That decision. Welcome back to mark ellis reviews, and thank you as always for subscribing. If you have, if you haven’t subscribed, the button is just down there somewhere, also a very exciting announcement. I am now on patreon. So if you want to support this channel there’s no obligation to do that whatsoever, it’s entirely up to you. But if you do, you do get some pretty cool additional content and stuff, and you also get access to my brilliant discord server, and this is something i’ve been building over the last six months. I say: i’ve been building it it’s. Actually, the members that have been building it. So if you want access to that community and if you want to get some cool additional content as well head over to the patreon link. In my description and a very, very quick, thank you to my first ever patron. Who is andy? Thank you andy, since i started covering apple’s m1 chip back in december november december last year, whenever it was there’s one question that i’ve got time and time again right up to this day. Right to this morning before i started filming this video – and it is, should i get eight gigabyte or 16 gigabytes of ram? Will eight gigabyte be enough? Will 16 gigabyte be a better investment? Will eight gigabyte cause problems with the ssd? Will i get more money in the future for the 16 gigabyte version, the questions go on and on and on, and i completely understand why, because apple doesn’t really cover this at all, now there’s lots of other buying decisions that you need to make with the 24 Inch imac i’ll get onto those in future videos, although i will leave a link in the description to my full review of it as well, which kind of covers some of those points.

But this video is completely based on the ram question whether or not you should go for 8 gigabytes or 16 gigabytes and i’m going to look at two use cases. One of them is a home user and the other one is a business user. Before i get into this, i just wanted to kind of qualify myself for being able to answer this question. For you and straight up. I am not massively deeply techy and geeky. I am a bit of a nerd, but i don’t get into benchmarks. I’Ve always mentioned that in the past on this channel and i don’t deep dive into specs, but i do know, i understand how this stuff works and i’ve been using computers. My entire life i’ve invested an awful lot of time in the mac ecosystem and, more importantly, when it comes to the m1, i have been using both the 8 gigabyte and 16 gigabyte version daily all year. So, every single day, i’ll start my day using my m1 macbook air, which has the complete bass, spec 8 gigabyte version. I’Ll then sometimes switch to my m1 mac mini behind me, which is specked up to 16 gig and i might switch to the eight gigabyte version of the m1 in the imac so i’m, always going between these two setups i’ve also answered literally hundreds of comments on These videos from people who have asked whether they should go for the 8 gigabyte or 16 gigabyte version i’ve listened to their stories as well, so i’m going to put all of that experience together and help you pick the right version of the 24 inch m1 imac Based on the ram, the first piece of advice is really simple: if you can afford the 200 200 pounds upgrade to the 16 gigabytes in the m1 24 inch imac do it trust me there is nothing worse than buyer’s remorse.

That is something i’ve had myself. I think we’ve all had it at some stage. We’Ve all bought something and thought. Oh, i should have spent a bit more and bought the next version up and i could sit here and ramble on about the 16 gigabyte versus 8 gigabyte thing and ssd wear and all that stuff. If you are in any way nervous about getting that 8 gigabyte version – and you can afford that 200 pounds 200 upgrade to 16 gig just go for it in doing so. You’Ll get the maximum amount of headroom from that processor. So the maximum amount of ram you can get you can’t go any more than that. You’Ll potentially get more longevity from it, so as mac os develops and as apps develop and need more ram potentially in the future. You know that you’ve got the maximum amount of ram that you could have got in the first place and, more importantly, you’ll just get that nice warm fuzzy feeling inside that you’ve bought the computer that you deep down. You really wanted. So if money isn’t the issue just get the 16 gig. Now, if money is an issue, or you really have to justify spending that additional 200 pounds 200, which i totally understand – it’s – not an inconsequential amount of money, it’s it’s, a lot of money – all you need to do is think about your use case, and this is Where we kind of differentiate two types of users, so the first one is just what i would call a normal home user and that’s someone who uses it for email, facetime.

Maybe a bit of writing here and there powerpoint presentations doing your homework. If that’s you, the eight gigabyte version is brilliant. Don’T forget that in front of me now i have the complete bass spec, the cheapest 24 inch imac you can buy and i run my business from it and no, i don’t do all of my video editing on it. That’S all done on the 16 gig mac mini behind me, but everything else works perfectly on this 24 inch imac. I never at no point throughout the day. Does it ever sweat it never kind of slows down or suggests i’m trying to make it do too much. It’S, just brilliant the only thing to bear in mind with eight gig is that a bit further down the line, it may start to tire a little bit. It may start to get a bit slower bit sluggish, like i mentioned a moment ago, as mac os develops and as apps become a little bit more ram hungry. Potentially it might wear a little bit quicker than the 16 gig version. I still think even that, if you’re just doing basic normal kind of computery stuff on it, i don’t think you’re gon na notice that you’re still gon na get at least three four, maybe more years out of it. I would even say this is the case. If you occasionally dabble in some more creative type work, so occasionally, if you do a bit of music production here and there or a bit of video editing or you dabble in a bit of programming, the eight gigabyte version will still be fine.

It will work if it’s, not your job, if you don’t have to get things out the door on time and you’re doing really intensive. You know really hardcore 4k 8k editing, in which case you’re, probably not watching this video. But if you’re not like that, if you just dabble in those things occasionally, if they’re hobbies for you, you just want to try it out. Trust me. The eight gigabyte version works. So if money is tight and you don’t spend that additional 200 pounds go for the 8 gigabyte version, if all you do is normal computer stuff and occasionally dabble in more creative work if you’re running a business and you’re looking at this 24 inch, m1 imac as A potential machine to run that business, but you’re not keen on investing an additional 200 pounds to get the 16 gig version again a little bit like the home users. You’Ve just got to think about what you’re going to use it for and if we use my use case again as an example, i do all of my normal admin. Writing teams calls normal stuff that isn’t particularly creative, apart from the writing, obviously, but all the kind of normal things you do to run a business throughout the day. All of that takes place on this. Eight gig base level 24 inch imac and it does not swear at all and really as a general office computer. It is absolutely overkill, even with eight gig it’s, just an overkill machine for that, because that m1 chip is so powerful.

If you are a business user, you’re, probably not that bothered about resale value, i don’t think many businesses tend to sell on their old kit and if anything, they run computers like this into the ground and because again that m1 chip is so powerful. You could run this for quite a few number of years as a general office computer, and it would just breeze through it. However, if your business requires any kind of programming or creative work that either produces stuff that customers buy from you or fuels, your marketing strategy then get the 16 gig. For instance, if i didn’t have that 16 gig m1 mac mini behind me, i would have got the 16 gig version of the 24 inch imac that additional 200 pounds, 200 investment will get you back a lot more in terms of longevity but more importantly, performance it’s. Just peace of mind that classic thing it’s just you know, you’ll know that you’ve got the top spec version. You’Ll know that you probably can’t really max it out and also you won’t experience any bottlenecks in production if you’re doing any kind of creative or development work on these imacs, then just get the 16 gig. But if it’s just going to be a general office machine, you can save yourself 200 and just get the 8 gig. I wanted to make a very quick note on the fan situation with the 24 inch imac, because apple have kept fairly quiet about this.

Basically, if you get the bass, spec version, which is what i’ve got here, the complete you know the cheapest version of the 24 inch imac. It only comes with one fan inside and if you look on the schematics, that apple showed us, there were two fans and the reason for that is that they were showing the model. The next model up from the base model, which does have two fans now i’ve. Actually triggered the fan on my 24 inch imac and i’ve never done that before on the mac mini behind me. So this was a first for the m1 chip for me and it was the most unlikely scenario that kicked that fan in i’d. Basically, just finished recording a zoom call and when you do that, zoom converts the video and audio into a file that you can use and as the progress bar was going, i could hear this noise in the background which i genuinely thought was an aircraft a distant Aircraft somewhere, but it wasn’t it was the 24 inch imac. The fan had actually come on, while it was processing that zoom cool video, i don’t know what zoom does when it exports those calls to video, but it does. It must do some kind of video encoding, and that was enough to kick the fan in on the on the m1 24 inch imac it’s also worth noting that it was a very hot day. It was one of the hottest days of the year in the uk when that happened.

So i suppose, all of that combined it’s, not that surprising that the fan came on that said, if you’re one of the general computer users that i mentioned earlier, i wouldn’t base your buying decision on the fan i’d base it on again whether or not you can Afford or justify that 200 pounds 200 spend to get the 16 gig, but if you’re, a business user who needs that creative headroom just make sure you go for the next version up of the imac, which is the eight core gpu, not the seven core gpu. That includes two fans it’s just again, one less thing to worry about. Basically, so summing up, based on all of my experience, all of the comments i’ve received from people and my experience with this 24 inch imac, i have in front of me, which is the base spec version. I think it comes down to three things. First, one being if you are in any way concerned about not getting the 16 gig version and the 200 pounds 200 difference, you can some in some way justify spending that just do it don’t think about it, get spend the extra get the 16 gig you’ll have. No buyer’s remorse, then, if you’re, a general computer user, you don’t want to spend any more money on the the base level imac and you don’t really get involved in really intensive work and it’s, not your business! You just want to use a you just want.

Basically, a really really good home computer for normal home computer use same thing for business users as well. If it’s, just a general office machine get, the eight gigabyte version is brilliant. And lastly, if you are a creative user in any way, so if it’s, something that you rely on for your business or a really really intensive hobby, that you spend a lot of time on and you can justify that additional spend get that 16 gig because again It’S just peace of mind, it’s the best thing ever trust me. I genuinely hope that this video has helped you work out which one to get between the eight gigabytes 16 gigabyte. However, i know it may not have done i may you may still have questions if that’s the case. Please just get involved in the comments. I’Ll answer as many of them as i can, and sometimes when i don’t answer them. Other people do because it’s just such a wonderful community, but if the next thing on your mind is the size of the screen that 24 inch screen, because at the moment this is the only m1 imac you can get. You can’t get one with a bigger screen. This bothered me, i thought the 24 inch screen would be too small, because i’m used to the big screens like that, one behind me and the 27 inch imac that i had before this turns out.