These are on offer Asos reduced from around 205 pound to just over 87 pound Ill put a little screenshot above here on the screen. So you can see how much I did pay for them. Um there was an option to get these for around the 75 pound region, but uh. That was, if you had a new account, use the discount code and then applied for 10 cashback as well, which I couldnt do because these were selling so fast. I was just using accounts that I already had so yeah 87 a piece paid for these Ill, open them up and show you what they look like inside. So in the first bag of Alton, weve got the extra small one here so Ill get this out. The bag and show you what it looks like, so this is the extra small one. A little North Face badge there, pretty nice jacket, actually so thats what the sleeve is sort of, as you can tell its sort of gray and then black on this bit here, show you the back as well and then the backs just the same. Really just a black padded area there with the North, Face embroidered logo and then sort of darker narcity lighter sort of a thats kind of black, but its just a different one of this thats, more matte black, so yeah thats the North Face puffers 87 pound period. Thats, the extra small one and then heres the medium.

I have just tried this one on. I was hoping it would fit me, but sadly, Im Im quite skinny, so these are a very boxy fit Ive realized and um, especially the sleeves like look how wide they are on my arms, I look like the Michelin Man honestly theyre like way too wide. So Id recommend this for someone a bit bigger, um yeah Im like five foot eight somewhere around there anyway, skinny skinny build so this wasnt really suitable. For me with that big sleeve. It just looks like way too big and like a massive boxy fit which doesnt look good at all, but for someone else, someone a bit bigger. This will look really good. Um see Ive got three of these thats the medium there, as you can see medium, this one is the large, so Ive got a medium, a large and then. Finally, as I showed you, the extra small, so if anyones interested in any of these drop us a message and Im sure we can sort out a price for them, because I did expect to resell two of them and obviously keep the medium for myself. But now Ill be selling all three, so extra small, large and the medium all for sale. If anyones interested in buying one welcome back to another little unboxing today, a Samsung tablet, A8, so Ill open this box and show you what Ive got inside now go just about in So as you can see, Samsung Galaxy Tab A8.

The difficulty with one hand like oh, were in there we go lets, have a look inside the box, so its in this sleeve, I believe, lets have a look so weve got in here. Im guessing sit here, the plug and the wire with the manuals and everything in there and the tablet: 32 gigabyte thats the model number there paid a total of 60 pound for this and looking at swords in use condition were looking at around 100 to 110 pound. As you can see its in pretty good condition, theres the back of it nice sort of pink color metallic, pink, pretty good condition. This doesnt seem to be many scratches or anything, but lets see the powers on so there we go its finally on, as you can see, hes factory reset it and everything its already a set up. There touch screens working fine Ill turn it off see if theres any scratches or anything find a button there. There we go lets have a look. I cant seem to see any scratches just needs a good clean. A few fingermen finger mints, a few fingerprints. I should say so: yeah give that a good clean, 60 pound and hopefully 100 to 110 pounds. So not too bad.