We all strive for the best possible gaming experience, but the importance of a good quality chair is often underestimated. Secret lab produces some of the most comfortable and high quality gaming shares. You can get so upgrade your commander chair today and fly in style and comfort. Follow the link in the video description to their store type in your height, your weight, and it will tell you which chairs fit you for the best possible seating experience. Hello, ladies and gentlemen, welcome back to elite dangerous odyssey. Frontier has just launched, update 5, and there is one change in that that i think is going to change the game for a lot of you guys, and that is this one little flick of a switch you can do now. That is going to increase your frame rates significantly with very little loss, it’s quite simple here. If we jump into the graphics settings and jump in under quality here we have for the longest time we have had super sampling. Now super sampling subsampling is essentially, if you take this slider here or this drop down menu here you make that into a number higher than one. What the game will do is it renders your game at a higher resolution, so let’s say you’re playing at 1080p? If you put that up to 2x, you will then be rendered at 4k and then down sample down to 1080.. This is often useful for vr players, as it makes text easier to read on on a vr headset.

However, you can also, of course, reduce it to a lower number. That means now again let’s say you’re playing a 1080. If you move it down to a number lower means, you will be rendering the game at a lower resolution and then up scaling it to the resolution that you need. This, of course, comes at a cost in terms of picture quality and clarity, but, of course running the game at a lower resolution in the background and upscaling it. That is a lot of performance to gain, but before we play with that setting, i just want to run a very quick benchmark. You can see. I have the little tool here running in the background, so we can see the frame rates and i’m just standing here in a station. Looking down have a nice view of the most of the station. You can see here, i’m running 37, fps pretty stable here. Gpu is running at 99 utilization and this is about by the way running at 4k at the moment, so i’m really trying to stress the game, but right now, i’m, getting 37 and fps in the station as they’re walking around here, and we go into options and Again, we go back into our graphics settings and we then change this down so right now, i’m running 4k. So if i write this down to 0.65, that would be equivalent of running the game at 1440p and then up scaling it. If i ran to 0.

5, it would be equivalent to running it at full, hd and then up scaling so i’m, going to downscale to 1440p like so, and then try to upscale to 4k from here and we’re just going to use the normal upscaling. This is the one we’ve had for years now in elite, and here we have the game again running with the 0.65 times subsampling, and then i can upscale you can see here up in the upper left hand corner. Our fps of course, has increased significantly. We are now looking at 67, 68 fps and the game still looks okay, but the change that does come with update 5 is that we can now go in here. We can change our upscaling method with the normal one here we’ve had for years, but i can swap it over to the amd, fidelity fx, cas or cas. If i go ahead and apply this – and you can see here, it’s pretty much the same in terms of frame rates, at least we’re still sitting there at the 66, 67 and fps. Why is this then? Such a huge deal that i decided to make a video about it now to showcase that i’ve taken screenshots with each of the different methods applied and i’ve zoomed in on the little sign. We have here in front of us with the text because, where you have sharp contrast, often where’s easiest to see – and you can see the results here, but we’re zooming on this side, you can see in the top.

We have the native 4k with no super sampling, sub sampling enabled, and we can see text is i mean it is zoomed in so it is a little bloggy, but text is nice and clear. Edges are sharp. Looking at the normal, the old upscaling method. We can see how colors get get dull and blurred out and the edges are not as sharp as they were before. However, if we look at the bottom with the the amd version, it’s definitely not the same as the native one, and we can definitely see a difference here. But it is a world of a difference compared to what we got with the normal upscaling method. That we’ve had in elite for years. I personally never been a big fan of the old upscaling method because everything looked a little blurry and the colors looked off and like dull and like faded, i was never a big fan of it, but with this change with the amd fidelityfx change, that’s come in, Enabling this i in normal gameplay, i can’t, see the difference and for a 80 increase almost 80. I think a 78 increase in frame rate. That is a no brainer for me, that is absolutely going into my default config settings for my elite, dangerous. I think this is a huge deal, because performance has been one of the biggest bottleneck and for sure has managed to squeeze out like a few frames here and there and a few percent doing the first four patches.

But this change alone is going to be much much more noticeable in terms of frame rates and, of course, i’ve gone with a 0.6. You can tune this exactly as you as you like, you saw. There were lots of different options. You could go down to point. Five, there are also other options, so you can kind of tune this up and down until you have the number of frames that you kind of feel like is comfortable even in more by intense situations like inside a station or inside a building that’s on fire. Now i just want to mention that, even though this is made by amd, this doesn’t mean it doesn’t work with nvidia cards, i’m running an nvidia card and running an nvidia 1080 ti, and this is open source. So everybody can just go and use it with their graphics card. Nvidia does have their own version of this. That is not open source but it’s not working with elite just yet. I think frontier is working on it. Getting that working as well – and this is known to be quite a bit better than the one amd has here so if that comes in the future, we might be able to see even more improvements like this, where we can adjust our upscaling algorithms for even better. Looking games, so i would personally recommend anybody, regardless of what system you are running on, to go in and enable this sub sampling, because otherwise you’re just leaving performance on the table and if you’re running the game at a lowest, um graphics setting.

Well, you could go in enable this and then bump up your graphics settings for a prettier looking game. I really hope you found this video useful. If you did, i would love it. You would consider subscribing to the channel thanks for watching and until next time.