000. Is it worth it, though that’s a lot of money is an 8 000 laptop worth your time Music. My name is dan and welcome to dan’s tube dot tv, where i help people unlock their creative potential through technology. I really pride myself on bringing high quality product reviews and content to the channel and integrity and honesty is it’s. My highest value like if i don’t show you guys my honest opinion, then you’re just gon na call me out. You’Re gon na buy a product, it’s gon na be crap, and then you’re gon na go hey dan. That was crap i’m, not gon. Na subscribe to. You anymore goodbye, oh the lenovo, p15 thinkpad, whatever order you want to put it in is an eight thousand dollar australian, eight thousand dollar laptop it’s, just under it’s, like seven thousand seven hundred, if you’re in the us or other countries, it will vary again but it’s. Just under eight thousand dollars, if you get yourself a monitor to make this a proper workstation it’s going to be the 8 000 mark, and i will have those links in description below to check out the p15 with the i9 processor and i’d love your thoughts in The comments below is this overkill. Do you think this is a good laptop? Is 8 000 too much money? I love all your thoughts below. It means a lot and we can start a conversation about what other alternatives are out.

There i’ve been testing the p15 now for over a week, i’ve really put it through its paces, it’s, not the most sexy laptop in the world. Some people love this design, it’s very blocky, very kind of old school it’s, also quite the fingerprint magnet which you can hopefully see there. It just picks up the fingerprints but it’s a thick boy. As you can see, it’s got so many ports. You know full hdmi, it’s got an ethernet port it’s got multiple usbc ports, it’s just got everything, you’d need and that’s, something that i loved about it. A lot of other laptop companies just remove the ports. You know it’s, like they don’t need that. Why would they need a disk drive? Why would they need an ethernet port? Why would they need a hdmi? You can just have a usb and have an adapter for it that works i’m, talking about apple here, of course, but other companies are following super as well and they’re just removing ports left right and center, but with the lenovo thinkpad p15 they’re, just adding ports. You know it’s like okay, we’ve got the whole side and we’ve got the whole back. Let’S just add as many ports as we possibly can and it’s really refreshing to see. I love that means that it’s got versatility and you’ve got options, that’s really really handy and, as you look over the laptop you can see. It’S just got so many fans. You know it’s clearly designed to obviously disperse the heat as well as possible.

It’S got fans everywhere; it’s got a really decent speaker system as well, which was something that i was quite impressed with um and i really did love the keyboard like there’s, quite a press to them. You know there’s a depth to the keys and that’s something i love, because i use a mechanical keyboard and that depth just makes such a difference when you’re using it so that’s, one of the big positives, the overall just user experience of the keyboard and the mouse Pad was great. I also found it really cool like it worked quite well, you have the mouse pad, and then you have two physical buttons for the mouse click that was really nice. They actually worked really well and the way that your fingers would kind of sit worked nicely. You know you’d use one hand for the trackpad and then you know either your other finger for the click or your other hand for the click and that actually felt quite natural. I enjoyed that so how well does an 8 000 laptop perform when it comes to editing videos now that’s the thing that i was a little bit disappointed with it didn’t do an amazing job, it’s crazy. This is an eight thousand dollar laptop. Imagine a desktop computer with eight thousand dollars worth of hardware in it. It would be insane like i couldn’t, even comprehend, what you’d put in there it’d be amazing, but for whatever reason i used davinci resolve.

I only used about three 4k clips and i put some basic transitions in there and it was very sluggish. So if you had a massive project, i don’t know whether it would be geared towards a video editing, laptop and it’s eight thousand dollars. It should be able to do everything it should be able to make me my coffee. It should be able to walk me down the road like i’m. A dog like it should be able to do so many things. So i think when it came to the video editing side of things that actually let me down a little bit, i was expecting a lot more out of an 8 000 laptop, but when it came to video games, that is where i think it really stood out. So i tested it with game beasts, rocket league and grand theft, auto 5, and it did a great job. I was really impressed. There are three hefty games that require a lot of computing power and it did phenomenally. You know i played gta 5. Most settings were on ultra if not high, and i believe i could pump it all up to ultra and it was great no issues at all the fan kicked in like i was about to take off on a flight. You know it definitely kicks in, but it did a great job. It performed phenomenally. The game ran extremely smoothly and had no issues when it came to playing games.

When we talk about the performance of the p15, i think it was great. You know like it did. A really good job as you’d expect it to it’s. 8 000 again, like you’ve, got to keep the price in mind because it’s not cheap, and i could pay 2 000 for a laptop and it would probably do a great job and i’d be happy with it. So, to go from two thousand to eight thousand, like you need a justification in there. There needs to be a significant bump where you’re like yes, i’m willing to spend an extra six thousand dollars on this thing, and i just don’t think it’s there. I think it’s a really powerful laptop, i think it’s got so many options and they’ve really thought about. You know so many areas of it it’s a great laptop to use it’s powerful and you know if you have the money for it and you really love it. You love the design, you love the options of ports, you love the keyboard, then yeah sure go for it, but it’s just so hard to recommend such an expensive laptop. I think performance wise it’s, great, like i mentioned it, did really good when it comes to video games, so it could be a really good gaming laptop. But when it came to you know the video editing side of things, it didn’t really stack up too well. It did an alright job and you know i could edit things and i could still put transitions in and it wouldn’t crash the system, but it wasn’t smooth.

You know like. I would expect it to be flawlessly editing three clips that’s. All i had in there at some point, just three 4k clips, a few basic transitions. It shouldn’t be having an issue with that. So i think that was a little bit of a letdown. Another test i did was. I had like the video editing program, open, davinci, and then i had um, i think gta 5 or another game open and it seemed to be fun. You know the gpu and cpu were doing a really good job. It wasn’t like completely maxing out to the point that it was exploding that fan kicked in again like you’re taking off you know, it’s like nah, i don’t care about covert let’s just go. You know, let’s get on a plane and fly. But besides that, you know, i think again, it’s hard to like recommend such an expensive laptop. I think it’s great, you know if this was a 2000 laptop, for example, i’d, be like okay yeah. This thing is amazing. This is great. You know maybe even a 3 000 laptop you’d be like okay yeah. This is really cool, but when it’s 7 700 australian dollars it’s kind of hard to recommend something like this. So i think there are better options out there. I’D love to know in the comments below, if you’ve got any thoughts on that, but overall it was really fun to test this. I think it’s, a powerful laptop it’s, a well thought out laptop with so many options available, but it’s.

Just such a hard thing to recommend to you guys, just because of that price tag, it’s just too high anyway. Thank you so much for watching really appreciate all the support.