Now, if you have been eyeing up a tablet pc such as the surface pro or pops, the thinkpad x12 detachable, you cannot quite stomach the high prices which you could consider on these chinese products, like the coo libre pro. That is available at walmart for 829 or even at amazon, for about 899.. Now, at first glance it does seem quite interesting because its up top its about half the price. You do get an i7 85 50. U processor, 16 gigabytes of ram and you do get five 12 gigabytes of storage plus you do get the detachable keyboard and the pen is included. Whilst these are additional costs for the surface line, for example. Now. The first thing i would like to warn you about is walmarts return policy. Now i did recently purchase a nintendo switch from them now, like amazon, they have a marketplace where these products are sold by third party sellers. Now i went to the walmart and i wasnt unable to return my nintendo switch and it wasnt opened. So they said i had to coordinate this directly with the third party seller now this is easy enough. If that seller is actually based in the usa, but it may not be as easy when the seller is overseas now my advice would be to if youre interested in this is to buy it from amazon, but it does cost a little bit more, but their returns Are much better now cool did send me this libre pro to review and uh.

This may be a sponsored video, but i will give you my 100 view of what i think this pc is like now, once i had windows set up the first thing. I always do is go into windows settings and do the windows updates now, unfortunately, this settings app would immediately close. Now i did try several fixes and i didnt even did a system restore, but the issue was still there. So what i did was download the windows. 10, iso to a usb flash drive and installed a fresh copy of windows. Now i was then able to do the updates, but i was missing some drivers. I then went to their support web page and unfortunately the machine was not listed. I did try drivers from another another system and they didnt work. So what i did was i reached out to on to their chat on their support page and asked to enter. I was asked to enter my email address and the issue that i needed addressing and still one week later, i have not received a response. I was fortunate that my contact was able to get me the drivers and i was told that they would upload them to their support page, but, alas, four days later, they are still not listed now. This is the reason why i started about the return policy. If i had actually purchased this machine, i would have returned it at this point and if you know, if id gone via walmart, the lack of response from their support would have given me great concern about getting my refund okay with that.

Out of the way, lets jump into the rest of the review and lets just assume. I just received a lemon here, so who is this pc4? Well, it is very portable at just three pounds: three ounces with the usbc 45 watt power, brick. It comes with a detachable keyboard and can be used as a tablet and comes with a digital pen for taking notes or drawing. So it will suit a business user who wants a windows machine to take notes when out of the office? It does have two cameras. You have one at the front and one at the back, so taking photos out in the field is possible. It also suits a student. It has a length of only 290 millimeters and its only nine and a half millimeters thick, so it will slot into your backpack very easily and it will also suit an artist, although im not sure if this included pen would be suitable for detailed artwork as there Are no details on its levels of pressure sensitivity now the pen does feel good in the hand and it does charge via micro usb, so theres no need to worry about replacing the batteries. Although i would have preferred a usb c charging, because then you could have actually used the power brick that would they included now the pen turns on by pressing the side button and it automatically turns off when not used. Now i quite like this, because many pens are activated you know, by motion and in your bag you can find that those pens can start losing their battery power.

You know more rapidly. Now the pen does attach magnetically to the right hand side of the tablet. I had two issues with the pen. The first was that it would activate the screen when it was about five millimeters above the screen, which can lead to errand pen strokes when not even touching the screen itself and second, was that it seemed to have quite a high latency. But it does use windows. Pen protocol, so you can actually use another pen such as the surface pen. I did like the 12.6 inch screen. It has a three by two aspect: ratio with a resolution of 2160 by 1440 at 60 hertz and it didnt show any backlight bleed at all. Now the bezels are wide enough to allow you to hold it without your palms, activating the screen sure the surface pro 8 has 120 hertz refresh rate, but lets face it with hd 620 graphics. The labuk is no gaming machine. Although games like overwatch, played fairly well with about 30 fps at 720p, but games like battlefield 2042 would not load at all so yeah you can play some older games or even stream games. If you wish now, the screen is a 10 point. Multi touch display, and i had no issues using this at all. In fact, it was my preferred method of interacting with the display, despite it being very glossy now. This was because the touchpad was actually pretty poor. Mouse movement was okay, but clicking was very stiff and gestures, such as pinch to zoom, didnt, work and scrolling was not smooth at all.

I also found that your finger would tend to get stick to its surface. At times i did like the keyboard, though its backlit white, and it magnetically attaches to the tablet via some pogo pins. You can also tell when its active with the power light indicator. On the left hand, side you can either have the keyboard flat on the table or have it at a slight angle as it folds at the front edge, and even though there is some flex, it does give a nice angle for typing. Now the reverse side of the keyboard is rubberized and has a cloth like appearance. I found that this makes it look pretty sharp and does a good job of protecting the tablet. Closing the cover puts the tablet to sleep and it awakens when you open it up again now the thing that bothered me the most about the the book pro was the fan noise, no, its not particularly super loud, like youd, get on a gaming laptop, and indeed, When you use it for browsing the web and the thermals are lower the fan doesnt spin up at all, once you do apply the load. The fan makes a horrendous screeching, sound Music. You can actually even hear it even more in this test of the 5 megapixel front, webcam heres the front front facing camera, its actually, not too bad um. You know, but i think you can probably hear the fan in the background.

The air intakes are at the sides and the hot air is pushed out of the top. Now i do like the position of these as your hands. Dont obstruct it when held in landscape or portrait mode. The volume button is, on the right hand, side below the audio jack and the only two of the ports that you have are two usbc ports that can both be used to charge it or to output. To a monitor. It is a shame. There is no thunderbolt port to allow perhaps use of an external gpu, but that but then again the i7 8550u in this machine is pretty slow. It is a four core, eight thread chip that has a minimum power of 10 watts and a configurable tdp up to 25 watts, but unfortunately, the libre pro sets the pl one at 10 watts. So that is all you get now in cinebench r20. It is about half the speed of the surface pro 7 plus and its i5 cpu and its slower than the i5 using the thinkpad x12 detachable. Now, in my hand, brake test. Where i convert to convert a 1080p file to mp4, i had to go all the way back to 2017, where i beat the i7 7500u at least the thermals are low at 10 watts, and also the lower power translates into a decent battery life. Where i got six and a half hours streaming youtube at 50 brightness, but still this is about half of what you get with the surface pro 8 by all accounts, plus there is no sd card slot, like you get on the surface models, so you are stuck With the 512 gigabyte ssd, but i did find that that was quite snappy, but although it is a slow ssd by todays standards, now the metal kickstand works well and has 150 degrees of movement and works well on your lap.

But those with shorter legs may find that it brings the keyboard in a bit slightly close to your body. Likewise, this design is not very good for an aircraft table youre, actually better off using a small laptop. It uses two one watt speakers which are possible at best. If you have much in the way of backward noise, then i recommend that you use headphones. So would i recommend buying the cooley boot pro well lets assume i got a bad unit and a bulk of them out. There dont have the issues that i had like the settings issues or that fan noise. Then you know it is a nice tablet pc. It is nicely built in a magnesium alloy and it does have decent battery life. The screen is nice and responsive, and they do include that pen and the keyboard. So if youre using it for office tasks, taking notes or sketching, then i think it is fine. Now i wouldnt want it to be my main pc due to the lack of power and expandability. Now, in this basis, i think 829 is perhaps a tad expensive. I think closer to 700 would make more sense now. My biggest concern is, if you do have a problem, what do you do? The lack of response from their support is an issue and walmarts third party return policy sucks. So if you do want to buy this, i really recommend you use amazon and i will have a link for both in the description below.

Thank you for watching bye.