This is green acid, and this is my unfiltered non scripted review of my very first artist tablet called Samsung Galaxy Tab, a with S Pen, its a 75 tablet on Facebook Marketplace and its one of the cheapest one I found I figured I I picked this kind Of tablet so that if, if anything ever happens to it, I can just easily replace it, and I dont feel like guilty of it, because its a cheap tablet and its not a very expensive tablet and breaking a an expensive tablet is much painful than breaking a Chip tablet, and because this has the S Pen functionality, all I did is just buy a a bigger S, Pen to replace the small one to reduce the cramp there. The difficulty of drawing on a small Aspen, its the same as the its the same technology as the over Samsung Galaxy Tab S. So I should I figure I should just buy the bigger one. So I bought the tab S6 or tab S7 S Pen and its working perfectly fine and my hand is like thanking me so much of it its magnetic, so I can just plop it anywhere. I want to and Diggity – and this is the the drawing test. Overall, the line quality is like absolute perfection. Its Wacom technology Wacom is one of the best tablet makers out there and one of the best. As I mean one of the best pen makers out there in terms of their technology, their behind behind their experience screens like sensors, they have one of the absolute best of the best there theres a reason why Wacom is a studio Benchmark, they dont want other.

There are others there are more Studio out there that dont want a on other brand of tablets out there other than the Wacom. Even though Wacom is that only has like a couple of like PC tablets. Most of their tablets are just glorified monitors that you can draw on, though, even though theyre expensive, their quality is like way way Above the Rest. Currently they have the latest Wacom syntax 27, its and its oh it and its already like up the rest of the newer tablets from other brands and so far using the Samsung Galaxy Tab. A I could I could on. I could confirm that Wacom is the best out there. I dont know if the Galaxy Tab, a with S Pen is, has the same technology, but if the S Pen is working fine, because even though theyre Wacom technology they are, they are way better than any other tab. Thats Ive used so far. The other tablet brand Ive used so far is XP pen there. The line quality of XP pen is good, but there are times that it just drops, and I can just notice that the line pressure is like destroying the draw my drawings and my and my consistency in drum is like slowing down mostly big thats, mostly its because I picked a screenless tablet back then right now I have the the Galaxy Tab, a with S Pen with screen. Finally, finally, because Ive been dreaming of like drawing in one of this, its its not like the latest like what I wanted, but its good enough, it can do what I wanted it to do.

The time lapse, youre, seeing right now is my a brother, blue Venom. Im drawing his Avatar, you can use this whatever whenever he wants. I posted the shorts of this. If you want to see it, but its just a minute video, so its I dont think its worth it, but you, though, theres a chance that you might pick this up in your shorts, uh timeline, so yeah go check it out. If you want to overall there. I have never Im. I have never seen any other like trouble for this tablet, other than short storage, but its easily fixable, with a SD card, which I put my old one where, where my previous drawings are so so far, I have never. I I dont have any issues on it in the drawing quality that the storage is just picking. I can just use a Google drive or any other like any, like cloud storage out there overall, its a solid tablet, and I highly suggest it if you want to like pick up pick up the the Samsung Galaxy Tab S and you want to feel it. If you want fill, if you want to feel that fill the tablet, if you want a tablet like this, because I think this is an entry tablet, if you want to buy a bigger and more expensive tablet, I do want to buy it once I get a Budget, so so for now Ill, stick to this and Ill put do all my drawings here.

The reason why I picked this tablet is because its Android one of the the softwares that I draw in it, is Ibis paint and its one of the first one. First, I think its the first like software drawing software Ive used and its. I really really like it, because the line quality is like absolute, like Perfection already, and the the tools in it is like as above ever since the previous updates. The current updates are amazing. So I wish they continue, updating and like improving DVD software. All the way through I already have it already has the liquify to the the layers the what they call this, the presets everything everything that you need to do as an artist there. I dont see any issues apart from ads, but thats not really a problem: thats, just thats thats their marketing strategies and thats their thats, how they make money and thats how they improve the drawing software, and there is – and one of the reasons I like this – is Because the time lapse of this app application is like way better than I dont know: medibang uh, alpaca doesnt have one the Creator, though. The reason why it doesnt work on my PC is because my PC is like a potato PC right now. I can only like do so much here. I can do this. I can like record. I can like OBS Minecraft and any other thing like Chrome from from browsing and so much more, but there are still the limitations.

You can very much see it and drawing in in the Samsung Galaxy Tab, a with S. Pen is like very, very good, and especially combining it with Ibis paint its absolutely like, like the perfect partner, because the they call this the Palm rejection. You can just cancel it, you just you cannot paint with your finger, but you can still like pinch and zoom with with your two fingers, but you cannot like draw in it. You can like you can touch the interface, the UI of it, but yeah the the best part of it is just. You cannot draw with your hands so like Miss like drawing mistakes. Like you know, dots everywhere when, where your palm is resting, is practically non existent. Its definitely not there, though, I think the one of the nitpicks I hate about this is that uh uh, I dont think its worth mentioning but Ill mention it. Anyways uh everything all day the tools the uis are like hidden in the the other uis, but I can I I am a like. I am a very good Im, very good at like, like locating them Im. I always do like uh what I call this. I always dive in delve into the deeper parts of every other things like mechanics like applications and other stuff. So uh, I think theres, no other thing. I can talk about this and if you want to watch the the the remaining time lapse of this drawing you can go, you can do.

You can do so go right ahead anyway.