be available in older laptops, you might Be able to get some good deals and save some money also sorry for not including more less demanding games. I started testing with more of these recently, but I'd already sent the 1050 laptop back a couple of weeks ago and wasn't able to include them. I get that you probably wouldn't run many of these games on these graphics cards, but I think this still gives you an idea for the performance difference to expect.

I hope that these benchmarks have shown you the real world differences in performance between the Nvidia, 10, 50 and older 970 m laptop graphics cards and helped you choose between them. Let me know down in the comments which graphics card you'd prefer in your laptop and why and leave a like on the video if you found the information useful thanks for watching and don't forget to subscribe for future tech.