What i’m going to say about ram also applies to the macbook air, with the m1 cpu inside, so i’ve noticed that online say mac, rumors forums hi. I do see the the thing is that you folks talk about endlessly for what a month now there’s been avid discussions about 8 versus 16 gigs of ram. You would think that this is, i won’t say: ram is unsexy but ram’s kind of unsexy, but a kind of business like decision that you make you, you kind of figure out what you need and you go for it. It’S never been such a big deal before, but people are really torn up about whether they should get 8 or 16 gigs of ram in their m1 macbook air macbook pro or even the mini model as well. So let’s talk about why this is for a minute. First, at least why i think this is so two reasons. First off, i don’t think that many of us expected that the m1 arm based new max would be as fast as they are, so they were placed at the entry level of apple’s lineup their first arm based max. Actually so everybody figured okay it’s, like the old macbook air and 13 inch macbook pro two thunderbolt port models for people who are not doing a whole lot, heavy lifting that’s. Fine, then we all benchmarked them use them use them in real life did really more demanding things with them like final cut and light adobe lightroom, and all that sort of thing we realize that they’re really really fast as fast as a 16 inch macbook pro in Some cases unless you’re talking about that d gpu capability in the 16 inch macbook pro there is still macbook pro still ahead there.

So suddenly you’re like oh, i can do like real work. People are like i’m, going to replace my 16 inch macbook pro with this and then you’re thinking about ram. So at first you’re, like eight gigs base model. Fine, now you’re like powerful machine in a tiny package, doesn’t even get hot doesn’t get noisy. Maybe i want this and then maybe i’m thinking about 16 gigs for the tasks that i would normally use a more powerful mac for so i think that’s how it happened, which is fine, but what happens? Well. Apple charges 200 to go up to 16 gigs of ram, which, for some people is not cheap cheetos, even though we’re already talking kind of pricey laptops. These are the more affordable entry level models um by the way apple has a little education discount. That pretty much is available to anybody get 10 off, so that would be 180 just go their website and they’ll offer it up to you worth to. Try also works on the max, but anyway, and the other problem was that probably apple didn’t think so many power users would become interested in this because they’ve been making a boatload of eight gig models, whether it’s, the air, the pro or the mini. So it’s really hard to get one. So people are thinking. Do i wait six weeks to get that 16 gig model? Do i really need it all of that sort of stuff comes into play too and it’s still the case it’s been about a month, at least since these models have come out and it’s still just about impossible to get a 16 gig now i’ve had the 8 Gig air and pro – and i have a 16 gig pro here – because i’m, one of those people the 16 inch macbook pro that is actually thinking you know i can make do with this, but i can’t make do with eight gigs of ram for the things i Do this might not be true for you, so while some people are taking the 8 versus 16 and making it as crazy and polarizing as the 2020 us election, it really shouldn’t be folks.

So here it is the way ram and the way even the ssd works on the m1 is different, they’re, more integrated with the cpu. So that means that data can fly back and forth a lot faster. So sometimes when you might notice a lack of ram and things slowing down a little bit, you won’t notice it so much here because obstructions are flying back and fast, so fluidly nice that, but still, if you’re doing more power user things like say i do. I am using final cut pro on this thing to edit 4k video quite a lot. Obviously we have a youtube channel i’m using lightroom and photoshop together both applications that love ram and then i’ve got my mail client running in the background and then maybe i’ve got slack or something running and i’ve got twitter running and you get the idea. Then you start to want the 16 gigs of ram, because you’ll notice that it starts to slow down a bit it’s not unusable. You can do it, but the kicker for me is if you’re going to use an external display, and i use a 4k monitor that’s going to use up some of the ram to join to the screen i’m, using both an external display and the internal panel. So you power user sort of people who are doing stuff. Like me, you want to juggle several heavy programs at once. You don’t want to have it slow down a bit.

You want that performance that the m1 is capable of at all times. Then 16 gigs of ram is for you now remember. When the 16 inch macbook pro came out when it was limited to only 32 gigs of ram, there were people having a cow over that, so people do like their ram. Another important thing to keep in mind is that this might be a new cpu architecture, a new operating system and you can have arm native apps, but still the whole memory model that adobe works with when they make photo photoshop or premiere or any other program out There, if you need a certain amount of ram, ideally for those applications and that really isn’t changing nobody said adobe’s changing their whole application model, you’re still going to need it, but wait that doesn’t mean i’m saying: oh, everybody should go and get 16 gigs of ram. That’S not the case there’s, a lot of you out there who use your mac for word excel or google docs zoom these days a whole lot. Um social networking stuff binge watching the mandalorian. Eight gigs of ram is more than enough for that and, if you’re thinking about future proofing, which is something that people worry about since these are not upgradable machines, i think eight gigs of ram is going to be fine in two or three years as well from Those tasks but there’s another kind of future proofing too it’s, not the future proofing for a word, that’s, suddenly going to need 72 gigs of ram or something which isn’t going to happen for long.

You know no, but there’s future proofing for you and your growth. So some people are like i totally am just going to be using office and video conferencing and streaming video and stuff like that, and you know it’s just not going to change. But there are many of you who contact me and you say you know i’m doing these tasks now, but i really love photography and i want to get into photoshop or lightroom or i want to start coding and someday i’m. You know maybe i’m in my sophomore year in college right now, but i’m, going to graduate in two years and i’m going to be compiling much bigger programs. You get what i’m saying. So if you think that that’s you that you plan to do more in the foreseeable, not five years, but in the next year or two with your mac kind of stuff, then again the 16 gigs of ram makes sense. Lastly, memory: the way it works in computers these days. This is not just unique to the mac. You know. Windows does the same thing: linux yeah, so you got this thing called swap memory so and it’s, basically virtual memory. So, just because the operating system is setting up some swap memory, some get get it prepared and get it ready virtual memory. It doesn’t mean that it needs it it’s there just in case so don’t. Look at your max activity, monitor and say: oh my god, it’s using some swap well that’s, just normal.

All operating systems are going to do that. They’Re going to be ready for the best possible performance. Don’T worry about the life of your ssd. I mean unless you’re doing absolutely crazy. I can’t i don’t, know what batch processing in lightroom hundreds of images or something like that, which you can be writing back and forth to swap sort of thing. Don’T worry about the life of the ssd it’s, really not going to impact it that much. What you do care about with the mac is something called memory pressure and you can see it as a little colored graph and, if you’re doing the normal things that you do with your normal setup being with an external monitor or anything like that. If the memory pressure graph is showing green, then it’s good, if you’re, showing into the yellow a little bit it’s still okay, if you’re showing it into the red, it means that you really could use some more ram for your current task. So those of you who say own a intel mac right now and you’re thinking about upgrading or something like that. Look at your memory usage with the current amount of ram and see how much you are using to get an idea of that so there it is. Ladies and gentlemen, i don’t think it really is that emotional of an issue. It may be a challenge right now to get a 16 gig mac. If you want it, there’s, always the fear that what you buy is going to become obsolete hint.

All computers will become obsolete, but i think you understand now, if you’re, that light kind of user, eight gigs of ram is fine. If you’re saying my god, you can do a lot of stuff with these things and hook up a big monitor and all that sort of thing and i’m going to be a final cut pro jockey or adobe premiere. You want 16 gigs of ram there. It is, i wish it was easier to get right now, but you do i’m lisa from mobile tech review, be sure to subscribe to our youtube channel for more cool tech videos and hit the notification bell.