Here’S. Why? I should preface that a computer to me is used for video editing, photo editing, music and voiceover recording. I bought my eight gigabyte. M1 mac mini about three months ago, and it was the best decision i’ve ever made. I paid around 900 for it in canadian after taxes right now. If you go to apple’s website and look at the new mac with the same configurations as the internals of my mac, mini imac would cost 1 850 and that’s 20.75 after tax. Of course, the new imac offers a lot more things, but let’s just do some quick maths to see how it compares with the 2075 total of the imac minus my nine hundred, that leaves that leaves eleven hundred and seventy five dollars. So what is that? Eleven hundred? Seventy five dollar difference well i’ve paid around three hundred a little bit more than 300 dollars for my accessories, and that includes my monitor my keyboard and my mouse we’ll talk about the monitor later, but i honestly think that the 200 i’ve spent on my mouse and My keyboard are dramatically better for my workflow and for what i want to do than what the imac comes with, even though i don’t have to try id. I do miss having your trackpad, though, that thing is really nice. So if you take that rough 300 and take it off to 1175 of difference, then we get 875. So the question is: what does that 875 dollars get me? Well, if i bought the imac a better monitor with better resolution and a webcam attached, and also a fancy color on the back apparently but here’s, the thing i don’t need a better monitor.

I know this is 1080p and this is not as big um diagonal wise, but it does everything i need it to. I can edit photos i can edit video, i can make music, i can browse the web. I can do my schoolwork. Take calls all of those things. The only complaint i would have about this 200 150 dollar monitor is that i don’t have a second one. If i did want a second monitor, the 875 difference would actually pay for the lg ultra fine 24 inch display, which is probably the best comparable display to the one that the imac has on it. So that would be two monitors instead of one monitor. For the same price difference and when it comes to the webcam, i i have a camera, that’s really good and i don’t need another one, so here’s my whole philosophy. I could get a second monitor for that much. It would offer me a little bit more convenience and efficiency. I could edit videos better by looking at my waves, better quicker and my monitor could be bigger on one screen and i could look the other way to edit and maybe live streaming would be easier. But besides those two things i feel like it would just be a distraction for me most of the time i would want to watch something else or do something else on this monitor, while i’m trying to focus on yeah that’s. Just a me thing, though, so instead of spending that 800 let’s call it 900 on a second monitor, what if i invested it into better places that actually helped me create that promotes creativity and promotes efficiency in a way that’s more than just more to look at This chair is pretty expensive.

I got it for cheaper than that, but it retails for around that price point. I think it’s way better than a second monitor as it’s, something that gets me excited about sitting in front of my desk. It makes me want to sit here for a long time and just sit down and get situated to do work and on top of that there’s, like long term investment benefits. This chair is going to last me a decade, at least, if not longer, where a monitor, even if it’s, a good one would maximum get me 10 years of life and probably wouldn’t, and also the health benefits of getting an ergonomic chair is just i don’t know. I don’t think about that a lot. This chair is really comfy and you can move the arms and stuff, but maybe you don’t think a 900 chair is a good investment that’s, very smart of you, i’m, not as bright. I just got a good deal on this chair and i had some spare cash, so i spent it on this chair. But if i were to give better examples of what i could buy with 800 900 to make better videos to make better music to make better content art, if you want to call it that, i would tell you to get a nice set of studio monitors. These help me make music in a way that’s it’s day and night from having speakers from anything else, compared to like a nice set of monitors designed for you to listen, stuff i’m recording on this 100 microphone, it’s, not great, but it’s good.

It forced me to learn how to get good audio without the best mic, because, even like cameras and stuff, if you have a more expensive thing, doesn’t mean you’re, getting a better quality. Having a cheaper thing, induces creativity and knowledge, learning gathering an audio interface. I get to change things i get to play my guitars i get to plug in my midi keyboards. Oh midi, keyboard 50 bucks i’m, getting better at playing the keyboard. I get to play with a bunch of sounds. I get to make so many more sounds than what i can do with just my voice and a guitar right. I could talk about a bunch of things that’s under 800. That does more for me than an 800 monitor. Would this vintage lens you’ve seen it in every video it’s beautiful? If you like, my cinematography it’s less than 800 a gopro, it just enables me to think differently and make different things check out my bubble, tea, video. That was one idea that i thought was kind of funny: yeah, like final cut logic after effects, all those things are way less than 800 and gets me so much more value. My point is: do buy an m1 chip computer. The thing is amazing. The fact that i can spend 900 and do things that either would have taken me my computer, like 10 times the speed to run and do or like i just wouldn’t, be able to handle it so it’s crazy.

For me to switch from my 2016 macbook to an m1 mac, even though it cost less than what i paid way less than what i paid back, then, if you’re like me – and you have to be conscious about how you budget your money – and you still want To create as much and the best things you can spend the minimum amount on the computer on the internals, because the m1 mac doesn’t cost that much relatively. But you can get so much done with the power it has and spend any and spend everything and spend everything else on the peripherals and the things that actually feed into helping you make more and better things: yeah that’s my whole spiel that’s.