4 gig ultimate wireless controller, so lets get straight into the unboxing. So Inside the Box you get the controller, you get the charging dock and the 2.4 G receiver. You get the USB a to USBC, cable and finally get the user manual. So the design of the 8 Bit do is very similar to the Xbox controller. It has a very good weight to it at 228 grams and feels really comfortable to hold it hold and play games. The front of the controller has a home button with a LED status written around it a view button, the star button, which is the turbo button. The menu button, a profile button and a profile LED, the top of the controller, has the lb and the LT shoulder buttons. The RB and the RT shoulder buttons. Just like the Xbox controller, the power LED and the USBC port on the back are the P1 and P2 back buttons, the mode switch button and the charging contacts for the dock. So the controller is compatible with Windows, 10 and above Android, 9.0 and above Raspberry, Pi and Steam OS Hollow 3.4 and above so I purchased a controller to use with my PC and setting it up was super easy. So I connected the dock to a USB port on my computer. While the controller was docked making sure the mode button on the back will switch to the x and within a few seconds. Uh window detected and notified me that the 8 Bit do controller was ready and connected.

I also wanted to test the experience using this controller on my Android tablet, so I switched to a d input mode. On the back of the controller, I connected the docked controller to the tablet. Using the USBC to usb c cable, went to the settings and clicked on the clicked and connected under the 8 Bit Duo, and it connected straight away again very easy. You can also connect it to an Android device using a type c OTG adapter and the 2.4 G receiver. So you can create free custom profiles which allow you to remap the buttons change, the active areas on the thumbsticks swaps, the sticks and the d pad change. The levels of the vibration and so much more so these profiles can be switched by pressing the profile button on the controller. So the 8B Duo has a 480 milliamp rechargeable battery, which gives up to about 15 hours of play time and two to three hours. Charging time which the controller can be docked and charged when not in use so far, my experience with this 8 bit dual wireless controller has been very good. The controller feels good and comfortable in my hands. The build quality is good and doesnt feel cheap. The farmsticks work really well and I havent experienced any dead zones whatsoever to the d pad input buttons and the shoulder buttons feel good, so having back buttons and ability to remap, the buttons is great, especially for first person shooting games, so Ive had no issues with The battery life I tend to dock the controller once I finish gaming, which charges and is ready to be used for my next gaming session.

So the 8 Bit Duo it retails for ‘.99 on Amazon in the UK, but there is another version which includes Bluetooth uh. The dot and 2.4 gigabyte receiver for 59.99 on Amazon, so its 20 pounds more expensive, but this is ideal for people who want to connect via Bluetooth so guys. That is the video. Thank you. If youve made it all the way to the end of the video, if youre new to my channel – and you like my videos – please hit the Subscribe button. Big thanks to all of my subscribers feel free to leave a comment down below a like is always appreciated and Ill see you all in the next video Music.