My videos, no no there's a lot of interest in both of these dual boot tablets and people want to know which one is better of the two it's not actually as clear cut as you'd think it would be which I'll go over on the both of the Positives and the negatives above for these machines, so to start out with this screen, I'll just hook on the screen here, you can see that our both screens are set to a maximum brightness. And if we have a look here, you can see the clear winner. You should be able to see this in the camera is definitely the teclast. It is a lot brighter. I mean I love brighter and hopefully the camera is gon na pick that up. If you have to look the gap between the actual digitizer glass and the IPS panel below is less on the teclast and slightly more, but not by much as we were only talking about how hardly anything point 0 2 of a millimeter or so. But hopefully you can see it around here you can see where the Blacker's and then the black here that the screen sits down a little bit lower behind the glass on the under ok. So, in terms of build quality in design, there is not really much of a difference, but both of them are quite solid machines, with good build quality. There is a an issue with deonda, but there was only one speaker there's an issue of one speaker behind this grille here, not tone, even though it looks like taupe with the tick last.

There is differently to. I have seen the internals of the machine and person myself. I actually haven't opened this onder up yet, but uh. We also have a kept up touch button here. Will home button windows button so that is a nice feature there and the build quality. I would say that the under is slightly better. It just feels a little bit more solid. There are no creeks or any noises whatsoever, whereas the tech class right here, you sometimes are a few creeks. Then, if you can hear that on the camera, just around the plastic top here when you're holding it, so it comes to build quality, the honors a little bit better, but then there's also another annoying thing here now for me, is this cover here see you've got Your aerials and then you have your SIM card slot and micro SD card slot. Behind this cover wears on the teclast it's. Actually, not behind any silly covers that you need to pull off and pulling off that cover. You lose your wireless or 3G reception because the aerials are actually built into it, so they have it on the slots on the side right here. If the camera will focus okay, just focus on that there we go so they're there on the side, easy to access easy to swap out not a problem there. Okay, there, there is a large difference. Now, when it comes to the internal storage, speeds will quickly show you that now now this tick last x98 f3g has the bwin brand driver net, and it is really one of the slowest drives i've tested in a long time, especially when it comes to write rates.

Those write rates there are quite appalling, really and it does reflect and when you're using and opening up folders just general use of the unit. So you can see here on the on dev look at those speeds. They are almost double the tick last and in some instances they are double or a lot actually a lot higher. If you look at the 4k and 'm read and write speeds there, it's, especially the right speed. This drive is quite good, quite fast, it's, a high brand, and I have found that it's really really good, but I've also noticed it on the on that. I'Ve been having a few issues which I never experienced on the tick last year, and that is the wireless signal. Well, it's, fine, often we'll come up with an Asterix saying limited and I cannot download or do anything it's a limited. I need to turn off the wireless turn it back on again and I have down under the latest bios but I'm still having issues so when it comes to one does really. I would say that the winners experience due to the wireless problems is actually better on the tech last because I can download – and I can look at websites without have any connectivity issues now if those issues can be fixed on the on Donder will actually be better And smoother just a little bit faster and more snappy due to that faster internal drive, and if we have a look at some windows games here, I have installed on both systems at route 8.

So I'll load that now you can see that it was actually loading was a lot slower on the T class. Actually, a hell of a lot lot slow and I think it's actually jammed up on me now there it is and that speed is probably down to that slow, very slow, be when internal drive. So if I put both of the tablets here, I see I accidentally touch that home button that's a bit of a problem. Sometimes so we go, I will try and play run the game. At the same time, I was like add that the volume is much lower on D, the under probably due to the fact that only got one speaker, a cadet, with a full volume on the two class six nine eight year and I'll just show you full volume On the under it's, just a little bit less care, we'll try and load them now. At the same time, of course, I won't be at a sterile drive. That'Ll, give you a good idea of which one lives quicker, but it's, clear winners. Obviously, you're going to be the under, I think, with that drive speed, okay, so that was just a stroke, but a Windows gaming there on the two devices now Android I'm, not actually running Android anymore. On my 2006 nine eight years, I can't show you that, but it will say that Android on the onda is much better. The ROM is really nice, really nice from there's hardly any blow to nut and Play Store, works out of box, whereas Play Store was broken.

On the tech class, six nine eight year, so to summarize, really it depends what you want with these tablets and which one, you think is better well it's, quite hard it's, not as easy as I thought it would be to say which one is better. These two, the battery life, is superior on the teclast. You get bomi an extra an hour or so more, but then again the internal drive is slower. The Android ROM, if you're looking at the dual boot models, is not as well optimized as the onder and the tech last place. Door was broken, so you have to fix that. To start with, and the the on D here well it's a it's, a pretty good machine but the battery life, and for me the real deal breaker is there is no HDMI out, whereas at it class it has this HDMI out port right right here, so that For me is quite good: you can actually output it I'm sure you do have wireless display on both of the machines, but why does this play is not good for if you want to maybe game on a on a monitor or a TV, so between the two Tablets, which one would I pick personally well as much as I do like the build quality off the onder? I do like the look of it. I do not like this. I do not like the fact that I have to remove this plastic flap to change micro.

Sd cards and there's no HDMI and the slightly less battery life is what is really going against it, and the fact that it may be faster with the internal storage. The problem is that my wireless collection is a little bit sometimes problematic, which is major factor for me. So in choosing between these two I would really urge people to go towards the tick last x98 ear. I think I just definitely hope of it. It'S done to a lot of really that you get a faster drive than this one, because the MMC used by tech last and the x98 ear is appallingly slow. That, let me knows those speeds. They were quite bad anyway. If you did like this comparison, please give me a thumbs up and do subscribe to my channel.